Alright, today is a new day, and when I sometimes go back and read my previous blog entries I ask myself………..what in the world was I going through? LOL I guess that\’s all in part of growing. I reread last night entry and said to myself……….Cree, get ova it! LOL With that said…..today is another day.

Thank you Lord for waking my up this morning and getting me started on my day. Thank you for teaching me to be quiet when my tongue want to lash out on people who talk to me any kinda way. Thank you for ministering to me when I\’m in the *wilderness*. Just thank you for everything Lord. Thank you. I appreciate everything you do for me, have done for me, and will do for me. That means all the prayers I send up for others and for myself. You are truly good. You have not forgotten about me, you always think of me. You know everything about me, all my secrets, good and bad. That was you who woke me up 2 nights ago wasn\’t it? I hear you Lord. I hear you. My tongue cant even say thank you enough for all that you\’ve done for me. I can\’t wait too hug and kiss you.

Tonight I was watching Kimora on her reality show, and I just love her style. She\’s beautiful, she has personality, she has class and style and she knows what she wants. She ask questions, she\’s honest and she very opinionated. She loves her children, she spends time with them and she treats her * servants* right!!! I was watching her assistant in action, and I was saying to myself. Hmmmmm I can do that. I know how to talk to people to make things happen. Its not what you say, its how you say it. I was watching one of her assistants work it out!!! LOL Her assistant had a lot of pressure on him to get her a place to shoot for her new fragrance, so he put pressure on the person who was helping him scope out homes LOL Even though I hate talking on the phone, I can make calls and get the job done. In order to do that, you have to really know the person you are working for. You have to know their personalities very well.

Speaking of know a person very well. My daughter knows me so well. She can hear a song on the radio and say…. maaaaa its this song by * such and such* you\’re going to love. And so when I hear it, ahhhhhh its so Lacrease. She does the same with movies. She can look at a preview and say, my momma would love this movie. I love that about her. That\’s the way you have to be with your assistant, you have to know what that person likes and dislikes. Its not about you, its about them. I wouldn\’t mind having a job like that. Plus I need some humbleness in my life. LOL

I love my co workers, so I may write about them often. I have never in my life met people like these. They are the same people everyday. WE don\’t argue, we don\’t have to go in the office with a manager to solve things, they don\’t he say she say, we go out to dinner together, some go out together, we support each other when it comes to bridal showers, birthday\’s and baby showers. It\’s really a blessing to meet women like these. Ive been there close to 5 years and no one has ever changed for the worst. Today I asked a co worker how did her date go this past weekend, and one of my other coworkers said: dang Cree you know everything. I said ahhhhhhh she told me that she would tell me how her date went with this famous rapper. She said no, I didn\’t mean it like that, I meant it in a way that people confide in you, they trust you around here. They always come to you with their stories and for advice. Which then open my eyes like Adam and Eve\’s opened when they realized they were naked in the garden of Eden.

Last week, God told me, he said Lacrease you gotta watch how you come off with people. He said when you have a track record of trying to do good, treating people right, talking with them, and being a blessing. When you get mad and upset, people see that. They watch how you react to situations. When you come to work talking about me, and then the next when you blow up, they see that. He said, watch how you handle yourself. So, I was like wow…… wow…….wow. I so get that! I agree. Just today, this gurl was walking up to my register, when out of no where this other lady came and jump in front of her. Now my first reaction on my face was to be like * NO SHE DIDN\’T* I heard God loud and clear say, now……..your facial reaction is going to determine how this gurl handle this whole SITUATION. I was like okay. So I looked at the gurl, then I looked at the lady who jumped in front of the gurl, the gurl wanted to go off and she kept looking at me LOL. I guess to see what did I have to say about it, but the way MY FACIAL expression was, it made the gurl calm down. Had, I geek-ed her up with my facial expression, she would have surely went off on the lady. We have a lot of influence on each other, we just need to learn to use it in a positive way. I\’m learning tho. Im learning.

Me and my best friend was talking on the phone the other day, she said Lacrease the Sun cant shine on everybody every day. I knew exactly what she was meaning by that. For the last few months Tyler Perry messages to his fans *seems* to me that he was down in his Spirit. But the last one seems as if his Spirit was lifted. Which reminded me of what my best friend said. And its funny to because people go to his message board and they look for him to inspire and uplift them ALL THE TIME, when sometimes he needs that lifting up too!!! He cant bring the * Sun* out on every email, of course he aims to be positive, but we all fall short and that\’s what they don\’t get sometimes. Tyler is human too. People are always watching and paying attention. Thats when we need to let him know too that we are there for him, it shouldnt be a one way street. We can uplift him as well. And I do.

Starting in June, I\’m about to give up my Pepsi\’s!! Yep, for a whole month I\’m giving it up and I will post daily of my progress. These soda drinks are really make me blotted. I can deal with my hips, thighs, and behind. But this stomach gotta go!!! I\’m about to catch a plane in July and I don\’t want my meat hanging all on my gurls chair!!!! LOL ROFL!

I\’m painting my bedroom a lavender color, its pretty. I\’m going to finish up tomorrow. I love earth tone colors tho. If it was cooI, I would have tan and brown all over my house, everywhere!!!!

Alright, I\’m going to turn in for the night….I\’m sleepy. Ill write tomorrow.


My daughter Neisha wired up on this song. AHHHH I love it!!! I love it! I love it! This is me!


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