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Happy Friday!!!
I was so tired today. Been working lots of hours. I went Atlanta Apartment Shopping yesterday and lost my mind.LOL I am starting on one room at a time, and I bought so much stuff for my bathroom. So many beautiful colorful towels, and face towels. I bought soap to last 6 months, bathroom cleaners to last 9 months. I need to buy a few more things for that room, and then I’m moving on to the next room. I want to buy comforters, I can catch them on sale soon when the seasons change. I want to buy at least 2 more flat screen TV’s. I’m not a TV person, but I love how they dress up a room. I bought a dinette set which is nice, ppl telling me I shouldn’t take a lot of stuff with me, its gonna be hard to decide whats going to stay. WE have at least over 300 books in this house, gotta find a spot for them. When I move to Atlanta I don’t plan to buy anything when I get there, just focus on bills and learning to regroup myself. I’m a person who believes in paying bills $0.00 not having balances. I use to do that back in my 20’s pay on this, pay on that, next thing I knew I had shut off notices. Naw, aint trying to see those days anymore. LOL Shopping was really fun.
I can have a conversation with someone and say “the sky is so blue today” and that person can later tell someone “me and Cree were talking today and she said the sky is so blue today”. That 2nd person will come to me and say….yeah such and such told me that you said earlier that “the sky is so blue”. And I sit there like “Are you serious”………did you just repeat something that is really nothing. Just because Cree said it, its now TRUE and a big deal. That burns me up. This lady son came up to my job, and her son was very handsome, so I told her. she went right to another associate and told her what I said, and then added, that’s why I don’t want him up here, I don’t need nobody looking at him like that, he’s a baby. First of all, That was a compliment for YOU, LOL not for me a 44 year old, against your 18 year old, OMG!!! Are you serious, serious? That’s what I go through every now and then. But I’m good, guess its the God in me they see.
I was going through my photos of friends that I’ve known for ever, and family who I would like to post. I love them all.
Be Blessed Everyone 🙂
The photo at the top is my GOOD FRIEND/SISTER Lisa Logan and her daughter ( My God daughter) Erika! Me and Lisa use to have soooooooo much fun. OMG. WHEW!! When I say I love that crazy gurl, I love her. She loves me too 🙂
 My crazzyyyyyyyyy COUSIN MONICA. She called me the other night ( She lives in Georgia), before I could say HEYYY BOOOOOO. She said gurl, you aint gon beleive this. GUESS WHO IS OVA HERE? Im like who? She said Tyler Perry!!!!! WE laughed, and laughed and laughed! She wish!!! She loves Tyler Perry. She was at a resturant one day and he was standing outside on the phone, her crazy self walked up to him while he was on the phone and tried to hold a conversation with him… LOL of course about his work. Anyway….she’s a Virgo too, she knows we dont like to be interupted while talking on the phone. I love this photo of her, she looks SO PRETTY!! I LOVE YOU MONICA! ( The photo below is also her)

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