Tyler Perry and the Philly 65


 Today is Monday and I completed my second day of reading the Bible in One year on line. Gotta stay consistant!

Im trying to decide if Im going to Chicago next week after the Anita Baker concert next Friday. I wanted to be with my friends from out of town, but at the same time I need to do some other things while I’m on vacation. I dunno Im kinda torn, I gotta make up my mind soon. Even though its only for a few hours, most of the time is going to be spent traveling.

Im gearing up for my Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving and taking it to the streets drive. I know all of my gurls wont be able to take to the streets with me, but Imma want at least 4 of them to go. Gotta decide how I’m going to do things. Last week I had to cancel our first meeting * Raisingurls* and some of the were mad. LOL My babies was mad at me!!! The 2 sisters that I have she said, we cancelled all of our Summer plans on Sundays to come over to your house. This tells me that they are really getting it, they see the vision. They know where Im going with this and they appreciate it. We lost 2 Sisters last week because they  moved to ATL. I wont have a problem filling their spots, its just that I have grown use to them being here every other week. They have never ever missed a meeting and Im going to miss them dearly.

When I got home from work today I read about what Tyler Perry is going to do for the 65 children who were discriminated against for being a pool.  He’s sending them to Disney World!!! I’m so happy for those children and so proud of him for stepping up when he didn’t have to for those kids. Kids are my life!!!! And when I read that article tears formed in my eyes.  That’s a great thing he’s doing for them letting them know not to give up, and especially feel down for what happened to them. They didn’t do anything wrong and they were treated so badly. Tyler’s going to pay for Transportation * flying*, admission to the park, food, and hotel accommodations. Wow would you look at what God laid on his heart to do? Please take a look at that. I’m just so happy for the children, the parents and the day care owner. They’re flying out July 31, and returning August 3. SMH in joy, WOW WOW WOW!!!

These are my babies right here………. Raisingurls To Women 100_27892009



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