Home Dreaming 5/Back Yard-Patios/BLOG

Backyard and patio dinner gatherings are the most fun. When the atmosphere is right and everyone is having a good time, you can’t go wrong. Never forget to whip out the cards for Spades and Bid.

Beautiful covered patio

Lengthy upper level patio features large single piece wood dining table with rope-wrapped wooden chairs beneath a slanted natural wood ceiling, mirroring the deck floor.

Here is the prior patio as seen with a wide view, extending down a large staircase toward a secondary dining area, with further stairs leading to a ground level pool.

This patio extension features under-lit arched roof supported by wood and stone pillars, with central natural wood table surrounded by dark brown and tan furniture set. Conversation pit is seen in background.

Here's the outer expansion of the prior patio, featuring array of red adirondack chairs surrounding built-in fire pit, next to in-ground jacuzzi.

Sprawling, Spanish style mansion features extensive stone patio, with large swimming pool and lowered fire pit area with black and white wicker chairs surrounding.

Elaborate stone structure and U-shaped island in this patio features oven, grill, and other appliances built in, beneath grey countertops. Matching stone outdoor fireplace stands at center.

This striking patio features a "floating" conversation pit set into blue framed infinity pool, between stone pillars.

This sleek, minimalist upper level patio extends seamlessly from home interior through floor to ceiling glass, and includes cushionend conversation pit, with fire pit built into central white slab table.


Natural wood patio features bright wicker furniture, with rectangular stone glass fireplace at left, surrounded by tall glass walls.

Covered patio features stone flooring, metal framed, brown cushioned furniture, and large brick fireplace with mounted television beneath natural wood ceiling.


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