Sitting here thinking about MEN… (((((BLOG))))))


I guess I’ve been in a writing mood lately.

Just sitting here thinking . I hate when men think they know me just because I show myself “friendly” smile with them and laugh. Maybe buy them water, or a fruit or something, (((because of the weather or just being nice))) then I keep it moving. Women these days have made it so easy for a man to come along and tell them anything. So when they meet me…. they feel its the same way. They feel that I’m giving them a hard time when I don’t show interest  just because I bought them something. This is how I am. You can’t make me laugh, tell me how many properties you have, and where you work to make me do flips over you. The more I make it clear that I DON’T WANT TO MARRY YOU, I DON’T SEE YOU IN A SEXUAL WAY, I DON’T WANT ANYMORE KIDS, and I DON’T SEE YOU THAT WAY…. the more they feel that they have to try harder. It becomes a challenge to some men. They come up with different “tricks” and conversation to try their best to get you on the page that they’re on. Just let me be friendly. I don’t want anything from you. All it does it turn me off. And when La’Crease Walker gets turned off….. I will NO LONGER look at you with that smile in my eyes. And to be honest, most likely… I’ll be praying not to IGNORE you. Just fall back.

I’ve learned in the past about myself is that when I gave my body to men, they had the POWER. Not in a bad way, but I became submissive, and I don’t want to be that way with just a boyfriend.. I want to be that way with my HUSBAND. I have so much POWER when I don’t give my body to a man. Set the conversations and the atmosphere SISTERS. No man have POWER over my mind or my body as long as I say NO….

Women.. know your worth. Anytime a man whats your body…. there must be some GOOD to it. Put it on ice, save it, work on your mind and your life. A man can have any conversation with you, lie, be honest and lie again, but they haven’t gained NOT ONE SINGLE THING FROM YOU.

Be Blessed

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

Oprah’s …The Life You Want Weekend”…. I won’t be there From the Desk of Cree

only me


I’m so disappointed!

I read that Oprah was coming to the Detroit area with guess, to speak at The Palace of Auburn Hills Friday Sep 12 and 13th. I didn’t know all the details of Oprah’s “The Life You Want Weekend”  but I WAS READY!!!

I went on line and BOOKED my hotel! I’ve stayed at this hotel at least a dozen times when I go to a Piston game and don’t feel like driving home. I knew that I had to book this hotel RIGHT AWAY before tickets went on sale. I booked for Thursday-Saturday. I was so excited and happy. I didn’t care who was going with me, if I had to go alone… that was fine with me.

Later on that day, I checked my email and put in the password to purchase tickets early before they went on sale to the general public. What happened next…. I THOUGHT MY FAMILY WAS GOING TO FIND ME DEAD IN MY APARTMENT FROM SHOCK!

Once to the ticket page, you can roll over your mouse to see the TICKET PRICES. And not only that… you get to see WHERE YOU’LL BE SITTING FOR THE PRICE . Now, I’m thinking okay, this is a 2 day event. tickets should be no more than $100.00. I paid $238.00 to see Maxwell, Jill Scott, Chrisette Michele, Robin Thick and comedian Guy Torey  … AND I’M STILL ON “CONCERT PUNISHMENT” FOR DOING THAT. As I rolled over the mouse, I was so SHOCKED AND SO OUTDONE by what I was seeing concerning TICKET PRICES.

Ticket prices: $99.00 to sit AT THE TIP TOP AT THE ROOF OF THE PALACE $199.00 , $299.00, $599.00 $999.00., as you make your way to the floor. LOOK AT THESE TICKET PRICES!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?

