Encouraging Notes/BLOG

    Here are some notes from a book that I’m reading. I found them interesting enough to share. One should become impersonal and learn what each man has to teach him, and soon he would learn his lessons and be free. No man can attract money if he despises it. The attitude of mind,Continue reading “Encouraging Notes/BLOG”

I Survived Because……/BLOG

In 1997, I was a Cosmetics Coordinator at Arbor Drug store. I remember so clearly when a guy came up to me and started talking. He was good looking, tall, goatee, pretty teeth, great conversation, and had the prettiest eyes you ever want to see on a man. After we introduced ourselves, we exchanged phoneContinue reading “I Survived Because……/BLOG”

Tyler. Oprah. Lee.. BE DONE WITH MO & DAD *lol*!

I’m jumping right into this, because my fingers* typing*  will NEVER catch up with my thoughts, so here it goes. I’m so SICK and tired of seeing Monique and her non working husband talk about this Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels, and Oprah Winfrey story. I’m from Detroit, ** 4 minute poetry SNAP** where I’m fromContinue reading “Tyler. Oprah. Lee.. BE DONE WITH MO & DAD *lol*!”

Going Home To See The King/BLOG

Hey Family!!! Today ((May 29, 2018)) we laid my aunt to rest. When I tell you my auntie LOVED THE LORD, went to Church every week, and she served her community WELL! Believe IT! All of the things the people spoke about her, only made me cry tears of joy. People were saying how theyContinue reading “Going Home To See The King/BLOG”

50 Things About Me!((BLOG))

Hey Family!! Today I decided to write out 50 things about me. Sometimes in life we are constantly moving and we forget about ourselves and the things that makes us… US. Every so often I like to remind myself of who I am by writing or thinking about the things I love and enjoy. So,Continue reading “50 Things About Me!((BLOG))”

Hands On/BLOG

Hey Family! Have you ever just sat up and thought about the things people do? Sometimes, I wonder what does God think about what his kids are “down here” doing. I know I’m a handful BY MYSELF… the thing with me tho… I’m scared of CONSEQUENCES. I don’t want no trouble. Then I sit upContinue reading “Hands On/BLOG”

My Daughter Blessed Me Today/BLOG

Hey Family! So, today my daughter asked me to pick her up from work because she had something for me. When I read the text, for some reason I skipped over that part, I was too busy thinking about having to get dressed.  She could tell from my text that I did not want toContinue reading “My Daughter Blessed Me Today/BLOG”

My Acrimony Review @tylerperry @acrimonymovie BLOG

Hey Family Before I can get into this movie, I will use some colorful words from time to time. If this will not be your cup of tea, I’m asking that you exit out of this BLOG entry, and I’ll see you in the next. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!  When the movie first came on, the lookContinue reading “My Acrimony Review @tylerperry @acrimonymovie BLOG”