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Hey Family!

Wow what a month!!! So, I guess this will be my “vent” blog. I know I can’t be the only one going through something like what I’m about to write about. Sometimes I dunno how to feel about how I feel. Or even if I’m “right” about feeling the way I feel.

I’ve always been the kind of person who attract a lot of people. I think its because of my easy to get along personality. I don’t like drama, I’m honest and will be truthful with you, I’m everyone’s therapist, and I’ve always enjoyed good stories and real life lessons from different people.

Sometimes I feel people want too much from me. Since I turned 32 ((( now 51))) I have really, really, chilled from having company over. In my 20’s I had my good friends over and cousins and we would have a ball. I’m still close to EVERYONE of them, and they seem to know me well. I enjoy cooking collard greens, fried chicken, corn bread, corn on the cob and I would invite friends and family over and this would become a daily for me no matter what I’m cooking. I’m not that person today anymore because people have burnt me OUT! They expect for dinner to be made for them every day!!! Never bringing anything, always expecting. No company, NO DINNERS! DONE with that life forever!

I’m done raising my daughter, my only child. Most people I know, are still raising kids. My problem is, they seem to feel that just because I’m live alone that I have all day to talk to them over the phone, go places with them. I ENJOY having a empty nest. I can do whatever I want! These are the same people who cant wait for their kids to be grown and gone, so they can be alone, but seem to think I want to be bothered all the time. I enjoy my quiet time. I can cook whenever I want, eat what I want. Sleep all day, and jump in my car and go anywhere I want. I am far from lonely when all people want to do is call my phone, hop in my car, and sit on my couch while I listen to their stories all dayum day. I’m good! Done with that life forever!

I’m a Virgo, if you know anything about us, you know we love to be alone and do our own thing. We don’t need company, we dont need friends, we LOVE to be alone. YEs, we enjoy family and friends, and we often link up. But don’t make it seem as if I need company just because my house is empty, and STOP FEELING OFFENDED WHEN I TELL YOU IM GOING ALONE! Like tomorrow, I’m going to the movies in the morning ALONE, now if I mention it to anyone on any day, first thing out of their mouths is, “why didn’t you ask me to go with you”? As if I’m lonely, or ESPECIALLY acting funny and didn’t want to invite anyone. I’m grown, my daughter is gone and I can get in MYYYYYYYYYYY car and go anywhere I want to go. I don’t need company to go with me, and I shouldn’t have to feel that I’m “acting funny” for not inviting anyone. It pisses me off so bad. So now, I don’t tell anyone where I’m going, I just go. Now! They say, you don’t go anywhere…. NO THAT’S NOT IT, ITS THAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT, BECAUSE YOU WOULD WANT TO GO WITH ME! **rolls eyes**

If I’m having a conversation about what we made for dinner, and I’ll say. I made collard greens, fried chicken, corn bread and corn on the cob, they would say…… ” Why didn’t you bring me some’? It would be in a tone where they feel that just because its MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and me alone eating dinner, that I made enough for them and who ever else. No! I made dinner for me to eat for 2 days. I don’t make dinner for 7 people just “in case” someone ask for a plate. Now, here is my thing. The good person in me what to cook dinner for others like I use too. But then people started depending on me. They wanted me to do it every week, or every time I made dinner. They would ask me what did you cook today? After a while, I was like wait, the very thing I enjoy doing for others, has turned into a burden for me. They expect for me to cook food daily, and when I would say I didn’t cook yesterday they were disappointed and made me feel some kinda way. So, I had to stop that altogether. DONE!

I love to drive and have no problem jumping in my car and going where I need and want to go. I have a friend who always get into debates with her sisters about whose going to drive where. Now me on the other hand LOVE to drive. I will again, jump in my car and go. But when I’m with this friend she always wants me to drive. It makes me mad because just because I enjoy driving doesn’t mean I want to drive because SHE wants and need to go somewhere. So, I stop dealing with her when it comes to going anywhere. You either want to go or NO!  But as for meeeeeeee, I have the get up and go when it comes to me going where I want to go. I dont like that back and forth, I drove last time, its your turn. NOOOOOOOO, I’m going to drive my own car to the same place and you drive yours. I hate pettiness~!

Now, again, I’m going to the movies tomorrow, If I ask people who want to go, but didn’t go, their answer would be, because the drive is too far. Yes, its a 35 minute drive, but I love to drive, but if that’s the reason why you didn’t go, then you really wont be riding with me EVER! Here is why. When people see that you love to drive and is willing go whenever, they expect for you to always call them to invite them. These people will NEVER drive to see a movie because they dont feel like driving. I love to go alone, so I’ll never be asking anyone again unless its my mommy and daughter. Or I’m in a group setting.

