Weight Issues/Joyous Flame

Lacreasehecallmecree took the What is God’s gift in you? quiz and the result is A TEACHER Your destiny is a teacher.

A teacher is a person who can inspire someone else to be interested in a subject. Someone who is enthusiastic about something; to impart the knowledge of; to give intelligence concerning; to inculcate as true or important; to exhibit impressively; to direct, as an instructor; to manage, as a preceptor; to guide the studies of. Teaching is one of God’s highest callings for His children … ask God it might be you !

Hey, I took that test on Facebook, isn’t it something and that’s what I do with my gurls group. Today I started back reading the Bible in one year on line and I’m going to pray and try real hard to be consistent with it. I enjoy reading the bible in pieces because I can chew pretty swiftly when it comes to it. I will go over and sentence 20 times till I get a understanding, today I was even writing notes and going to the online dictionary to look up words I didn’t know. I need to be in bed because tomorrow I have to be up @ 5:30am for to get dressed for work and here it is almost 12 am. I need/will get back into the routine I had before when I lost 23 pds last year. Goodness why can’t I just lose the weight? Why? Well I know I need to work out. I’m almost 42 and boy they were right when they said the older  you get the harder it is for it to fall off. I feel so heavy at times like I’m carrying a body full of water. The other day I was sitting up thinking I wish someone would say * here is $$$ amount of money, if you can lose ??? of weight in one year, its yours!!!!  Who ever this faceless person was in my thoughts was, they said that they wasn’t going to see me or even mention it again fora whole year. And they said that you can do what you gotta do to lose it just as long as you do it natural. LOL I was sitting there day dreaming about this. In my thoughts I found me a trainer, and a meal plan and I worked that thang out!!!! I got the money and ………….!!! Yep, sure did. Not going to say what else, but it was just one of my many * videos* I make up in my mind. A place of escape for me, many times I laugh and many times I cry off the * videos* that play in my mind. Well, my Anita Baker friends are coming to town and I have 12 days to make this shirt that I have fit right. When I bought it was perfect, now its tight and I’m not feeling that. I came up with a plan tonight and starting tomorrow I’m going to work it. I’m going to post daily or every 2 days my progress and hopefully I can lose my goal weight before then.
I remember several years ago, I was fearful of flying and Angela from AIMSK ( Am I My Sister’s Keeper) was going to send me a plane ticket to NY, and from there I was to go to NJ. Prior to that we had conferences in Chicago 2 times and instead of me flying, I rode the Greyhound bus. I was too scared to fly and wasn’t going to fly at all. When it came time for us to have a Leadership Class for 4 days in NJ, she told me that she was sending me a plane ticket. I said no way gurl, you can’t even talk me into this. No WAY! She told me to go into the bathroom or some place where I would be alone so that she could pray for me. I did. But in my mind I couldn’t see no way, but at the same time I wanted to be *cleared* of that fear of flying. As she began praying for me I felt this instant release. Still to this day I cant describe what I felt, but it was something lifted. She prayed over the phone for me for about 10 minutes, and I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay into it. I cant even sit here and write what happened in my bathroom but it happened. When she finished praying for me MY FEAR OF FLYING WAS INSTANTLY GONE!!! I was healed from flying. The fear was GONE! When I opened my eyes I knew I was changed. I knew it. She told me that she was going to send me a plane ticket from her and her husband and that she hoped that I would be on that flight. And when I told her that I would she knew it to be true. She knew. She said Lacrease what if God have you on assignment to fly , she said you can’t ride the Greyhound all your life. She said you have to fly gurl. She emailed me my ticket and I was on that plane to Laguaudia Airport in NY. Last year I flew to ATL, and next year I’m flying to ATL 2 times, and NY. There is no turning around, I’m gone!! Thank you Jesus, I am gone. When someone says Lacrease lets go to Florida or lets go to Vegas, I won’t have to turn down any more trips. But the point I’m really getting at is, I prayed that God will give me that same instant motivation to stop over eating. I can’t do this period. I have already told God I can’t do it. I took me totally out of this *losing weight thing*. I just can’t do it. Oh how I wish I had that again. I don’t even know what to call it. lol I’m praying…….would you pray for me too? I’m off to bed, gotta go to work in the morning and make people smile. God is the BALM!! He’s a HEALER.
Good Night!

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