I sat at my desk and stared at the screen. There is NO WAY in the world… would I pay $199.00 to sit at THE TOP OF THE PALACE/ARENA TO SEE A N Y B O D Y!!! Even if I had $1000.00 I wouldn’t pay that to be in YOUR FACE!!!I’m still trying to figure out, what team of people would agree that these prices are ACCEPTABLE? Why aren’t tickets GENERAL ADMISSION… FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. No one can EVER explain to me why these tickets are so high. I guess this will turn in a conversation of “WHERE ARE YOU SITTING”? I am so pissed off about the thought process that went into this planning.
if you have money, or COME UP with the money to pay $1000.00 and $599.00 you receive a gift pack along with other goodies and A PHOTO. I’m guessing the money is in the photo and the “in your face” experience. But the people like me…. who really WANT to hear this word, HAVE TO SIT AT THE TOP OF THE PALACE with the heat, dust and screens everywhere to get the same experience as the others. Sorta reminds me of the MENTALITY OF FLYING FIRST CLASS: You pay more, get to sit in larger seats, get all of these extra AMENITIES, BUT IF THE PLANE GO DOWN. THEY ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL GO DOWN…… am I the only one who figured that out? *blank stare* *


I can hear some people saying right now.. ((((((wow))))))… .well if you want to “LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT” then you would do what you have to do to BE THERE. Or, if you want to ” LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT”… you shouldn’t put a dollar amount on your success. Well guess what? When Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, or TD Jakes come to town, they don’t charge for their conferences. And they sure don’t charge by where you sit to see and hear them. For free conferences like those, that’s when you show your appreciation and you give offerings.

I’m really disappointed in Oprah this time. I was really looking forward to seeing her on this tour, but too bad I can’t afford to pay the high ticket price. I have to cancel my hotel reservation. That’s okay… ILL SEE HER ON JUDGEMENT DAY….FOR FREE


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Fun Quizzes ….Crees Blog Entry

What Should Your College Major Actually Be?

  1. You got: Women’s Studies

    You’re the kind of person who would call someone out for cutting the line at Starbucks. You believe in fairness and you live for justice. You never make decisions before carefully considering every side of an argument. If everyone thought more like you, the world would be a much better place. ROAR

Want to try yours?

What Career Should You Actually Have?

  1. You got: Professor

    You are a thinker, in constant search of knowledge and answers to life’s most illusive questions. You love to analyze everything, testing out theories and pushing mental boundaries. Basically you’re an Einstein, but then again you probably already knew that.

What Is Your Inner Potato?

  1. You got: Home Fries

    Congratulations! You’re home fries. You’re savory and you keep things real. You’re such a good comfort food, you are basically your own tradition. That’s right, home fry.

Which One Of Jesus’s Disciples Are You?

  1. You got: Saint Simon

    Outgoing, outspoken and passionate, you’re never afraid to speak up when you feel strongly about something. You have a bit of an obsessive personality, but it’s something that your friends love about you. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go after it with everything you have.

You use your brain equally.








