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Last night I was in bed thinking back on some of the things I did as a teenager and in my 20’s and early 30’s and some of those things shock me. But you know I was Thanking God that I have lived long enough to ask for forgiveness and to change my ways. Just think had I died in the mist of  that mess. Some people do. They don’t get a chance to ask God for forgiveness, because  they were still doing wrong before they died. To me that’s one of the hugest blessings, that you can receive. To live long enough to repent of your wrong doings.

When I was dating my daughters father, we would be upstairs in his room when his mother was at Church all day. We knew she didn’t want him to have company when she wasn’t home, but we, being teenagers did it anyway. Well, she use to come home and I’d be up stairs. Even though she never came up there, she would holler up the stairs to let him know she was home. That’s when we knew he had to either sneak me out of the house when her bedroom door was closed, or I had to jump out of his bedroom window and he’d catch me at the side door. LOL Yea….. thinking back on that.  The person I am today, FIRST of all, I would never be in another woman’s home without her consent, for NO REASON. For TWO, I’m not jumping out of nobody’s window!!! We both laugh about that to this day, and we’ve shared this with our daughter, who knows the person I am today and she CANNOT BELIEVE that I jumped out of a window. LOL LOL Me either!!!!

I remember another time, one night I had lots of company over playing cards and drinking with my friends. I knew my landlord was coming over the next morning to collect rent. I lived in an upstairs flat and my friend lived downstairs. I would often leave my door unlocked because it connected to hers and we had kids that loved to play together. Well, after I let my company out that night, I meant to lock my door. I was so drunk that next morning. I woke up to my landlord standing over me trying to get me to wake up!!! I had puke all over the bed and floor, I was HORRIFIED TO SEE HIM. When I share this story with people for a life lesson, they always ask… was he trying to do something to you? And the answer is NOPE, not at all. He was trying to wake me up, because my door was wide open.He thought something was seriously wrong with me. I learned a GREAT LESSON that day. I don’t ever remember getting that drunk again! I was done with that life!

A few nights ago, I had this craaazy dream that I was at my mothers house, a house that’s not in real life at all. But I went to go see her, and when I got up to her apartment, I looked out of the window at my car as I always do. After a few hours had passed, I looked out again and it was gone!!! I was horrified and crying at the same time. We went to look around and to see was it any broken glass anywhere and it wasn’t, So we went back in the house. I couldn’t stop looking out of the window hoping that it would be there, or that I would wake up. Well, after a few hours had passed, I looked out the window again and it was there! In the very same spot. I told my mother and we went to look in it. We were so surprised that it was very brand new in the inside. The car looked the same on the outside, but it was clean inside out. Brand new stereo system, new seats, it even had a sun roof, it was beautiful.I took it for a ride and everything. In the dream we found out that a group of guys were going around taking people’s cars and fixing them up brand new, just to be helpful. They had done many others the same way, be we didn’t know about it. I was happy that everything was nice and new, but hated the fact that I thought I wasn’t going to see it again. Wow, I have the craziest dreams~!!

Talk to yall later





Daddy’s Little Gurl/BLOG

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Just a moment to share how important it is for a daughter to have both parents in her life. I grew up with both parents married before I was even born… and I’m the oldest. I never knew how important it really was.. until my daughter turned 12. Her dad was always in her life, and it became a joy to watch them talk, laugh and enjoy each other as she became an adult.

For the Christmas Holiday they went to Ohio, where he was born to enjoy family time. She stayed for 2 weeks, but he was back and forth. I love how she talks about him and the love they have for each other. They are so much alike its funny. He says she looks like me and built like me. I say she acts like him, talks like him, and loves to dress like him. Not to mention some days, she’s his twin!!! I can see him clear as day in her. He always speak well of me when they’re together sharing stories of our teenage years. That’s funny because I do the same thing when I’m with her. LOL

But there is one thing.. I tell her time and time again. Make sure that when you decide to get married and have a family that you chose a good man who loves you, and not for foolishness because YOUR DAD DOES NOT PLAY when it comes to you and his family. I tell her this all the time, and she knows this to be true. He may love his women.. but he’s not a fighter, he’s not into debates and arguments. He’s straight up and will not play about his 2 kids (son). He’ll want to meet him, grill him, look him in the eye and baaaaaaaaby have that talk with him. I told Nesha…  make sure he come correct….because your daddy… IS NOT HAVING IT… So.. please don’t bring trouble to his door step by way of a nothing man who mean you no good.

20150105_0123451*cousin in the middle*

That’s another main reason why I love their friendship/relationship because she knows he mean business.  She knows this. Even though she’s a classy gurl…. these men can be tricky. It also makes me smile knowing that her dad will make sure she’s okay…this is one area of her life….. that is out of my jurisdiction. Her dad has her back!!! She betta chose wisely. Because her dad loves her, treats her like a Princess, and adores her dearly . * Click on the photos for a closer view*


Be Blessed!

My baby, Tyler Perry, My niece, Red Tent/BLOG

FullSizeRender (13)Hey Yall!!

Today is Saturday, and I decided to drop in before I head out to help my daughter get dressed for her Job Fund Raiser at the Charles Wright Museum.She works with a lot of  Famous Community Leaders, it would be fun for me, but its work for her.

nita 2 nita 3 nita 4 nita nesha

Anyway….my mom just sent me a inbox ( hahaha) yes she’s on FB.  This is what she wrote: “Its been two days now”. LOL That means she wants to see me and she haven’t heard or saw me in two days. Little does she know my Sisters, neices and I are going over to her apartment to see her today at 5. My momma is so funny. I don’t think she could go 4 days without seeing me or hearing from me. I love my Princess!! So yes…. As you all have read over the internet that my brother TYLER PERRY had his son Nov 30, .. Yesss… I’m so happy for him and Gelila. He’s been saying in interviews how he wants a son. And guess what? I have 2 nieces, and one of them is born Nov 30 nell photos. So now I have a nephew and a niece born on that day. Yall know I’m geeked right? LOL Congratulations Tyler!!!