I’m learning a lot about people and myself. I laugh sometimes, and sometimes I shake my head.

You { Murderer }

Raisingurls To Women/BLOG


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Hey Family!

Many of you may or may not know that from 2006-2011 I started a gurls group in my home. Raisingurls To Women. Teenagers would meet every other Sunday after Church  to talk about things that was going on in their lives. Peer pressure, divorce, school, friends, parents, personal issues and things like that. They loved it! I would listen to their personal stories, encourage them to speak and share testimonies that was going on in their lives. We had hotel parties, we went out to dinner as a group to talk in that settling. We had movie dates, we held fundraisers, celebrated birthdays, but more importantly we taught social skills.

I knew that these gurls would grow up to become adults and that they would need social skills to help them survive. I also keep up with ALL of them on FB. A few days ago I received a message from my niece telling me how what I did for them has impacted her life. Reading her message bought tears to my eyes.  I was only doing what I loved to do. It has made me do research to start ANOTHER WOMEN’S GATHERING!

Before I started my teen group I was holding gatherings in my home for Women. We talked about relationships, God, children, family, work, and everything adult. In my life today, people are always coming to me for advice. I spend hours and hours with these people and when my  niece sent me that message, it has started a spark in me. So many women are hurting from past hurts, and also present situations that causes them to go into deep depressions. See, I know God. I have a personal relationship with him and he is theeeeeeeeeeeee only way out. I dont have the gift to preach, but I am NO WAY afraid to share my testimonies, and to help women find their way.

Here is apart of the email that my niece sent to me! Wow Thank you Jesus. What a Blessing!

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Yes auntie thank you. One thing that prepared me to want to speak was you from back in the day when you did the girls group. I started a women’s group in college and used your work sheets I still had n the group is still going the girls love it. I want to open a homeless shelter for you that have no where to go after 18. That’s another goal. I thank you for doing what it is you did when I was young. You never know how much you impact a persons life and you did.

You don’t know how much it helped deal with stuff and gave me courage to speak up for myself. Yes women need other women to help them overcome a lot. Auntie get out there we need women like you to help guide younger women. We have so many youth scared to be different and not be okay with life because it’s not normal and the struggle with being accepted and that’s when they use their bodies. You taught me so much you wouldn’t understand.


Took Me Long Enough.. But I Got It!/BLOG

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As long as I can remember I was ALWAYS that little girl that felt that if me and my family was going to the park, why not ask if my friend Michelle could go. Not knowing that it was family day. Meaning that my parents only wanted our family to go, and that was it.

For the life of me, I couldn’t UNDERSTAND why my friend couldn’t go to join in on the fun. I thought…. all we were doing was going to the park to swing and play! That never made sense to me. As a child, I didn’t realize that parents have a reason for doing what they did. Maybe they didn’t have the extra money to buy her snacks, maybe they had just enough just for us. Maybe it wasn’t enough room for her in the car, because they were picking up groceries on the way home. Maybe, we were going out to dinner afterwards and there was only enough money for our family. No matter how my parents explained that to my little mind, I still couldn’t understand why my friend couldn’t go.

Which takes me into my ADULTHOOD.

I know, I know a lot of people, and that my personality is big. I get that about myself.  I remember this one time, me and my friend Gloria was going to the movies and out to dinner. I hung up with her after making our plans, to call a few OTHER friends and invite them to go with us. In MY mind, I felt…. Well, they wanted to see this same movie, why not invite them. So, when we got there, Gloria asked me….. who invited them? Even though she knew them, and liked them, she just wanted it to be HER AND I. I couldn’t understand that. In MY mind…. (( going back to that little gurl)) I felt that if we all wanted to see the SAME movie, why not invite them? I did that to my friend so many times that it saddens me to this day. It saddens me because I didn’t get it. I didn’t get the fact that everything is not for everyone. Its OK, if she only wanted to be with ME. She wasn’t being selfish, like I thought. Its a time for a few, and its a time for all. I couldn’t get that. 

Thinking back I DID that quite often. Not only that. But I trust people too easily. Again, growing up we lived in a house where if you laid something down, it was there when you went back to it. We were taught, if we go visit someone, and they have money or anything that DIDN’T BELONG to us, laying around.. DO NOT TOUCH IT! DON’T GO NEAR IT! So, when I was grown and moved out. I lived by those standards. But what I didn’t know was that not everyone was taught that. Man, I had so many things to learn that was taught differently in my home. I had a hard time adjusting to how things were in the world versus how I was raised. I feel like crying right now….. tears.