Short Term Goals……………………Crees Blog Entry

Ever since the end of Dec 2013, I’ve been making chances in my life.. that some people just can’t seem to get with… OH WELL. This train is moving.
Already I am seeing changes. Someone told me once, we know what we need to do to change, the problem comes in with doing it. And boy is this the truth. But I’m so proud of myself for really saying ” Okay La’Crease, this is your year”. Not only that… but I’m doing it.
Bishop TD Jakes is doing a 4 weeks series on Transformation… and its FIYAH. I know I should be at my own Church on Sunday mornings, but I’m addicted to his teachings. He speaks to me. Not only that, but he speaks to what’s going on in my life at this time. Today was week 2, and if you want you can catch it on his website. I have notes, and homework… YES HOMEWORK.
Here are TO ME the most important of my notes
  • write- the vision
  • build – according to patterns
  • invest- in what is truly you, to what I am about
Bishop asks…. What turns you on? He says Urges are temporary impulses, it makes withdraws and NOT deposits….. Instincts makes deposits * I LOVE THIS PART*
HOMEWORK- What is the will of God concerning me? Who am I? What is my truth? What makes me happy? What makes me alive?
I finally know my answers. Someone ask me these same questions, and I really didn’t know. But I do now. So I’m happy.
In other news. I L O V E POP.. And I know for a fact I could put away a 20 ounce plus a day. Around the 28th of Dec.. I made a decision to cut the pop out. Since I know this is a process. I have decided to only drink it 3 times a MONTH * trust me this is a small number compared to what I’m use too* I get to chose the occasion. So far this month I have had one drink of pop and I let it get very watery…that’s also a plus for me. I love strong pop. Well anyway…I ask my daughter how is it that she gets so much done, and stay so Focused. She said mommy I write down short term goals. She said I do this with everything in my life. I write short term goals, and long term goals, and she says she focus on doing them.
Now, I’m the kind of person who can plan a Women’s retreat for 2015 AND DO IT.. I CAN PLAN to have movie day, dinner, concert and DO IT. I can sit here and plan my homeless dinner out for the next 2 years, menu and all…. AND DO IT. I’m a GREAT PLANNER. If I tell you I can’t do something, trust me.. I really can’t. But if I agree to do something because I know I can… then its a done deal. So, after talking to Nesha about that. I went home, came up with a 6 month weight loss plan and how much I plan to lose in a month, and what I plan to do as far as making it happen. It was a done deal in my mind. See, that’s the thing about me… I NEVER FOCUS ON MYSELF, ALWAYS ON OTHERS. And even though its ALWAYS, ALWAYS ALWAYS SPIRITUAL with them… still… its NEVER about ME.
When I started cutting down on my eating, walking in my building, drinking water, and NOT POP….I am 2 pounds away from my goal weight for JANUARY and its only the 13th. My goal weight is 9 lbs. I am so proud of myself. I’m almost embarrassed that I don’t set short goals…. I’m always going for the “LONG TERM GOALS”. IM EXCELLENT AT them… never even thought about short term goals.
July 1, 2014.. I’m giving myself a photo shoot….I can’t wait!!!
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

In 2013….. I Learned…….Crees Blog Entry

stankfacecreeThis year has been one I will never forget. Living alone with yourself…. will teach you a lot of things. The reason why I decided to share mines is because…. I believe that we all can take inventory of our lives… and when we do… we just may learn something.
I learned that I LOVE PRANKS. Even though I would never prank anyone. I realize that I go to youtube when I need to laugh, and when I need to smile just before going to bed. I’ve subscribed to several PRANK sites…. this is something that I realized I did. Wow. I asked myself… what is it that you get out of it? I LOVE to see people’s reaction. I love FACIAL EXPRESSIONS… they’re so funny to me.
I learned that its okay to enjoy being alone. I learned that I’m not the kind of person who calls up people and tell them my problems. I let God work things out, and that way I’m able to tell the story in TRUTH and in FULL. when I’m ready.
I learned that I have control of things that Angers me. For example, when the drive thru lady rolled her eyes so hard at me, all I could see is the white part in her eyes when I asked her for ketchup. I learned this year that I have total control of how I will react to ANY SITUATION, and that I was the one who really had the POWER. I always thought I had POWER AND CONTROL when I “told her off”…. but this year I LEARNED that the one who can laugh through it all…. is the one who has the POWER and SELF CONTROL.*pops my collar*
I learned that I don’t have to be “CONNECTED” to anyone. MEANING… if I’m cool with 2 people and they have issues with each other….. THATS THEIR PROBLEM TO WORK OUT!!!!! I’m free from DRAMA with my own SISTERS… I consider myself free from DRAMA with ANYBODY ELSE. I will not engage in ANY conversations pertaining to the other… PERIOD… AT ALL. I am my own person, I do what I want to do, I’m not connected to anyone. I do my own thang.
I learned this year… that I have always been the listener. My life has changed so much this year… sometimes I didn’t know if I was coming or going. In being the listener all the time….. I realized this year I didn’t have a listener for myself. Even though I’m good with that….. I realized and LEARNED that when I let all my talkers……. that I didn’t make them listeners. LOL But God had my back. And its all good.
I learned this year that my dad is who he is and that’s FINAL. I learned that whenever he got mad at me, that I was always afraid that he would be mad for a long time, and that’s why I always made up with him first. I went over 3 months before calling him * he had no plans to call me first* that was my first time going that long. I learned that its OKAY… that this is who HE is….. and for me to Boss Up… and accept it. I learned this year, that he can go months even years without talking to me.
I learned this year that I spent a lot of time holding people’s hand…. too long. I refuse to go any longer putting band-aids, and green rubbing alcohol on folks…. they gotta go to God.. JUST LIKE ME. I learned that I spend TOO MUCH TIME…. ( it’s okay to spend some time) on folks who don’t want to “get it”. I can’t use extra energy for that any more. I have to attend to me. I learned that I have neglected myself in so many ways. Those days are over.. and brighter days are coming.
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Almost a year……. Cree’s Blog Entry

