Learn to GIVE your best…..

At work we have this food donation box and as I went to go look in it to see what people were giving, I realized that it was all NO NAME BRAND items, and stuff people wouldn’t eat. The boxes were bent in and chewed up on the corners.

This has always bothered me.

Why do people call themselves giving especially when it comes to food, but give THE FOOD THEY WOULDNT EAT? What is the purpose of that? That’s not giving, that’s cleaning out your food pantry and giving away food you can’t see yourself throwing in the garbage. That’s selfish as HELL!!! If you’re going to give, GIVE YOUR BEST. If you’re going to a baby shower, take your best gift. If you’re going to a wedding give your best!!! People get out of the “dollar sto” mentality!!! If you want good gifts you have to learn to GIVE good gifts. I don’t have anything against the dollar store at all ( let me make that clear), but I don’t shop there for myself, and its out of order to shop there for anyone else… IF YOU DON’T SHOP THERE!!!! Yes, I know you can buy cards and other small items there, THATS FINE, but don’t make it a habit to buy a gift for someone from the dollar store.

If you want to donate, go to your OWN food cabinet and give it away. Learn to get in habit of giving away your “good stuff”. Its just “Stuff”. And what bothers me is that the people who are donating say” well, at least I’m giving them something”. What? Food that was headed to the garbage because you didn’t want it? If you want BIG Blessings, you have to give BIG BLESSINGS. We have to put away the “dollar sto” mentality. If you want a lady that wears the same shoe size as you to have some nice shoes, don’t give her shoes that are old and running over, what’s wrong with going to your closet and giving her your best?

I remember when my online Ministry Leader would send for us to come to Chicago to stay at her home, then take us to a resort to be pampered. She would tell us all the time, always give your best, God wants your best, never half step with giving. This was new to me, I felt if you are giving, then nothing should be said about it. But I kept it in my heart, and with the work that I do TODAY, I see how important it is to give your best. She would have gifts and more gifts and more gifts waiting for us. When it was time to fly back to Detroit, I had so much stuff to take with me. She gave us the works, and you can tell she spent good money on it. I was like wow. Here is someone who gives us something and its not cheesy, and not only that, but she had to buy several. And I looked at that and I adopted for myself.

If you want the best from God……learn to GIVE YOUR BEST!

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