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Hey, Just getting off work…. I’m not even tired after 9 hours. Sometimes it takes a few hours for me to come down, then there are days when I come in and fall right to sleep. I have to watch EMPIRE, Little Women of LA, The MANNS, R&B Divas.. Catfish.. so many shows to catch up on from DVR. I’m off tonight so I’ll spend my day laying in bed catching up!! LOL I was just sitting here thinking about this tattletale woman at my job. I don’t get how people make themselves the snitch at a job. Want to tell what’s going on, when she don’t even know these people and what they do. It amazes me how a person can try with everything in them to “look” “perfect” in front of all the managers, so that when she run and tell them something, it would come from a person who has a “clean record”. Her face is the most twisted without a smile, non approachable.. and she knows nothing about the work or people she tells on. I caught her a few nights ago.. telling the manager on someone. Yalp.. the VIRGO in me asked her who was she telling on… called her right on out. She says oh not you… I’m saying to myself.. I KNOW NOT ME!!! Its one OF HER at every job. I guess. Anyway…

I was reading about the Monique and Lee Daniels “thingy” for the last few days and I must say I feel bad for Monique if she doesn’t get what is being said to her. I remember when she didn’t want to do the tour for the movie Precious. First of all… I’m still stuck on the  little $50,000 she received for Precious. Maybe someone was in her ear after the movie was made about how low she was paid, and decided that she wouldn’t do press. That’s not a decent pay at all!!! I wonder if she’s being honest about that number. In that case, Mariah, Sherry, and Paula got paid $4.00. LOL Wow.. I think she knew what she was doing by telling the press what she was paid. I think that’s why she didn’t cooperate. Then if Lee Daniels was right about telling her that she was blackballed… she sure did put him out there. That was bold!!! Sometimes we have to step back and call out our own faults before we go pointing the finger at others. Little does she know… she really put herself out there with this back and forth with Lee Daniels. She will surely look like a trouble maker even if she isn’t one. Sometimes you gotta fall back…. well guess this wasn’t one of those times for her. Someone will always believe in you, with that said…. I wish her the best, and hope to see her on the screen soon.

Be Blessed

I AM La’Crease

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