lori marry“Sometimes I feel as if I should have kept my ass on the shore” Just a thought that pops in my mind every now and then when I think about this time last year, when I was preparing to move to Georgia…..but when I think about things to come…. I laugh.

I left for Georgia on my Birthday last year Sept 3. Almost a year ago. Life has really changed for me since then. Every time I move, there is always a shift for me…. I always end up doing better than before. I think its me this time. I’m learning to completely change the way I look at things, and I want so badly to do things God’s way. I’m more quiet and try to think before I speak. My world was moving so fast. I am a different woman from who I was last year. I can see it and feel it. More humble, more of a listener and slow to speak.

I am very much at Peace, but there are still some answers I need from God. And I’m asking them daily. My finances has changed very much. Those 10 years I lived at my other place. I didn’t want for anything. I always had money, went out of town 2 and 3 times a year. Took long vacations from work. I was going to the movies * I love this* every week, going to the grocery store buying things for the house to last me for 6 months…that’s the kinda shopping I like to do. I was the loaner….. but baaaby when I say thangs has change in that area…… believe it. LOL

I haven’t been able to stock up like I do when it comes to my soap, tissue, dish washing liquid, Ajax, toothpaste and those kinds of things. I don’t go to the movies like I enjoy doing as much, not even going to dinner with friends. Things are really tight for me, and I don’t like it one bit. I keep thinking about Georgia so I know that I’m going back there, why am I not happy like I can see myself being? I have visions so deep, and I KNOW they’re going to come to pass. They ALWAYS do. I miss my concerts….* tears*.

Today, I was driving and was complaining about all of these things, then God said… think about the things you are blessed for. By the time I got half way through my thoughts of all the good he has done for me since being back, I was in tears. Sometimes we can look at everything that’s not going well, and totally forget about the BLESSINGS. I felt good all day.

I’m happy for my friend Lori of 10 plus years… she’s getting MARRIED next year… and her sister is getting MARRIED in Oct of this year. I just got my invite in the mail a few days ago….. I’m so happy for them both.  I can’t wait to see them both walk down the aisle. They are so close, and I just love their Sisterly Relationship. Talk about talks over dinner, me and Lori use to get it in!!!!!!!!!! I love when she calls me for advice, I’ve always been her gurl for that. So Congratulations to Lori and Lecia!!!! * Lori at the top… Lecia at the bottom*

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

laughing at myself…Cree’s Blog Entry

40 PLUSI’m laughing at myself tonight. Today on FB, I posted a video of me driving downtown to the River walk from my apartment and couldn’t decide if I wanted to make it private or to share it. I knew that if I shared it, someone was going to call me and say… ” why didn’t you ask me to go downtown with you”. 

