*cont* When I get to talking to my gurls, I have to have my daughter pay attention to the time because I always look up and see that time passed me by. After we talked about Cedarpointe, I started my next project. The night before I wrote out 15 questions that I want to ask them. The questions were off the hook. THEY LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! My first question to them was…….if you go to the grocery store with your mom/dad whoever, do you feel that you should help take the groceries off the counter or spinner? All of them said yes, and one said No. She felt that if her mom go grocery shopping she should be the one who takes them down, because she bought them. We discussed that too. I told her that she should always help her mom, because those groceries are for the house not just one person. She got it………… I think. Then when I talked to her mom, she said that she neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr everrrrrrrrrrr takes her kids to the grocery store because they ask for stuff all the time. Well that explains why her daughter answer was that way. She never goes with her mom. She really never had to take them off the spinner. I’m glad I asked her mom because I would have went on thinking that she has issues in that area, when its not even that. The 15 Questions was the best part of the meet. I asked them some really good questions, they were even impressed. Then afterwards, I turned the tables and asked them to ask me a questions about PARENTS? That got me good too. I wish their parents were here to hear that segment. Then my noisey neighbor came over………… if a facial expression could talk. Be back later with that.


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