Are you using your gift from God?


Today was a good day. This morning I woke up and one of my first thoughts was, I could have awaken to one eye this morning, but God said 2. I think about stuff like that. This  older white man came through my line today buying some bird seeds, and I said to him….. how long have you been feeding the birds? He looked at me and said for about 32 years. I said to him do you know that God designated you to do that job? I said everyone doesn’t buy bird food and feed the birds. He said * I never looked at it that way.* I hope that I planted a seed in him to take notice of the things that God does and have us doing. Can you imagine if that man went home and thought about God as he feed the birds what joy would he have in his heart? Its because he would see things from a different light, a different angle.

What is it that God has blessed you to do? Are you doing it? Whats stopping you?

Be Blessed!

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