My Vent!

Hey Family! Wow what a month!!! So, I guess this will be my “vent” blog. I know I can’t be the only one going through something like what I’m about to write about. Sometimes I dunno how to feel about how I feel. Or even if I’m “right” about feeling the way I feel. I’veContinue reading “My Vent!”

Raisingurls To Women/BLOG

  Hey Family! Many of you may or may not know that from 2006-2011 I started a gurls group in my home. Raisingurls To Women. Teenagers would meet every other Sunday after Church  to talk about things that was going on in their lives. Peer pressure, divorce, school, friends, parents, personal issues and things likeContinue reading “Raisingurls To Women/BLOG”

Took Me Long Enough.. But I Got It!/BLOG

  As long as I can remember I was ALWAYS that little girl that felt that if me and my family was going to the park, why not ask if my friend Michelle could go. Not knowing that it was family day. Meaning that my parents only wanted our family to go, and that wasContinue reading “Took Me Long Enough.. But I Got It!/BLOG”

My Thoughts On The #Oscars/BLOG

For the last few years I have come to enjoy the Oscars. I don’t watch it just to see people of color, but I watch it to see great movies win awards. When I was a young gurl, my  parents would take us to the movies every weekend! Story telling in movies go hand inContinue reading “My Thoughts On The #Oscars/BLOG”

Crees Ramblings!!! 3/26/15

I have got to start with last nights HAHN… baby when I tell you Veronica is the woman that lives inside of me if I was a BAD PERSON… she is the one! Out of all the movies and TV shows I’ve watched…. she has got to be the person I’m closes to if someoneContinue reading “Crees Ramblings!!! 3/26/15”


Now if you know me, you know I LOVE ENTERTAINMENT. I’ve loved it since I was a young gurl. I’ve been to many NBA games.. so many concerts, and plays I can’t even keep up. Only 3 Celebrities I ever wanted to meet. Anita Baker,*did that* Gerald Levert *did that* and Tyler Perry ( stillContinue reading “CREE loves ENTERTAINMENT!”

No Good Deed! Opens TOMORROW 9/12

Hey, Just stopping in for a moment! Make sure you go and support Taraji Henson and Idris Elba tomorrow for their new movie No Good Deed!!  I didn’t know Will Packer was the director.. should be a very good movie. On my way to bed… going to start my morning off with this movie with my SISTERS ANDContinue reading “No Good Deed! Opens TOMORROW 9/12”

Scriptures for Comfort……..The Best Man Holiday…..Crees Blog Entry

Hey, Its been a while since I really sat down to write. It’s amazing how much strength you really have when you have to go through something you thought from a distance you wouldn’t be able to handle. I owe all of that to GOD. When it comes to death…. I have several Scriptures thatContinue reading “Scriptures for Comfort……..The Best Man Holiday…..Crees Blog Entry”