Adele One Night Only

Sunday night 11-14-21 I had plans to watch Adele One night Only.

I was sleepy when it came on and only got a chance to see her perform 2 songs before I turned it off. I absolutely love her singing. She’s beautiful and she’s interesting. She’s a person who LOOKS like she has a story to tell. And SHE DID!

I love going to concerts, music is everything to me. I LOVE LIVE performances, but when it comes to watching a concert on TV, it just doesn’t give me what I need. So, my plan was to watch the show, but fast forward to the songs I knew.

The next night, I turned it on and watched it from the beginning. I really enjoyed the open conversation she had with Oprah, it gave me a glimpse of who she is, and I loved it. She opened with Hello, which gave me a chance to check out the atmosphere of the concert. It was BEAUTIFUL. When she sung “Easy on Me” a new song that I have never heard of…. It made me cry. The lyrics. I remember asking myself, where is this coming from? I had only planned to find my favorite songs. But the going down of the sun and how the drone circled around, set the atmosphere for me and I was all in.

When she got to “I Drink Wine, I was gone. I was crying so hard, like I was at a funeral of someone close. I couldn’t figure out why and what was happening to me. I was home alone, and embarrassing myself with my crying. These were those hard cries, where people bring you lots and lots and lots of tissue, and rub your back. It was that.

So, my daughter calls and ask what I was doing. I told her that I was watching the Adele concert, and I’m crying all through her performances. Then she asked, have you made it to the proposal part? I asked her what proposal? I can tell she wanted to ask, why are you crying then if you haven’t made it to that part. LOL I never knew about it. When it did come on, I was crying even worst. But what took me over the edge, when she sung a new song off her CD 30, Hold On, then Love is a Game. I CRIED through the whole performance. Never in a million years did I expect to do that. YES, IT WAS THAT GOOD!!!! YESSS! YES! YES!

After the show was over, I sat there and asked myself, What was that all about? I went deep into my mind to see if there was someone in my life that these lyrics are relating too? What’s causing me to cry like this? Yes, its the lyrics, but who is this person. I figured it out. My daughters dad.

We are very close to this day. I love him, and he loves me. We do NOT have a desire to get together at all. We don’t even talk on that level, we have both moved on. I was 18 when we met and he was 17. At that age, you don’t know anything about love. Her lyrics took me back to the days after our relationship was over, that I couldn’t express at the time how I felt because of all of the anger. Never knew they needed to resurface. She bought them to me. Peacefully. Respectfully. Beautifully. Lovingly.

Thank you Adele for a beautiful night. One Night Only.

Hold On