I got hurt so many times trusting people. Believing that everybody was good. Picking up strangers on the way to where I’m GOING… got side tracked several years. Sent me spinning. I should have been to where I was going.

My mentality WAS that if I’m going to the same place you’re going… “lets hop a cab and split it”..  ((( in my Andre 3000 voice.. John Legend -Green Light))) never knowing that it was okay to pay the whole fare BY MYSELF!  I don’t need to ride with you. And I’ll still be good!

I realize that where I’m going, everybody can’t go. Same for others, I can’t go everywhere with them either.  Even if we’re going the same way, you have to take your own car. You can’t ride with me, because just like my friend Gloria where ever I’m going they may just want it to be me and them. I learned that you can’t tell everybody everything, because in the pureness if me telling my story from my heart, my same story will be heard differently by someone else. I had to learn that too. But you know, that will NEVER happen to me again. What I know.. I know.. My friend is MY friend, Where God wants me to go.. I’m going alone.

I’ve lost too much time, messing around with people who don’t mean me any good.. And oh, I know how to fall back. I just didn’t know if I should.

That Chapter is OVER FOR ME….. I’M ready to RECEIVE LORD!

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My Thoughts On The #Oscars/BLOG


For the last few years I have come to enjoy the Oscars. I don’t watch it just to see people of color, but I watch it to see great movies win awards. When I was a young gurl, my  parents would take us to the movies every weekend! Story telling in movies go hand in hand with the love I have for reading, and writing.


When Jada Pinkett- Smith asked for people of color to boycott the Oscars, I thought to myself is that because her husband wasn’t nominated for his role in Concussion? I found that funny because, had he been nominated or even won, she would have never went publicly with her video. Ever since I saw him in Ali on Christmas Day, I felt that the only movie of his I would ever see again would be Bad Boys, Independence Day, or movies that has to do with the survival of others. I’m just not feeling his work anymore.


But here is MY thing. Will and Jada sit among these people, have dinner, and let it be known… who their best friends are. Where is your influence? My ONLY job concerning this is to go in my purse and pull out money to see the work. This is how their pockets are lined… from the money that I and other like minded people give. Now, do I mind standing with others to make changes in life where it is due? NOPE… But I’m not going to do anything extra when Will and Jada laugh, haha and hehe, with these same people they can’t seem to influence. They’re only mad because their friends, people they sit around are winning awards for their work, and they now feel some kinda way, because they arent looked at in the same light. Instead of them making movies and enjoying their own work, they want pats on the back for it. Noooo, you won’t always get that. Be happy and proud of YOUR OWN work, stop waiting for these OSCAR FOLKS to pass out your AMEN.


Stop running and sitting with these people who look at you side ways. They walk right up pass your seat, and pick up their Oscars. That’s not my problem… that’s yours. Stop running up behind them thinking you and your husband is on the same level.. because as you see, you’re not. Now let me say this. Are your Hollywood friends the one in charge of the voting. NO… I KNOW THAT. But stop showing them that you are upset because you’re not getting your fair share, and they are. Be mad at how the voting goes. Use your influence! Don’t just sit among the rich and famous, but make what you feel is wrong…. right! I’ve done my part, and that’s go see the movies opening weekend. I’m done, my legs are crossed and comfy! You do the FOOT WORK!

I AM La’Crease and I don’t have to do anything else!

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Crees Ramblings!!! 3/26/15


I have got to start with last nights HAHN… baby when I tell you Veronica is the woman that lives inside of me if I was a BAD PERSON… she is the one!

Out of all the movies and TV shows I’ve watched…. she has got to be the person I’m closes to if someone ever made me as mad as folks has made her. When she sat there with her wig off, in those braids… SO RAW AND UNCUT…..smoking which is surely something I don’t do, but probably would need to do after all my dirty deeds.  I fell over board when I watched that scene. That look in her eyes makes her the ICE QUEEN she is. She was at her end with everything when she decided to pour gasoline in the bedroom while her husband slept. Lets not forget what she did to Benny!!! OMG!I knew she completely lost it when she did that.

My favorite line *and she has many* was when she told the officer when Amanda died….”there’s more degrees in here than a thermometer”. LOL LOL ICE COLD!!! Then she says it with this look in her eyes and her Spirit lines up with everything that comes out of her mouth. She’s a great actress!! I would love to see her on the big screen. I know Tyler has got to be pushing this cast to do things totally out of their comfort zone.  I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear the words he uses to get them to submit. Because I know when they read the story line, they’re in shock as to what their Character is about to do next. Great Finale!