I’m not really a TV watcher. I do have my favorite shows that I watch. But as I was flicking through the stations last night. I came across this movie The Red Tent. Its about Dinah the only daughter of Jacob. Well it tells her story. And let me say this, if you don’t know the story, you will think it went that way. There was fiction added to the movies, thats why you have to know the Bible for yourself. All while watching it, I was like.. “well dang, I thought the story went another way”. Then it hit me….yea… gotta watch out for these Biblical Stories that’s at the movies and on TV. They will have you straight knowing the Bible WRONG! LOL SMH The point I was about to make is… oooo weee the fione young thang who played her husband OMGGGGGGGG.. this man was so fione…he took my breath away. So, you know me the researcher… looked this dude up… this lil boy 22 years old. Now this is him as himself… But baaaaby…. whoooo Lawd… here is a photo of him below in the movie. I need to find the photo of him with a full beard.. dark…. sexy.. omggg.

Alright let me go.. I’ll check in later.



Wonderful Weekend!!




I had a wonderful weekend with my daughter and her dad’s family reunion. Neisha was the Vice-President and Mistress of Ceremonies for the very well planned, very organized event. I love her dads side of the family because they always show me LOVE. I hate I was having such a good time that I didn’t take photos like I normally do. I forgot to take my camera to the banquet, and the after party her dad had in his hotel room. In 2 years they are taking the reunion to BUFFALO NEW YORK!!! Atlanta wanted it, but New York beat them out.


It gave me great joy to see Neishia walking around and all her people know her. Her dads family is HUGE. And to see that I put away my foolishness with her dad, so that she could have the best of both worlds made me so happy that I finally listened to the voice of God.

So much is going through my mind right now…. Tomorrow, I’ll gather my thoughts on the Trayvon Martin case…. and another VIRGO MAN I MET LAST NIGHT…OH BOY….. * SMH*

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Ghetto Mentality!

Today was one of those days.


Work was fine.


  I guess what I’m saying is that our city (Detroit) is really going through some serious issues. So many killings, robberies, death. The mentality of the people here is unreal. Like, where is the God in your life? I see now, nobody is going to be happy until all the Police in the city throw up their hands and say …….. that’s it. WE QUIT!!!  To all of the people who have 3 and 4 flat screen TV’s let the criminals get it, let them take your trucks in the driveway, let them rob you when you go to deposit your earnings in the deposit box. Let the crack heads of the city go into the houses and steal your credit cards, and purse. Let them kill the men in the house and raped the women. Let them set fires to the buildings and loot the city. I know, I know that God is holding this city down from us seeing a MASS of Police in the city from quitting the force, and moving to other cities. I’m so tired of people dissing the Police and having no  respect for them. They have families that they want to go home as well. They have children, siblings and parents too. They take a lot of heat for what goes wrong in this city. I know there are some crooked cops here, and they will be caught doing evil, if not from the officials but surely from God. People forget that these officers respond to OUR calls. If someone is in the alley raping one of your children, we EXPECT the police to detach away from their families and loved ones, and come to our AIDE. What people fail to realize is that, they want to help.


What triggered this topic is that a 17-year-old was gunned down and killed by the hands of a 34-year-old because he “didn’t like the way he looked at him”.(BLANK STARE)  Right outside of a Liquor store in front of the victims girlfriend. What kinda stuff is that? Here’s the story 


I was talking to my male best friend on the phone tonight, he drives a truck all over and he heard about this case in Arkansas! Yes!!! He made me so mad tonight about this. ( rolling my eyes). He thinks the Police should be punished for the gurls death. And maybe he should, but lets not forget about the what  STARTED THE WHOLE THING! The guy who killed the 17-year-old. Its deep.


But this is what’s on my mind…


I’m proud of Neisha and I stand behind what she wants to do as a soon -to-be  Prosecutor here in Michigan. But the mentality of the people here is GHETTO GUTTER!!! All they think about is Lawsuits and Sharb Cars!!! Yea Sharb!!! They don’t care about whats right or wrong. They only focus on their situation. They subtract what got them in the situation in the first place, they get others in their Team, and then make the whole thing about THEM!!! I CANT STAND IT.


Neisha works as an Intern @ Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, she has to sit in on all the HIGH PROFILE cases in the city. AND I’m so glad the city has turned this over to the State of Michigan Police to handle, because she would surely have to be in court FOR THIS ONE.  When court is over sometimes, she share an elevator with the victims AND the suspects family, and they always look at her as if to say… is she for us, or against us? And even though Neisha can’t say anything to these people, they know her face, they saw her in the court room. They still wonder. I don’t like that….. at all. Going back to the story….And didnt the guy who lost his daughter in the shooting, go to the mall yesterday, see 3 young people wearing T-shirts supporting the 17-year-old that he’s a suspect in AS WELL, and threatened them? WTH? Are you serious?I guess he felt they should have been wearing his daughter’s shirt. He is already a suspect along with his cousin/friend who ever he was to the guy, and you go do this? He went to jail!! Now we have these supporters of the 17-year-old over here, and the supporters of the 7-year-old over in that corner. Don’t people see that WEVE ALL LOST? WE ALL LOST!!  This case has been the talk of the town and I can’t wait to see what the Police found in the investigations. I can’t talk about this any further, it bothers me!


I’m off to bed. I have a short work day. I’m going to get my nails done….. my nailtech is gonna pass out when he see’s these babies!!! LOL