Ghetto Mentality!

Today was one of those days.


Work was fine.


  I guess what I’m saying is that our city (Detroit) is really going through some serious issues. So many killings, robberies, death. The mentality of the people here is unreal. Like, where is the God in your life? I see now, nobody is going to be happy until all the Police in the city throw up their hands and say …….. that’s it. WE QUIT!!!  To all of the people who have 3 and 4 flat screen TV’s let the criminals get it, let them take your trucks in the driveway, let them rob you when you go to deposit your earnings in the deposit box. Let the crack heads of the city go into the houses and steal your credit cards, and purse. Let them kill the men in the house and raped the women. Let them set fires to the buildings and loot the city. I know, I know that God is holding this city down from us seeing a MASS of Police in the city from quitting the force, and moving to other cities. I’m so tired of people dissing the Police and having no  respect for them. They have families that they want to go home as well. They have children, siblings and parents too. They take a lot of heat for what goes wrong in this city. I know there are some crooked cops here, and they will be caught doing evil, if not from the officials but surely from God. People forget that these officers respond to OUR calls. If someone is in the alley raping one of your children, we EXPECT the police to detach away from their families and loved ones, and come to our AIDE. What people fail to realize is that, they want to help.


What triggered this topic is that a 17-year-old was gunned down and killed by the hands of a 34-year-old because he “didn’t like the way he looked at him”.(BLANK STARE)  Right outside of a Liquor store in front of the victims girlfriend. What kinda stuff is that? Here’s the story 


I was talking to my male best friend on the phone tonight, he drives a truck all over and he heard about this case in Arkansas! Yes!!! He made me so mad tonight about this. ( rolling my eyes). He thinks the Police should be punished for the gurls death. And maybe he should, but lets not forget about the what  STARTED THE WHOLE THING! The guy who killed the 17-year-old. Its deep.


But this is what’s on my mind…


I’m proud of Neisha and I stand behind what she wants to do as a soon -to-be  Prosecutor here in Michigan. But the mentality of the people here is GHETTO GUTTER!!! All they think about is Lawsuits and Sharb Cars!!! Yea Sharb!!! They don’t care about whats right or wrong. They only focus on their situation. They subtract what got them in the situation in the first place, they get others in their Team, and then make the whole thing about THEM!!! I CANT STAND IT.


Neisha works as an Intern @ Frank Murphy Hall of Justice, she has to sit in on all the HIGH PROFILE cases in the city. AND I’m so glad the city has turned this over to the State of Michigan Police to handle, because she would surely have to be in court FOR THIS ONE.  When court is over sometimes, she share an elevator with the victims AND the suspects family, and they always look at her as if to say… is she for us, or against us? And even though Neisha can’t say anything to these people, they know her face, they saw her in the court room. They still wonder. I don’t like that….. at all. Going back to the story….And didnt the guy who lost his daughter in the shooting, go to the mall yesterday, see 3 young people wearing T-shirts supporting the 17-year-old that he’s a suspect in AS WELL, and threatened them? WTH? Are you serious?I guess he felt they should have been wearing his daughter’s shirt. He is already a suspect along with his cousin/friend who ever he was to the guy, and you go do this? He went to jail!! Now we have these supporters of the 17-year-old over here, and the supporters of the 7-year-old over in that corner. Don’t people see that WEVE ALL LOST? WE ALL LOST!!  This case has been the talk of the town and I can’t wait to see what the Police found in the investigations. I can’t talk about this any further, it bothers me!


I’m off to bed. I have a short work day. I’m going to get my nails done….. my nailtech is gonna pass out when he see’s these babies!!! LOL

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