Tyler Perry Wins in Court!!!

Everyone who knows me know that I love me some Tyler Perry. I admit, I was mad a little * got my nerves don\’t I?* that I wasn\’t invited to the Premiere of his new Studio. But that\’s life and I have moved on from those * thoughts*

I follow Tyler\’s work closely and I can always tell when something is going on with him that he hasn\’t talked about. I can always tell. I dunno why me? Its like I\’m connected to this man in a strange kinda way. And although he is extremely fione to me, I see him as a little Brother.

When I found out that he was being sued for Diary of a Mad Black Woman, I knew that had been on his mind. Preparing for court, especially when it was bought to his attention back in May 07 sometimes of last year. When something is on a Virgo\’s mind, especially involving other people, it does something to us. Even though our band don\’t stop playing, it does makes us * tired*. With a Verdict of not guilty, believe me, my friend Tyler Perry IS eating Shrimp * one of his favorites* today. LOL

One thang I know about Tyler. Us Virgos will encourage you until Jesus comes. A customer can tell me her cat is at home sick with the flu and failed kidneys, I will encourage that woman, pray with and for her, show her the Faith that lives in her, and will make her believe that when she gets home her cat will be sitting in the chair knitting HER a blanket. lol But baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaby when we * Virgo\’s* are going through something really deep, We want to shut off the cell phone, house phone, board the door up, throw away the car keys, and lock our selves away till the cops come knocking!!!! That\’s how we are. We want God to come down and talk to us face to face . We need a serious word from God. It has to come from him to us. WE will shut the world off.

Every other day during the trial when I got time I would go to his message board to see what the people were saying, and many would say dang Tyler where are you? We haven\’t heard from you in a while. And I would laugh in my mind saying, YALL AINT GON HEAR FROM HIM UNTIL THIS COURT THANG IS OVER!! LOL He aint mad at nobody, don\’t take it personal, but Tyler Perry got to get through this court and THEN he\’ll be back. And don\’t expect for him to detail everything, he\’s going to straight up give you a WORD. His message is going to encourage you in some way. He knows his job description by God. Don\’t expect anything that can multiply or irritate the * atmosphere* concerning the WON case. He is straight up Ministry Minded, and for that I love him.

Today as Tyler was getting in the truck after winning his case, someone tried to hand him something in a yellow envelope, he asked them what is it? They said a script, and he said something to the fact of *Lady that\’s why I\’m here today*. LOL And it was in Madea\’s voice. I was cracking up!! I said to myself while the trial was going on that people are going to be trying to hand him scripts and he was going to reject them. So many people on the message board want him to read their stuff, and shoooooo I said to myself. If I don\’t know nothing else, Tyler Perry ain\’t going near any body\’s script. All you gotta do is tell a Virgo something one time and its a wrap. You ain\’t nevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gotta TELL US NOTHING TWICE. Especially on that same subject. lol So to all those people on the board, yall can hang it up, better send those babies to David Talbert. LOL

The fans were on the court house steps today and every other day. You didn\’t see Oprah and Gail, Sidney or Janet. The fans will show up in hard times, not saying that * Grown and Rich* won\’t. But they have the phone numbers, they can call him at home, on the cell phone, a couple of them probably are meeting him at dinner when its over. But today was the fans time to show support and plus I enjoyed seeing the * ride or die* as he calls US.

The Virgo in Tyler is probably catching up on all the neglected mail and phone calls, eating his favorite foods again, playing his Church music as he always does, and Thanking God this is finally over * for now*. \”The lady\” said this ain\’t ova. LOL oops sorry Tyler but that was funny. She said the jury was *Star Struck*. Dayum that was funny to me. I probably would have been too. If I could see Tyler every day, stare at that big stomach of his * I love a man with a big stomach* and get to *vote* if my boo had to hand her ova 40 plus mill, she would for sure call me star struck. I\’ll hand her ova a * Gurl Bye* Verdict!!!!

Strolling through my mind of the Tyler Perry files, hate to even think it but this is just the beginning. The higher you want to go, the higher the *snakes*. Tyler you cant give up boo, you\’ve got to do it for us all who love and enjoy your work. You can\’t fall off . This kinda stuff makes you stronger. It also gives you something to * write about*. Experience is a good teacher, put these things in your files of life. Never stop learning Tyler NEVER.

Listen boo, I love you and for all the encouraging you do for others, do if for yourself. I got a feeling you have got a long rode ahead of you. Is it do able? YOU KNOW IT! GOD IS RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

My name is Lacrease W, and I approve this message.