Whew what a week already!!! La’Crease has much to do to get ready for this flight Thursday morning. This trip is going to be very interesting………….. hmmmmmm can’t wait to see what happens there.


 Anyway, my mom is excited, Neisha’s excited, and my nieces can’t stop calling me. LOL I took my 15-year-old niece to Disney World Florida when she was younger, so she’s ready for this one. I gotta stop waiting last minute to do thangs. I still havent gotten my nails done, washed, do last minute shopping or anything. Not even packed my suitcase! One thing about me tho, when I’m focused and in the process of doing my thang, ITS ALL ABOUT THAT! I won’t feel pressed, or even grouchy, I just do it.


I was talking to this lady a few days ago who, always come into the store . She has about 4 children, and usually I would see her with her husband. But lately she’s been coming in there with just her kids. I had just punched out, and happened to be standing in line in front of her purchasing my things, when OUT THE BLUE,  she started telling me about her husband. She said that he was using drugs, sexually assaulting THEIR kids, beating them, cursing them out, and get this, he told her that he hopes that he GAVE HER HIV. I couldn’t believe my ears, first of all for her to confine in me….. and the more she talked about it, she got louder. But this is the part that gave me the chills as I ministered to her. She said that his mother told her to leave him alone before they even had kids, because he was something else. She said his own mother doesn’t even deal with him because of how he treats her. She said that she should have left him alone when she told him that. Which instantly FORCED me to think about my own  PAST situation.


I was going with this guy um um um….. I loved him, but it wasnt the kinda love that I have for 2 of my other male friends. He was beginning to grow on me, he could read me well, and he respected me dearly. He loved the Lord, and knew the Bible well. But it was always something about him, that always made me standoffish in my heart. I just couldn’t give him my all for some reason. One day he came over and I had my camera out, and he went CRAZY on me for taking his photo.

TO be continued……….


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