MJ will be missed!

Day 2 and I still can’t believe that Michael Jackson is dead. I just can’t believe it. It just seems so not true. I’m shocked, feels like a rumor. A part of me want this to be something that went to far, a prank that we’d forgive, but never forget. Just come out of hiding and start the tour. This is really hard. Shocking.

I worked yesterday and got off @ 3 pm. Came home, got on line and *something* said check your Twitter * MsVirgoCree* and see whats up with everyone. I click on and all I read was Micheal Jackson is dead, then I read that Micheal Jackson is in a coma, that he suffered a Cardiac Arrest. All at the same time I felt that it was real. I just did. But at the same time, this had to be a rumor. How does Michael Jackson die? How do you tell someone this? How can you open your mouth to say it. Of course everyone has to die, and everyone will *taste* it, but that’s not what I’m saying….. I’m saying Michael Jackson can’t be dead. Noooooooom he’s suppose to die in a wheel chair at an old age with flowers sitting in his lap, and all his family members around. Not at 50, 9 years older than I am now. I feel so numb. I’m always talkative at work, today I was quiet. Just don’t feel like talking. I had about 3 hours of sleep last night, because I had to take my mom to the hospital for her out patient surgery on her knee. More on that later.

After I heard the news about Michael Jackson, I took a ride to pick up my daughter from school. It was raining so hard, power was knocked out in many areas, the freeways were flooded. It was really a mess. So I’m driving down 94 and all of a sudden the car in front of me comes to a complete stop, I mean this was SUDDEN. The cars in front of him was at a complete stop. So I had to pump my brakes so hard that I was really scared that I was going to bump the car in front of me. It was so slippy, OMG it was a mess. No one was flying or acting out of control it was just one of those things. While I’m trying to break the car down to avoid hitting the car in front of me, I NATURALLY look behind me to see how much time I left that driver to stop. He was good, as a matter of fact looking back on it, about 4 cars saw what was happening and they broke down EARLY lol. All of a sudden I hear this screeching noise and its the car in the lane to the right of me, trying to avoid from hitting the car in front of him, he COMES RIGHT AT ME. I’m trying to stop myself, and I had to surve over to the left * thank God wasn’t any cars there, they saw it coming and they stopped*. I looked back over at him and it was doing everything he can to stop that car. * its funny now*, when he finally got that jeep under control I just KNOW HIS SHOES ARE WORN OUT ON THE BOTTOM lol hehehe. They gotta be!! After we came to a complete stop he looked over at me and kept saying he was sorry. I said NO NO NO don’t worry about it, its okay, I did the same thing to the car in front of me. So after a complete stop, we started moving again. We knew it had to be a accident ahead. As we inched forwarded, over to my right was several cars and trucks involved in a car accident, but what I saw next took me over. I saw a car that was turned over on his * head* and people screaming, and getting out of their cars running to the scene. This one man reached into the car that had flipped over and seemed to be getting someone out, or getting something. Then I looked over on the shoulder and saw lots of people crying and this lady grasping this baby, looked like blood was dripping down her arms, she was shaking and screaming. OMG I just burst out and started crying.I couldn’t help it. That one instant look had me in tears. It had to just happen, because the Police or the EMS wasn’t there. I hope that if it was someone in that car they got out. It was a really sad scene, after MJ I wasn’t expecting to see that. And you wonder had I already picked her up when I was suppose too, would we have been in that? You think about stuff like that. And then you Thank God. The way the scene looked, someone hit a patch of water and went airborne and flipped over. The other cars that were involved couldn’t stop and probably hit the car that was turned over. It was a mess. I pray that everyone was okay.

I’m addicted to Twitter and it really is a good tool for communication. I like to find out things from the horse mouth. I don’t mess with those gossip magazines at all, and I totally enjoy Twitter. YOU chose to be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE, you chose your followers and who you follow. A lot of the younger folks like to do LIVE chats with the fans. Which I think is so cool. Especially the young people really enjoy it. When I was 14 and I had friends who loves Prince, we had to write each other that’s 3 days to Texas * where my friend lived* and 3 more days for her to send something back to me.lol Now after 27 or 28 years, we talk on the phone and email each other. Times has really really changed. They even have bubble tweet, where you can record yourself talking to your followers/folks you followed. My favorite people are Shaunie O Neal, Maxwell, my MFF Maxwell Family, John Salley, Diddy, Tameka Raymond, Sherri Shepard, Souljaboytellem, and a few others. Twitter cuts down on sooooooooooooooo much gossip!!! I just love it. So look me up peeps. MsVirgoCree and Follow me!!!

Right now Im blogging on 3 hours of sleep last night. This morning my mom had in and out surgery on her knee and I had to take her to the hospital this morning. Had to be up @ 5:15 went to bed around 2ish. * yeah I know don’t ask*. lol Me and Keisha sat with her till I had to leave @ 9:20 to go be at work @ 10:00. I only had to work 4 hours that was a breeze so I decided to go in. She was home when I got off @ 2, but called my cell phone and told me to pick up her prescription. It was blazing hott too, guess you know I did a drive thru that pharmacy. lol

Im happy I got my bills to $0.00. That’s my light and gas bill, 2 cell phones, 2 house phones, cable, Internet. I’m so happy. My Anita Baker friends are coming to town, I gotta have my spending money and my rental car for this day. We are going to have a good time, cant wait.

Aiight that’s my time.. I’m so sleepy I cant even think right. Take care and be good.


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