LOL@ My daddy!

Hey Everybody!

Today was a good day. Thank you Jesus for that. I was sitting at the computer this morning and I prayed to have a good day and to bless someone today with smiles, and good godly conversation. I can always tell when a customer just need someone to listen to them. I can pick up on it, and I always ask, are you okay today ma’am or sir? Especially the people who just have that look about them and 90% of the time I can always get it out of them.

 Today as I was talking to this elderly lady, I was thinking how quickly I would be to help her in any way.Then I thought about my dad. Why am I not so easy to run over his house and help him when he needs it? Even though what I’m about to say is not an excuse. But my dad use so much psychology on all of us that we can’t stand to be around him so much. He tries to play one against the other and we are all grown, matter of fact my baby sister is 35. Thats why I can’t tolerate a bunch of bull. I will “dip” out on our friendship in a heartbeat. My daddy will be like… “Can you pick me up and take me to my doctor’s appointment tomorrow”? And I’ll be like yeah daddy what time? He’ll be like in the morning around 9, but Imma call you when I wake up. So I’ll be like okay cool. Then when the next morning comes, he’ll wait till it’s around 9:30 call me and say. “Gotdammit, if you didn’t want to take me to the doctor then you should have said something, you were SUPPOSE to pick me up @ 9. I’ll hold the phone like……no he didn’t. I’ll remind him that he told me he would call me when he wake up. Then he’ll say, well, if you were up and dress why didn’t you call me first? LOL After so many years of dealing with him on his own ( my mom and he separated 8 years ago) I come to realize that when he really want to do something, he will BLOW YOUR CELL PHONE OFF YOUR HIPS. But let him not call him when he really don’t feel like going somewhere. He will try to make me feel that he really wanted to go. Anyway, my dad is getting better, but whewww he’s that kinda man who tell people “I aint never gonna change”! Oh well, I still love him.

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