A Wedding and A LIE! /BLOG

joyce mI had a phone call conversation with my Bride, and I was sharing with her some things about her wedding. How she may sometimes want to take to Facebook to vent about behind the scenes drama unfolding. I told her that’s a HUGE NO-NO. That’s one thing that I totally dislike, is when someone take to their FB, Twitter or Instagram to vent about people they are/have dealt with. Its true during a wedding things get heated and people need to vent, but when the wedding is over, and the anger is gone…. you can’t take that stuff back. People are always in their feelings, and sometimes you can say too much to make those involved completely turned off. When people don’t know both sides of a story, they tend to COMMENT ON STUFF THEY HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT, and its sickening reading those messages.

Which brings me to this…… someone I LOVE AND ADMIRE sent me a message saying that they are forgiving and releasing me. I never knew this person was having ill feelings towards me. So when they told me the reason, it WASN’T EVEN TRUE. JESUS is my WITNESS to that! Father God tell this gurl yourself, its not true. It just reminds me what NO COMMUNICATION will do to a friendship, it will have you believing something that never happened, isn’t true, and a LIE! This person told me “you don’t have to explain to me the dynamics of you and ******** friendship.” And in my CHRISTIAN mind… I’m saying.. yes I DO need to explain.. BECAUSE ITS NOT TRUE!!! I’m saying to myself LORD JESUS,..,.. please tell this gurl the truth. LOL LOL Of course its not funny to her, but Satan will have you believing some of anything. And have folk MAD FOR YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS!

Well as for me… I HAVE A WEDDING to plan, a GRADUATION 2016.. MY 50TH BIRTHDAY PARTY, AND MY COWORKERS 60TH BIRTHDAY PARTY. I can’t /WON’T find the energy to pause for this issue.

Be Blessed 🙂


I AM La’Crease ((( and I don’t have to do anything else)))

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