Wow, Respect, and a Whooping!


Today was a good day. Got up early this morning, as I’m off every Tuesday and started writing out the things that I need to take care of, starting today. My room was off the CHAIN!!! They say Virgo’s are neat freaks, well, they aint talking about me!! LOL I know where all my things are in my room, but I am nowhere near neat like “they say”. I cleaned up the bathroom, and wanted to sleep till 12 ish, but I didn’t. I put on me some clothes and ran some errands, grocery store stuff like that. Came home and tackled this room. Sometimes I wonder about myself. I was cleaning out my closet and I pulled out this huge bag that was hiding in the back. I was like “dang what’s this”? I sat down, cause the bag was heavy. I looked inside and it was 4 night gowns that I had bought Neisha for LAST CHRISTMAS!!! LOL I outta take a photo of these. I don’t know how I forgot to give them to her. I was like Neisha come heeeeeeeeeeeeere. She came running down stairs and I was like here boo! LOL She said where did these come from? I told her outta my closet, I had them for you last Christmas!!! We laughed. They came right on time too, because its freezing here in Detroit.



I want to take a moment to talk about some of these teens. It’s so sad how disrespectful they are. Cursing in front of grown people, having no respect at all. The bible tells us about these times and how they MUST pass in order for the world to come to an end. I know when I’m around others, before I speak I feel what to say, I feel if a curse word is about to come out when I’m angry about something. You can’t feel it and then ignore it. I say Yes, maam and No maan and if I know their names I will say Ms. Diane, or Mr. Eugene. My mouth won’t even let me say………. Oh Hi Nadine. I wouldn’t even be able to finish the conversation out trying to correct myself. Even to the young gurls at work, I’ll say Heyyyy Ms. Ashley. Neisha is the same way. She says Yes and No, Maam and Sir. Im on my Raisingurls.




Just a day ago my Raisingurl mother called me and told me that ( her daughter) got kicked out of school because the hall guard told her to put on her UNIFORM ( mandatory for them all) shirt, she curses him out and tells him, she wasnt going to wear it, because she wanted to wear the shirt with her nephew on it. ( Crickets) Yea, the phone got quiet. I said put her on the phone. I said gurl why did you curse out that hall guard? I said you had no business with your nephew shirt at school period!!! I said, your momma goes to work everyday and come straight home. I said she is not on drugs, she don’t smoke, she work hard, you live in a very nice house in a nice neighborhood and you do her like this? I said why do you keep getting kicked out of school? She likes to do what she wants to do. And the gurl is drop dead beautiful!!! I said to her, you are beautiful, why do you make gurls talk about you more than they were going to do anyway? I said you are so pretty that you’re going to have a problem out of jealous ppl anyway, then you have a funky attitude, and love to fight, which makes ppl feel they have all the right to say things about you when it’s really about your beauty. I told her that if she keep doing this, she will watch all her friends walk across the stage, and she will be at home……….wishing she had listen to someone. So, then I ask to speak back to her mom, she ask me how to delete a FB page, because she wanted her daughter off it. We figured it out, don’t you know she called me TODAY, and said that her daughter went and got her another one? *Blank Stare for 1,000 minutes. I said you mean to tell me, that you deleted her page, and she went back and got another one TODAY? I said gurl what did you do and say? She said nothing, I’m about to deleted this one. I said,so you’re just going to keep deleting pages cause you scared you might jump on her and beat her badly. I said gurllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, beat dat aZZ! Gurl, you are letting her know that you are ready to play the delete game everyday. I said put some fiyah to that butt! After about 3 minutes. I had to go. I can’t even listen to a weak conversation like that. Cant even do it. I don’t understand how your  daughter become the “plant manager” around YO house. See her daughter will be 16 this year and when they get a certain age, it’s too late to go back and whoop them., she’s too far gone. I told my friend, gurllllllllllllllllll  when that phone call came in, I would left in the middle of a transaction to get to that butt!!! Gurl Bye!!!!  Aint nothing more important than that moment to jump in your car and “APPEAR” in that classroom. Then my coworker go say, “I AINT MISSING ME MONEY CAUSE SHE ACTING UP” (blank stare and quietness). I told her thats the reason why you are having problems is because you won’t boss her up on her mess. It’s not about taking the phone, being on a punishment and staying in the room, all the time…. put some GAS (heat) to dat AZZ!!! I wish she would let me go up there ONE TIME, I would set her classroom off. Please ……I don’t play like that.



Well, Im off to bed!! This is the song I’m feeling right now! Good Night Cree





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