Home Invasions…..teens not making it out ALIVE …From the desk of Cree

kid to save


This will be my rambling blog.

Went to Red Lobster with my Sisters and God Sisters last Friday, then to a bar for Karaoke. I was feeling good that night never knew I was about to catch a cold. I knew as soon as the weather broke this was going to happen. I knew something was wrong because I kept on having sleeping spells. I’ll get real sleepy and have these sudden “gotta lay down NOW” episodes and will have them all day. That next day… I was sick. OH well its not that bad, because I kept an eye on it. When I get like this.. I hate talking, and being around people. I have to get myself together. I think I become mean, and outspoken…. * not good*  Anyway, this guy sung to me.. omg.. I was so embarrassed. I’m shy, and my sisters took photos of me  while they enjoyed the moment.. I wanted to disappear and be home. LOL I can’t take attention. Its enough my personality is bubbly, but that’s controlled ATTENTION… he caught me totally off guard. He sung the whole song to me, spot light was on and everything, after wards he brought us all a beer. So sweet. 🙂

There are a lot of home invasions going on here in Detroit. People are tired of this, they have license to carry a concealed weapon, not only that BUT THEY ARE POPPIN THESE INTRUDERS left and right. These young men are dying in these peoples home. There was a time when break ins were happening, and the intruders were doing the killing or leaving them for dead. More people are on the look out, and when they hear something strange, they’re not waiting to see what’s going on. They’re pulling the trigger on these young goons. I don’t blame them. I hate that these kids don’t know consequences. Some were never taught, and they’re dying right in their victims homes. These parents are going to LEARN. Quit taking up for your bad kids.

Here’s the story. The part that killed me was when the boy’s God mother spoke…


Stop being so quick to say ” Cant nobody Judge Me”… people are only trying to help you. Trust me LaCrease won’t be knocking on your door setting appointments for me to talk you out of stupid mess. But I will see you in passing and run some sense in your head….. after that… there is nothing I can do to save you. I’ve had this same talk with plenty of people, and they always come back and say…. “I should have listened to you”.

I hope this serve as a lesson to these young teens…. “Aint NOBODY playing no more”.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy


God revealed ……. From the desk of Cree


God revealed some very interesting things to me today…. about myself. LOL Its funny… only God to explain and give me examples in the way he does.

My daughter and I met today with our family realtor to look at 3 homes. My daughter and mom both have an VISION to see a tore down, jacked up inside and out home…………… beautiful.


When I go into a home, * and we go quite often* it has to be nice and pretty for me to like it. In other words…. “move in ready”. I get instantly turned off by homes that has been demolished, and need work. I’m really NOT a good person to take with you when buying a home. When I feel weak floors, see stained carpets, spooky basements, cob web closets, broken windows, nasty walls, sinks and bathtubs, chip tiles, I just CANT! I have absolutely no vision to see past these types of interior issues. You can find me half way through the tour looking scared in a corner, and ready to GO!!! LOL

This one place we saw today, people were still living there, that made it even worst for my vision, because ALL OF THEIR THINGS were in the house. I can’t mentality take out their things to add mines. I don’t know why I can’t see past this. My daughter was saying… “and we can take this out and add that”. “we can gut all this out, then we can knock this wall out”. I’m standing there saying to myself… guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl… lets get out of here!!! LOL My mom and daughter can draw…. I can’t. They can pick out furniture to match the carpet, tile for the floors, certain types of sinks for the bathroom…… and poor me just standing there like…. ” God why can’t I see this type of vision?

Just then…. he took me there. He told me that it was okay. Everybody can’t have the same vision… its okay he said.

He reminded me how I can see the beauty and the restoration in a person who is homeless, someone beaten, abused, raped,and abandon. I can see a glorious life for them once they get the help they need. Some people feel that there is NO HOPE for these people. I don’t see it that way. He ask me… how many times have someone told you, “you give compliments to everybody”!!!! A lot I answered. He said that’s because you can see the beauty in people. You have the gift to see past the pain. You love people, you can see the best in them, you can see beyond their current situation. And I’m standing there like WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!! In my mind…. I’m thinking that everyone should be able to see the beauty in others…… GOD SAID…but they don’t.

So when I walked around these houses today with my face sorta twisted, he said …. just because YOU can’t see the beauty in these homes, DOESNT MEAN THAT IT CANT BE DONE…


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy Continue reading “God revealed ……. From the desk of Cree”

A stage play in Detroit Crees Blog Entry


A school friend of mines is putting on another play in April. A must see!!!!!

  • The Lighthouse Theater 8801 Woodward in Detroit Mi,48202

  • This dramatic and very inspirational stage play will have you on the edge of your seat,its twist and turns will keep you guessing on how it will really ends..”Flawed Beautiful People”..What are you hiding in your closet??

    you get three chances to see this well-written play Friday April 4th-8pm and April 5th Saturday 2pm and 8pm

    Vip is $35 which includes,champagne, a wrist band, appetizers and the first 2rows ONLY at the 8pm shows with assign SECURITY and USHERS!!! fri 8pm.$20 Sat.2pm $20 and 8pm $25 for gen adm.

    FREE PARKING!! Tickets go on sale February 3rd!

28 years too harsh… the fall of Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick…… Crees Blog Entry

only meOur former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was sentenced yesterday to 28 years in prison, and today his Best Friend was sentenced to 21 years.

