Dear Husband/BLOG

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Dear Husband,

Where are you? LOL Its getting hard holding it down baby. I’m meeting a lot of guys… but nothing serious.. So I guess… you’re still in the running. LOL You know I remember years ago asking God for you, but I clearly see that I wasn’t ready.  I’m learning so much about myself…. its crazy. I would have drove you nuts!

I guess the hardest part about everything is being/staying celibate. I’m very clear and upfront about it with men that I meet. I get tired of the “why” and the “when”. Then I feel they hate that decision, so they stay in the picture longer hoping I would give in. Not gon happen. My personal conclusion about it, turns into a challenge for them. And they KNOW.. that I’m serious. What they love about me is that I’m the kind of woman they want, but none want to go the distance with me, because they know I’M NOT THE ONE FOR THEM.  A man knows!!!

Today for dinner I made some Collard Greens, Fried Chicken and Corn Bread.. with a Pepsi and strawberry short cake for dessert. Yesss.. it was good too. Well, I’m closing for now, have to do some brainstorming for my gathering.

Until we meet… Be Blessed!

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