My Tyler Perry Weekend!

Wow! What a mighty God we serve. My weekend was off the chain, and let me say this, I got up this afternoon at 2:00 PM. Yes, I was that tired.
My weekend started off on last Thursday when I went to pick up my sister gurl Cookie (whom I met off the Tyler Perry message board almost 2 years ago, this is her second visit to Detroit this year, we met face to face in July.), and her 2 lovely daughters up that morning from the greyhound bus station @ 11:40. First I had to pick up Neisha from school which is the next exit from the bus station, and from there we went to get our midnight showing of \”Why did I get married\”? We didn\’t want the tickets to sell out, so I called my sister so that she could get her tickets early as well. Then we left there, went to McDonald\’s and got us something to eat…………we were hunnnnnngry! We left there and went to my place, we got on line for a few to let the other ladies know that Cookie made it, and to read our mail ( I\’m so addicted to the internet).
Later that day, we got dressed and was out of the house by 5:30 to see Bishop T.D. Jakes at my Church, oh did he have a word for us!!! The Church was jammed packed! We left there around 10:30 fighting a little traffic and then we were off to see my boo~ Tyler Perry in Why did I get married? When we got there and jumped out of our cars it was a total of 12 of us!! We go deep when we go to a Tyler Perry play/movie. The movie was EXCELLANT!!! Everybody pulled their weight in this movie. I will tell more about the movie in my next entry. We got out of the movies that night about 2:20 AM. We got home and went to bed!!! We were so dogone tiiiiiiiiied!!
That next morning I had to be up @ 8 to pick up my rental by 9. I got a 4 door red Ford Fusion, that baby was nice. At first I didn\’t want it, I wanted the Mazda Sport 5. But when I got in and started driving it, I was like ohhhhh shoot. Cree can do this!!! LOL So, I got it home, and we went to the market to get breakfast. I didn\’t eat, I had to go and get my nails and brows done for the play \” What\’s done in the dark\” Yep, the play is here to same time Tyler\’s movie dropped. I wish Tyler was in it, but oh well. I came home from the cleaners and from running some other small errands, got on line and read my email.
It was time to go to the play, we went and had a good time. The play was nice, had a good message in it, and the singing was off the hook!! Tyler has some fantastic singers. David Mann and his beautiful wife had me and this guy cracking up. He is so silly!!!! After the play was over, we wanted to drop off the gurls and go see Why did I get married again, but it was pushing it and too late, plus we were tired again.
Saturday morning, we had to be up by 6, so that we could make it to the bus station. Their bus left at 8am. I went back home and got myself in the bed!! Seem like no matter what I did, I still didn\’t get enough sleep. I got up around 1pm to go and get tickets for the 5:30 showing of Why did I get married? My mother wanted to see it, she\’s a Tyler Perry fan! We always go to the movies to see his work. On the way, I thought that I should go and ask my ex bestfriends mother, Mrs. Glass if she wanted to get out for a few hours. She said yes!! So I went and got 3 tickets and we went. Afterwards, we stopped at Wendy\’s and got us something to eat. We went home and chilled.
Sunday morning, me and Neisha got up at 7, so that we could get ready for Church. Services start at 10 and I don\’t like to be late for services. NEVER EVER. I DONT PLAY THAT AT ALL! We get there, and we are standing outside. So we are all like what\’s going on. Well this is our 2nd Sunday at this new building and our fire alarm went off, so we had to wait outside until the whole building is checked out. That wasn\’t bad at all. Once we got in, we were straight. My sister Peedie told me the night before that she, Dee, and her kids, Nell, Gary and Greg was coming. Well I called their house to wake them up and I got no answer at all. Shoe, we got to the Church they were right there!!! Aint God good! I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM I LOVE HIM!! I just got off the -phone with them and they said they are going back this Sunday!!! Praise God!!
After services I had to push it home!! Me, my sisters and my coworkers get together once a month to chat over dinner at the Motor City Casino Buffet. This time we were going to see………..YEP, a movie, Why did I get married? They haven\’t seen it yet, but I have seen it twice already. I admire Tyler Perry so much. So its nothing for me to sit there and watch his plays or movies over and over again. Its nothing! So, after I went home for a minute, I decided that I wanted to drive and have all my friends leave their cars at the movies and jump in my car. It was me, Margarette, KiKi and my sister Yolanda. The movie started at 3:00 and we were out by 5:20. We got on the freeway and went to eat!!! We sat down and ram sacked that buffet. We laughed and laughed oh my goodness, we got loud from laughing. When women get together we have stories to tell. We were talking about men of course, and the movie. We sat there till about 9:30. Then we left. I went home and had to take Neisha back to her dorm downtown, yep I had just left from that way. Poor gurl she didn\’t get a chance to really enjoy the rental with me. Its okay, we are going to do something this weekend together .After I dropped off Neisha, I came home and went to bed after thanking God for a beautiful weekend!
We didn\’t take photos either, don\’t ask me why, we just didn\’t think about it. I returned the car yesterday (Monday) morning. I shooooo wish it was mines. Could somebody buy me a brand new car, that\’s reading this message? LOL I wish!!!
My bestfriend Charlene went to see it with her husband yesterday, so next week we are going when her kids are in school, to gaze and stare at how good Tyler looked in this movie!!
She loves Tyler Perry and I do too.
Well, I\’m closing this blog entry out, ready for another one?
God bless you

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