Why did I get married?…….. PT3

I use to be the junkiest person in the world. Yep, had \”bugs\” and everything. Never wanted to admit that I was living foul and \”messy as hell\”.

Good bye to those days. Thank you Jesus. If you find my house junkie, you must have visit me sick. Its funny to because my friends come over and I\’ll be like, my house is junkie, let me clean up right quick, and they would be like…………gurl you are crazy, this house is not junkie!!!!

It\’s hard for me to admit that I\’m not how I use to be. I use to hear, why are you so junkie Lacrease? It feels so good that I don\’t have to run and clean up whenever there\’s a knock at the door. I can answer it…………and then entertain my guest.

Men love a home thats nice and clean. They dread coming home to a house that smells, and dinner is not cooking. I hear debates about this issue all the time from both sides. I believe that cleaning the house should be both the husband and the wife duties. When they come home from work they are both tired, whats wrong with coming up with a plan and cleaning the house together? I personally feel that it can bring them closer because they are cleaning as a team.

I have a home office, and everything you can name, is in there………now ask me if that area is junkie?

Yep! Cause its mines and its off limits to the public!

God Bless


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