Sooooo…. after listening to Monique’s side of the story about Lee Daniels… *cause I was ready to throw her under the bus.*  I felt that she should have went to France* or where ever it was*  to promote Precious. I think it would have showed Character, and would have gave her more exposure. She claimed that she wanted to “stay home with her family” because she missed out on being with them as her older son grew up. But I think she thought about that lil ole funky $50,000 and said the Hell with them goons!!! LOL Chile please I would go through $50,000 in 3 hours….. 2 hours in thoughts of what I wanted, and the other hour online!!!! LOL Somebody, somewhere owe her some more bread!!! LOL

Anyway…She mentioned that Oprah called her and tried to get her to promote the film, then another time Tyler Perry pulled her to the side and tried too. I bet Lee “Drama King” Daniels called up Oprah like PLEASE TALK TO MONIQUE.. PLEASE CALL HER.. TELL TYLER PERRY TOO–SOMEBODY…. CALLING ALL CARS ((( I mean all stars)))!!!! LOL I would have changed my number! Not even because of Tyler and Oprah.. but cause of that LIL OLE $50,000!!! LOL LOL I’m still stuck on that!!

Fork outta here with that!!!

This year in concert I want to see KEM again. I promised myself that I was going to do more concerts this summer. I love those 90’s artist. There are so many that come through Detroit and I’ve been missing them, not this summer. I’m kicking off with Tyler Perry’s Madea On The Run next Friday night April 3, at the Fabulous Fox Theatre!! Yeaaaaaaaa.. hope to see you there!!!

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 I AM La’Crease

Cree’s Ramblings/BLOG


Hey, Just getting off work…. I’m not even tired after 9 hours. Sometimes it takes a few hours for me to come down, then there are days when I come in and fall right to sleep. I have to watch EMPIRE, Little Women of LA, The MANNS, R&B Divas.. Catfish.. so many shows to catch up on from DVR. I’m off tonight so I’ll spend my day laying in bed catching up!! LOL I was just sitting here thinking about this tattletale woman at my job. I don’t get how people make themselves the snitch at a job. Want to tell what’s going on, when she don’t even know these people and what they do. It amazes me how a person can try with everything in them to “look” “perfect” in front of all the managers, so that when she run and tell them something, it would come from a person who has a “clean record”. Her face is the most twisted without a smile, non approachable.. and she knows nothing about the work or people she tells on. I caught her a few nights ago.. telling the manager on someone. Yalp.. the VIRGO in me asked her who was she telling on… called her right on out. She says oh not you… I’m saying to myself.. I KNOW NOT ME!!! Its one OF HER at every job. I guess. Anyway…

I was reading about the Monique and Lee Daniels “thingy” for the last few days and I must say I feel bad for Monique if she doesn’t get what is being said to her. I remember when she didn’t want to do the tour for the movie Precious. First of all… I’m still stuck on the  little $50,000 she received for Precious. Maybe someone was in her ear after the movie was made about how low she was paid, and decided that she wouldn’t do press. That’s not a decent pay at all!!! I wonder if she’s being honest about that number. In that case, Mariah, Sherry, and Paula got paid $4.00. LOL Wow.. I think she knew what she was doing by telling the press what she was paid. I think that’s why she didn’t cooperate. Then if Lee Daniels was right about telling her that she was blackballed… she sure did put him out there. That was bold!!! Sometimes we have to step back and call out our own faults before we go pointing the finger at others. Little does she know… she really put herself out there with this back and forth with Lee Daniels. She will surely look like a trouble maker even if she isn’t one. Sometimes you gotta fall back…. well guess this wasn’t one of those times for her. Someone will always believe in you, with that said…. I wish her the best, and hope to see her on the screen soon.

Be Blessed

I AM La’Crease



Now if you know me, you know I LOVE ENTERTAINMENT. I’ve loved it since I was a young gurl. I’ve been to many NBA games.. so many concerts, and plays I can’t even keep up. Only 3 Celebrities I ever wanted to meet. Anita Baker,*did that* Gerald Levert *did that* and Tyler Perry ( still working on him lol)

Several years ago my Anita Baker friends and I met up here in Detroit as we do yearly for dinner before the concert. We’ve been meeting up for the last 7-8 years straight, and each year someone always bring a new fan to meet us. This one year, this guy name Mike was introduce to us over dinner * over 30 of us*. Mike was very down to earth, sweet as pie. Great guy, nice conversation.. we had a great time all of us during dinner, the concert and afterwards. The following week or day, we all connected with the new people on Facebook. I try to visit as many pages as I can a day, just to let my presence known. I have some really good friends on my page and value them all.

