This is the day that the Lord has made.

As some of you know, our new Church building opened the doors for the first time this past Sunday and we had a grand celebration. I started thinking about the conversation me and my friend Ki Ki had one day about big Churches. She belongs to a smaller Church, but has it instilled in her mind that she would never go to Mega Church because she feels that the Pastor wont know her, or that he\’s too busy for the members of his congregation. It really shocked me, and caught me off guard that she felt that way, because she\’s active in her Church, and a is faithful member.

No matter how I tried to get her not to think that way, and that she was only putting herself in a box, she still didn\’t get it. While in Church on Sunday and me marveling over the new facility, I thought about Ki Ki.

I remember back in my early teens, I use to go and visit my grandmother and down the street was this Church called Second Ebenezer Baptist Church. The members would park up and down the street You couldn\’t even leave and come back to your spot. They would fill up their parking lot, and then start parking around the corner as well. I use to say to myself, they have Church down there!!! Never knew in a million years that I would be a member.

Three months after they moved from Goethe to Grand Blvd, I went \”Church\” shopping and after visiting about 4 or 5 Churches one each Sunday, this is where my spirit rest. The moment I walked in I knew it was going to be my church home. I can just feel it, it grabbed me at the front door, I felt that all those Sundays I was \”shopping\” and there was where I was to \”rest my feet\”. My daughter was baptized that year Oct 2, 1994. And here it is Oct 10, 2007.

While @ Church this past Sunday when I was thinking about my friend Ki Ki. I started thinking about how far God has bought my Pastor. See Kiki is only looking at that Church building and how huge it is, she has no clue to the history of being in this place. I challenged her thinking and asked her this: Do you believe with all your heart that my next door neighbor can build a Mega Church, pass out fliers and fill the 3300 seats in it? She said No. I said that\’s right because where is the sweat? Where is the struggle? Where is the determination? I said our Church is a mega Church now, but do you know this:

The Reverend Edgar L. Vann Jr. accepted the position of pastor at Detroit\’s Second Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1977; just 21 years old at the time, he assumed control of a church that had missed its last 31 bank payments and which claimed only 66 members. During his first year Vann accepted no salary, supporting himself instead as a bank teller; over that 12-month period the church emerged from debt, and slowly its congregation rose to over 2,000 members. The youngest-ever leader of the Baptist Council of Ministers.

After I told her where he came from and not to give in to the words \”Mega Church\” understand the struggle. Don\’t just think he got it like that where he can build a Church, and pack the place. My Pastor started with 66 members………………COME ON NOW!!! She finally got it. You\’ve got to be a baby before an adult.

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