I had a discussion about it yesterday on my FB page and a lot of people didn’t agree with the harsh sentence that was handed down. Even if I thought it was too many years to serve…. when you’re a person with that much POWER and you’re found guilty of many serious accounts of fraudulent behavior…. understand that more was required, and trust me MORE TIME was given too.

I voted for this Mayor and even though he was very smart and could get a deal for the city as the LAWYER he was, he was a bully. The part that bothers me about the whole thing is that…. he became so greedy that he didn’t even think far enough down the rode to know that EVENTUALLY “what’s done in the dark would come to the light”. He didn’t think about his Mom who had been a Politician for many years and what it would do to her career. She lost the Democratic primary election in 2010. He didn’t think about his wife and the fact that if he ever got caught, she would either wait until he’s 71 years old to get out of jail, or if she’d divorce him, keep his last name…and find someone else. He didn’t think about that. He didn’t think about seeing his sons graduate from High School and College, or that he’ll never see his grand kids born, or attend his sons wedding. He will forever say to them “I’m sorry”, in everything that he’ll miss. Of course they’ll forgive him, but greed has caused him to ENJOY THE LUXURY of things that he’ll never see again.

I don’t feel bad for him…. I feel bad for all the people that this has been affected. I believe with all my heart that his arrogance and his silence about where the money is hidden, has caused him to get so many years. I guess he figured if I’m going to do the time, aint no use in telling where the money is.. lol My prayer is that he turn to God * we use to go to the same church, ((((Second Ebenezer))))) I saw him every Sunday before he was our Mayor*. All he have to do is ask God for forgiveness. I hope he study his bible and become a role model for the MEN locked up. You know God send wise people to jail to get them saved too. I truly believe with all my heart…. that’s his next assignment.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

I guess it was apart of my dream…Tyler Perry


 I had to get on-line and post my dream before I forgot about it. God always tells me to keep a pen and paper near the bed so that I can write stuff down and I alwayssssssss forget. So, here I am later in the day posting this dream.

 I had this dream that I had bought the new Ebony with the gurl from Precious on cover. And as I was turning through the pages, I saw pages and pages of unseen interviews of Anita Baker and her ex husband Walter Bridgeforth. I was so excited because she’s my favorite female singer ever. Just as I was on my way to post on-line to our Anita Baker fan group, my mom walked into the room. I was looking a hot mess, just woke up, breathe was off the hook, hair everywhere, I was too through. She walked in and said…….. Z ( my nickname) Tyler Perry is here to see you. As soon as I looked up there he was walking through my bedroom door. I was so shocked and happy. But I was a hot ghetto morning mess. He gave me a big old hug, and sat on my bed. First thing he said was……….. LaCrease I couldn’t come to Detroit and not say anything to you. I told him that I thought he forgot about me. He said no way. I kept talking in the covers because I hadn’t even brushed my teeth, I had *UGH* in my eyes, my scarf had fallen off my head, I was a mess!!!  LOL Still he kept saying…… that’s aiight Lacrease you’re okay, you’re okay. He pounced on my bed like we had known each other for years. I began to tell him about what was going on with me, and soon as I was about to start my first sentence, he said I already know. I read your blogs. LOL I was so geeked!! He smiled that infectious smile, and I knew that he knew a lot about me because he didn’t act like a stranger at all. I noticed that he had 4 children with him. He said Lacrease I want you to meet some great kids. I was like okay. They all were hanging out with him for the day, and he also told me that they had disabilities. As I spoke to them and talked with them, it was clear they did. They had Tyler and I cracking up.Tyler know how I feel about kids, so he bought them over to see me. It was a joy to have him and the kids at my house for a while. That night he was going to do his first show here in Detroit ( May 7, 2010) and I had been Tweeting ( in real life) that I was mad because tickets went so fast for the first show that I wasnt sitting in the back this time, like I did at previous shows of his. I wanted to sit in the front. I guess it was apart of my dream. lol He clapped saying that he was happy tickets sold so fast in Detroit.  I told him that I wanted to go to his first show so bad that I didn’t know what to do. He went into his case and pulled out a ticket for me. It was black and orange ( don’t ask) I was so happy. I said dang…. Neishia is going to be mad, cause she wanted to go too.  Not even hinting for her to go, but I couldnt believe that I was going. He said here Lacrease, she can come with you. He gave me another ticket.  Then I thought…….. did I make it seem to him that I wasnt going to the play any of the days? So I said to him, wait……. thanks for the tickets, but I want you to know that I do have front row seats for Sunday( in real life too) ………… Mother’s Day. He was like……….. Oh… okay that’s cool, you can still have the tickets……I was happy. All of sudden as I was staring at my ticket, he went into the corner and started changing his clothes. I’m like WTH? You know how you get to the end of the dream and it starts getting STUPID? Well that was happening to me, cause Tyler Perry aint hardly gonna go in the corner and change clothes. LOL I knew then that I was dreaming, and said to myself I’m OUTTA HERE! I woke up!!!!!  My nose was dry, throat felt like desert, and I had a terrible headache. Havent had one of those in a while. It took 2 advils to get rid of. I was happy about my dream and those tickets……….. too bad it’s not true. LOL

Well Goodnight Im off to bed, gotta work in the morning 6-10 inches of snow. Im/We’re use to it tho. Night!