The Days of Noah #Coronavirus/BLOG

I never knew in a million years that I would see days like this. A virus so out cold and deadly that it has the whole world on lock down. There is so much to do during this time with all of the technology these days. I was on Messenger today with my brother, mom, and sister,Continue reading “The Days of Noah #Coronavirus/BLOG”

God’s Voice To The Remote Starter/BLOG

  Hey Family!!! Its been freezing here in Michigan since last month. When I say freezing I mean temperatures -5 below. In the day time its so cold, that even if you’re off work that day, its wise to go out and start your car for a good 20 minutes to warm up the engine.Continue reading “God’s Voice To The Remote Starter/BLOG”


Hey Family Im home from my trip to Atlanta. If you know me, you know I love Atlanta. I went for my daughter’s family reunion when I was 23 or 24 (( now 49))  and I fell in LOVE. I always said that I wanted to move there. Me and my cousin both kept sayingContinue reading “My time in ATLANTA/BLOG”

Happy Feelings/BLOG

Hey Family!! 🙂 So yesterday I went to the Home going Services of my friends mom. She lived a long time ( 79) and was the sweetest person you could ever meet. I’ve been knowing this family for over 20 years. And when I say this lady could make some mustard greens and potato salad….Continue reading “Happy Feelings/BLOG”

Cree’s Ramblings/BLOG

Hey Family!!! I have lots to talk about tonight!! Lets jump right into it. I’m a thinker, and this is one I’ve been thinking about for a while. Years ago when I was a young gurl before the age of 14, my dad always told ME.. that I had a sister out there. She wasContinue reading “Cree’s Ramblings/BLOG”

@Tylerperry Detroit, Michigan Show… 4/3/15… Madea On The Run!!!/BLOG

Friday Night April 3, I went with my Sister #samemomma #samedaddy   to see Madea On The Run! ( photo of her that night) WE went to Steve’s Soul Food on Franklin.. before the play. We left there about 7:15 to head over to the Fox. I forgot that Kat Williams, Kurt Franklin and TylerContinue reading “@Tylerperry Detroit, Michigan Show… 4/3/15… Madea On The Run!!!/BLOG”

Parenting Tips, New Apartment, (((((((Blog)))))))

Parenting Tips When driving and coming to a ice cream truck  it is very important to treat it as if its a school bus. You may not see any children coming, but its important to slow down, then come to a stop, because you never know with kids. They’re just being kids when they dartContinue reading “Parenting Tips, New Apartment, (((((((Blog)))))))”

Home Invasions…..teens not making it out ALIVE …From the desk of Cree

Hey, This will be my rambling blog. Went to Red Lobster with my Sisters and God Sisters last Friday, then to a bar for Karaoke. I was feeling good that night never knew I was about to catch a cold. I knew as soon as the weather broke this was going to happen. I knewContinue reading “Home Invasions…..teens not making it out ALIVE …From the desk of Cree”

God revealed ……. From the desk of Cree

God revealed some very interesting things to me today…. about myself. LOL Its funny… only God to explain and give me examples in the way he does. My daughter and I met today with our family realtor to look at 3 homes. My daughter and mom both have an VISION to see a tore down,Continue reading “God revealed ……. From the desk of Cree”