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“Hard in the paint post” If a woman marries a man and she doesnt get along with the mother of her husbands kids, ( rest in the comment section)

    • Lacrease Walker which causes him NOT to see the kids AS MUCH/then EVENTUALLY NEVER , do you believe that the wife has influence over that situation…. WHETHER HE’S WRONG OR NOT? And do you believe that sooner or later the way he did the first set of kids he had with his ex, will be the same way he does with the kids he has with his WIVE , especially if they DIVORCE? Im seeing this more now than EVER.

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    • Lacrease Walker off to work will chat later on this Be Blessed

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      Michelle Hicks-Stokes

      In a lot of cases, daddy is still creeping with mama (the 1st one that is) because it is my opinion if it’s “about the kids” there should be no issues…..because it’s all about the kids. Daddy is the one who has to make things right on bo…th ends for it to work. New wife has to accept the fact that daddy has kids from another relationship. I’m a stepmother and it was my husband who set that tone and I haven’t had a problem with her. She tried in the beginning, but was unsuccessful thanks to him.See More
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      Chris Wells

      Sometimes wives do have influence over that situation. I real WOMAN wouldn’t let that happen. I real MAN wouldn’t let anyone STOP him from seeing his kids. We as HUMAN BEINGS act DIFFERENT with DIFFERENT individuals. We are DIFFERENT indivi…duals. Sometimes DEPENDING on the INDIVIDUAL we are with BRINGS out the BEST in US. OR THEY BRINGS out the WORST in US. SOMEPEOPLE KNOW how to continue to HELP individuals GROW. SOME DON’T. IN MY OPINION!!!!See More
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      Tammy Frazier Tha new wife does have sum influence cuz she is tha wife but its on him to b part of his kids life. And yes if they did get divorced I believe he wud do tha same thing to her kids as well. Cuz once ur a deadbeat ur always goin to b a deadbeat!!!!!!

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      Phyllis Ann Evans

      Yes, I believe his wife is very influencial. When going into the relationship and later commitment, the decision on blended a family should be top priority. There decision to marry should include the kids (even if it involves counseling)…. I don’t or can’t understand whey the new wife don’t or can’t get along with the kids. Perhaps the ex may play a part. But anyway, they all have to try to get along and live as family. If they decide to still plan a family, then everybody is involved…this is complicated. Honestly, I think the husband needs some backbone. There should be nothing that stops him from seeing his kids. That blood of blood and bone of his bone. And one other thing, if they are going in the marriage with prospects of divorce, then what type of commitment is it? Divorce is never an option. (only if necessary).See More

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