Okay Family!!!

I have so much to write about. The Baltimore 6 who are being charged, Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore Mom, Some of everything.. but I’m sleepy.

Went over to my parents place to see them, ate dinner, my sister came over and great niece. Came home got in the bath tub. I put so much bubble bath in my water, that when it was time to get out.. I kept on slipping. I’m like OH LORD.. don’t let me call 911 on myself. LOL It was kinda cheap, so when I went to pour it before I got in  as the water was running, it wasn’t making many bubbles.. so I turned the bottle up. BABY.. came time to get out.. my feet was sliding and sliding.. my fat but cant afford to be falling in/out the tub. Nah un. I’ll call 911 first. LOL LOL Okay.. yall know I’m sleep saying all this crazy stuff. OH yeah.. didn’t I fall asleep in the tub, the water was so hot and so relaxing. I woke up like what da hell?

 Okay.. let me go…

I am La’Crease ((( I don’t have to do anything else)))


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