15 Questions!

Hey Peeps!!

First I gotta say Thank you to God for this wonderful day. Thank you Lord for showing me my gift as it has to do with working with Children.♥♥♥

This morning the phone rang and it was one of the gurls saying NOT to pick her up today because she wasn’t feeling well at all. I could hear it in her voice that she was sick. She is one of the 3 gurls I pick up that stay near each other. My niece dad is moving to California on Tuesday so she had to go to a going away party for him today which only made sense that her best friend wouldn’t come without. So, I thinking to myself, this is one of times when I thought about cancelling the meet. But just before 1pm all my gurls started checking in as they always do, asking can their cousins and friend come for the first time. After picking up my God daughter Tyra * named after Tyra Banks*, we got home @ 3:05 ready to roll. By us missing 4 gurls today the 2 new gurls are just what this group need. One of the gurls is 18 and the other is around 10. They all started rolling in at the same time. Ah, I get so giddy and excited when they come over and THEY are excited about what * Auntie ZZ* has to say today. I just love it!! ♥ Once they all showed up and gathered around my long living room couch * fits 8 comfortably, its was game time. Neisha is in Cincinnati, so I had to do this show in my own…….it was a piece of cake. Never thought I could pull a meeting off without her, and it was probably one of the best meets we’ve ever had.

We always start off in prayer, and I have one of the gurls to pray for us. Yall should hear these gurls!!! There prayers would make you cry!!!! After we did that I turned to my DVR and played a video that I recorded about Cedarpointe. They were so excited, just to see a 5 minute video about the park that we are going too. Afterwards I collected down payments for the trip.

gotta go to be continued tomorrow after work!! Love yall


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