This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Have you ever just felt like are not doing what you are suppose to be in your life? Its like you don\’t have any motivation and no drive. Well, that\’s how I\’ve been feeling lately. I haven\’t been up to doing anything with my gurls group. Maybe I have been selfish and have been spending too much time with myself, trying to do things and plan things for myself.

But you know what? Yesterday as I got into my sisters truck to go to dinner , so said this is a word from God. She said you better get back on track with your gurls, you have been cancelling meetings, not being focused, and since he has been blessing you financially, you haven\’t had a meeting since. And I\’m like WHAT HE TOLD YOU THAT? And she said yes. I knew he did. Cause I know my daddy. When he cant get through to my thick head, he will go through somebody who doesn\’t know that I\’m already feeling that same way. It kinda took me out of my square for a mintue cause its true. I needed that, and to regroup myself and fast!

Today I bought a book by Joyce Meyer called Woman to Woman (Candid Conversations from Me to You). I have already started on it, and it seems like a good book. I need some ump in my life right about now. My life is into these gurls…….PERIOD! And no matter what I buy and have bought in these last few months, seem as if I\’m still missing something. Still not happy. I know that I won\’t be here in this state long………….JUST AINT ME. But in the meantime, I needed some witness as to just what God is about to do through and for me. Teens are my life, if I\’m not doing things with them, I am not happy. Its like God planted this chip inside of me at birth, and I need to do things that is associated with kids. I feel so off balanced when I\’m not.

Oh……….. don\’t think Lacrease is the woman to lie in this bed for a long time, cause it aint gonna happen. I\’m in my last days on this stuff. I\’m getting up outta this bed………………………IN JESUS NAME.



6 thoughts on “Me

  1. Story of my life!

    I have gone through this many times and have honestly been feeling like this a lot lately. I said for the New Year it was going to start off good and that 2007 was going to end good, and before I knew it I was sitting around saying, I don’t like my job, I know this isn’t what I need to be doing in life, but what should I be doing? So I have been just praying over it constantly because I need direction and only one person can give it to me and that is the man above!



  2. been there…another book i’d like to suggest you read is understandign the power and purpose of a woman, myles munroe, this book blessed my socks off…just keep moving forward, don’t let the devil steal your goals/desires, he wants you stagnant so you can’t reproduce, because we can’t reap a harvest that hasn’t been sown…so we have to get up and move sumthin…when i read your blog, it’s encouragement to me, although i go through stuff, it’s hard for me to put it out there, rather i just try to hold it in…but you bring it out of me, so not only is GOD using me, HE’s using you too…don’t stop crease…keep moving forward…don’t look back…LOVE


  3. It is easy to fall victim to what is not going right in our lives, but actually, you are an awesome child of God. Honey it will be alright


  4. Cree, I’m so glad that you listened to me, and what I didn’t tell you is that I am to start involving myself with the girls as well, so holla at ya sista when you get a chance so we can get the next meet together!

    Love you always ~ Na ~


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