Feed up…Cree’s Blog

 Guess I’ll ramble in this blog entry. My daddy gives me a headache.. he is never satisfied. No matter what I do for him, it is never enough. Maybe that’s why I’m so grateful about every little thing, because I see that he isn’t. You have to want to change, but if you don’t see anything wrong, why change? Sometimes, I wonder if that’s why I want to move to Atlanta to get away and live my life. I just want to be alone, nesha is grown working, going to school. I don’t have any grandkids, I just want to work, travel, and be alone. I wonder am I being selfish when I say this. Here I am talking about moving and here comes 3-4 more people wanting to move too ( when I move) . DAM! You can’t even tell a story of a new beginning  FOR YOUR LIFE, without people wanting to be apart of it. I’m moving to Atlanta SELFISH. I want to be by myself. I’m sick of people wanting to “do what I do, or have what I have”. do your own thang. I’m so irratated right now, I don’t know what to do. My head is aching, tears are falling from my eyes, and I’m just fed up. I’m about to go and talk to God.

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