 One day I inbox Mike and asked him did he know about the Anita Baker concert in Atlanta? He said that he didn’t know about it and wanted to go. We contacted the others and since I was already going down that weekend anyway…. he was excited and so was I. We talked about getting tickets and meeting up with everyone. We were about to make HUGE PLANS. Then we got word that the concert was cancelled. That’s when I started visiting his page more often and realized who he was, and what he did. never knew that he had it going on in Entertainment like this. I tell him all the time how proud I am of him and his work. When we met he was so down to earth and the nicest guy ever. Never knowing he was a stage manager. You’d be surprised who is invited to dinner. What a wonderful person. Click the photo to see them larger.




miketasAll of these photos belong to MIKE

Again… One of my Anita Baker friends….MICHAEL whom I’ve been knowing online for years and years. At least 9-10 years. As many comments and times I’ve visited his page.. I never ever ever ever ever ever ever knew and I’m laughing too…. that he was married to Kevin Blatch.  Who is Kevin you ask? Well one day I was watching one of my FAVORITE MOVIES…. WHITE CHICS… and I made a comment on my page how I love the movie.. Michael commented *forgot what he said* and that’s when I found out that was his husband. I’ve seen so many photos of them…. but I never connected the face to my favorite movie. He played fashion icon Aubrey Allure. He says in the movie.. “Oh you are so barking up the wrong tree right now”. LOL Check him out as Judge Webber in Hell on Wheels. Michael is the taller guy. Great people, good movie!!!



Be Blessed!!!



No Good Deed! Opens TOMORROW 9/12


Hey, Just stopping in for a moment! Make sure you go and support Taraji Henson and Idris Elba tomorrow for their new movie No Good Deed!!  I didn’t know Will Packer was the director.. should be a very good movie. On my way to bed… going to start my morning off with this movie with my SISTERS AND MOMMY 🙂



Scriptures for Comfort……..The Best Man Holiday…..Crees Blog Entry


Its been a while since I really sat down to write. It’s amazing how much strength you really have when you have to go through something you thought from a distance you wouldn’t be able to handle. I owe all of that to GOD. When it comes to death…. I have several Scriptures that totally takes the FEAR out of me and replace it with God’s Love. I’ve always been the kind of person who can’t take having to go to a funeral. I’m very emotional when I see others cry. But recently, I went to 3 funerals in 3 weeks…. and I found out that I am a VERY STRONG WOMAN. So many funerals I missed because I didn’t think I could “do it”. When they start preaching, and sanging….I feel so good. I NOW know how to allow God to take over MY thoughts and replace them with HIS words. These are my absolute favorite Scriptures during time of comfort.

2 Corinthians 5:6–8

6 Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord: 7 (For lwe walk by faith, mnot by sight:) 8 nWe are confident, I say, and owilling rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.


John 14:18

I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

I went to the movies to see The Best Man Holiday. That movie was one of the best I’ve seen in years. I really enjoyed this cast. Such a beautiful and talented one. I never in a million years expected to cry all through the movie as I did this one. Even the things that happened was done decent and in order. The comedy was perfect and expected from everyone. I’m very well pleased about this movie…. I mean really. Now if we could get a Love Jones 2, and Why did I get married 3….that would be great!


As I wrap up…. allow God to comfort you during hard times. Don’t just “say” it… let it happen. Think about the good times you’ve shared with this person…..let that being you peace and comfort. This is one reason who God gave us a memory right? One is that we can remember when our family and friends are no longer with us. Enjoy and Praise God for the fact that we are allowed this joy.


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Great Movie….. Cree’s Blog Entry

ImageI went to the movies today to see The Butler. That was a GREAT movie, so inspiring, so uplifting. My heat gauge was a little high in the beginning, but it went way down. LOL Oprah did a GOOD JOB…. it was good to see her on the screen. She was funny, fast, and so real life. She stole the show. Forrest Whitaker , I just love him, and Jane Fonda looked just like Nancy Reagan. I’m going to stop here, in case people haven’t seen it yet.. OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO GOOD.
I’m happy that Lee Daniels used his name in front of this movie. People get mad and offended when filmmaker do that. But it was a time when black people couldn’t even be on their own ALBUM COVER. I hope David Talbert do the same in “Baggage Claim”.




Okay, was going to chit chat…. but I am so sleepy, guess I have to watch Sweetie Pies and Fix my Life tomorrow…. I’m cross sided.. (((look at my eye.. told yall)))




Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy