Why did I get married?…….PT4

Today, this lady who works @ Marshall\’s came through my line with her husband and child. She asked me were we hiring and said that she wanted to work over nights for extra income. I guess she thought about what she wanted to do, and looked over at her husband and said something like this: Do you mind if I work over nights? She had this look on her face that she realized that she need to consult with her husband. It was done in such a loving way, she realized that she was thinking about this, without his knowledge.

Growing up, my mother use to ask my daddy all the time, do you mind if I do this, do you mind if I do that? And I would look at her as if to say………..why you always gotta ask him can you do something? I didn\’t know a thing about how marriage is suppose to go…….I was a young teen, and didn\’t any better.

I understand now, that In a marriage, you are suppose to check in with your spouse to see how they feel. To get their opinions on it, they have the right to know that things in the home is up for a change. There should never be a one sided deal in a marriage. This is where communication kicks in. When a decisions is about to be made, both parties should meet in the middle to discuss the ups and the downs of a change in their marriage. A lot of people make life decisions on their own without communicating with their spouse and this can ruin a marriage. Its simply not fair to the other party.

When she looked over at her husband, I thought it was the sweetest thing. I always say Communication is Everything!


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