No more than 10 minutes afterward, my momma called me and said ” I see you went downtown today huh”? ( I use to take her riding all the time before I moved downtown.) Feeling guilty…. I said “momma that video is 3 weeks old”… dayum I feel so bad that I lied. So bad. But I don’t want to hear her say.. you know I would have liked to go riding. Then my Sister called, and said yeah you went downtown today huh? I told her the same thing, (((what’s wrong with me)))), but then I told her the truth. Then I started thinking where did this come from? I KNOW where, but that’s a different story. 

Thing is I know they’re not trying to make me feel bad, its that they want to be with me. Me and my mommy are very close, and by us living apart, she really misses me. So after lying to her today…. I made a date with her for Monday to go downtown, to take a walk on the River Walk… she’s happy. But I still feel bad for lying, this is nothing to lie about. I do this all the time. And I TOOK THE VIDEO DOWN. SMH I think I feel bad because I’m happy and have Peace, and don’t want to share it. Not that my family and friends don’t bring Peace. I just enjoy doing things alone.

This is what people don’t know, or seem to FORGET about me. I have always been the fun gurl. The one who can make you laugh, can gather a group together and all be on the same page, I love to have a good time. In my 20’s I use to throw a backyard party every month. People would stop me on the street and say.. you’re that gurl who throw those parties? If I wasn’t throwing parties I was at a cabaret, or club. I went out 5-6 times a week. I have been all over clubbing. Hosting hustle parties, playing cards drinking and talking junk all night until daylight. This was every other night. 

I enjoy being alone now. I like to get cute, get in my car and go. I feel so bad, that I feel this way. And let me say this… its not that I don’t want to be with anyone, its just that I enjoy being alone. I know if my mom come with me, I would have a good time. I know that if I call a friend to go, we would laugh it up sitting at the Detroit River. I know this. And I have nothing against anyone….. I’m the kind of person that enjoys myself. I’m always thinking about the next person…..but I must say. I have to learn how to share myself. I notice that I am very selfish when it comes to me. Now I’m starting to see my daughter like this…. not good. 

I just planned my trip to Atlanta next year. I want to go alone, but I know someone is going to want to go with me. Of course I’m going to say yes, and I know we’re going to have a great time… thing is… I really could take this trip alone and feel so good. How did I get to this place? There was a time when I wouldn’t DO ANYTHING ALONE! LOL LOL… But along with my Anger issues, I’m promising myself to work on this too.
My dad called me tonight and went off on me because I haven’t called him in 2 days… OH BOY…

Okay, so on Monday I’m going to tell my momma the truth…. I’m going to call my daddy every other day…and I’m going to spend more time with my friends. I love them all, I just realized that I spent a lot of time entertaining them in the past, I now enjoy entertaining myself. 

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Out of Character

sleepcree1.jpgWow, so much is going through my mind, so much has happened, so much to do, and much to put in order. HAHAHAHAHA Wow LaCrease!!!

Its something how you want so badly for things to turn out one way, but God the creator has plans for things to turn out another way. I have really learned somethings about myself in these last 7 months… some good and some not so good.

I realize that I let stuff build up. I try to give people chances, man they just won’t do right. But I Thank God for this banister/railing that walks besides me on the right and the left. It keeps me from NUTTING UP and getting out of Character. This year, I must figure out why I allow build ups. I guess I hope that people act right and do right by me and others, but maybe they just don’t know how too. Then when I “go there” I question God about my anger and wonder if its allowed.

But there is one thing about me giving these people chances to do right by me…… I really don’t care if I speak or see them again. Some would argue … yeah you do care, but I’m so afraid I DONT. I feel bad that I don’t care, but wonder why I want to give chances…. ANYWAY…. those things will be explored and answered.

I’m looking forward to a great year!!!

Pearls of Wisdom *1*

Everyday I wake up with Joy in my heart. I just feel good. When I get up, I’ll go in the bathroom and just Thank God for waking me up. Sometimes many thoughts will rush to greet me……and I say “Oh No…. not before I say Good Morning to God”. Waking up another day, tells me that my time here is NOT up. It tells me that there is more work to do, more encouraging to do, more LOVE to give, more time to share the good news. And that makes me excited.

Last week a coworker who works the evening shift lost her mom.

Even though I’ve been working at Walmart for 9 years, still there are many new faces, and I can’t say that I know who she is for sure. So, another co-worker decided to send a card around to ask for donations to help out in any way. Everyday…. * and I mean everyday* my coworker would come to work on her OFF DAY, and just before her shift started…  sit in the break room and ask people to sign the card and to donate money if they could. Now, I watched her everyday. I knew something was on her mind about doing this, and each time I saw her, I made it my BUSINESS to tell her that she’s doing a GREAT JOB, GOD LOVES A CHEERFUL GIVER, and no matter what… keep doing WHAT SHE BELIEVED GOD LEAD HER TO DO.

One day last week, I sitting alone on my break in Subway. She was coming in to work and came to sit with me. She said La’ Crease can I talk to you for a minute? I said sure boo, sit down…. what’s going on? God had already told me days ago, what she was going to say, so I was READY. She said… I’m tired of people coming to me saying… “you’re crazy for coming up here on your off day, and before you start work, just to pass around a card for someone who people barely know”. I said to her….. I know you are bothered by this, I can see it in your face. I said look….. you are doing this from your heart, you know that everyone WILL have a time of need, and this is hers and you are her friend. I said DON’T YOU DARE LET WHAT “OTHA” PEOPLE SAY…. STOP YOU FROM THE LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU ARE DOING FOR YOUR FRIEND. She said I know, but it bothers me. She said I bought some candy just to get people to help out when they donate, and she said all they want is to eat the candy without donating. I told her your friend needs you, and if you listened to what others say, you will do a disservice to her.

I shared with her the time when I wanted to start the Feeding the Homeless Project, and how scared I was to do it. And God told me to go to work the next day and pitch it to 2 RANDOM people. I was SCARED. Even though these are people I worked with for years, I was afraid of how their response would shoot down my project. I found 2 people and told them about it and they were like “YES CREE do it, we’ll help you”!!!!! Yes!! Those were my God appointed people, they had no idea that God had chose them. So, that first year we fed 12 people, the following year we fed 50, then 89, and in 2011 we fed 100 people!!! I told her…. I have email from people who were MADD at me because I “forgot” to ask them. I said you SEE THE BLESSING IN THAT… I was so afraid to ask for help…… NOW THE HELP IS MAD AT ME FOR NOT ASKING THEM TO HELP. LOL So, I told her….. if you want to stay here over night and take donations FOR YOUR FRIEND….. DO IT, DONT FOCUS ON THE PEOPLE WHO ARE opposite of you……. FOCUS on the people LIKE ME WHO ARE FOR YOU…. AND JUST DO IT!!!! DO IT. SHE GOT IT!!!! SHE ACTUALLY GOT IT, AND I CAN SEE IT IN HER FACE….. she hugged me and hugged me saying…. I’m so glad I can always talk to you, she Thanked me for my donation, and she walked away happy. PRAISE GOD!

Ask yourself…what did you learn from a experience similar to this?

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


2009-09-15 00-38-09.720Yep, thats just how my facial expression was when this lady cut in front of 1000 people * not a real number* and said……. “I only have one item”.

How the He**? How you gon cut in front of people cause youre in a hurry and you only have one item? Then she gets to explaining to the customers,  and they sent her butt right to the back of the line!!! LOL People crack me up!!!

 ATL here I come again!!! Im taking my mom to Atlanta next year with Neisha, my sister and her hubby, plus my nieces and probaly my other sister and her hubby. We already have our rooms book, rental car is in place, and we are waiting on airline tickets to drop. Im taking her everywhere. I can’t wait. She’s only been to Texas and a cruise. She wants to go everywhere, and Im going to make sure that we do everything her heart desires.

Be back lata!