One look

 I’m just going to jump in a jot somethings down. On my way to bed, gotta work in the morning.Im sleepy and sitting here nodding. LOL


God told me more things and they came to pass again. It’s so “funny” not laughing funny, but “are you serious” type of funny. And that is not directed to God either. I think people try to “feel” me out and they think I give them a little of me every time. They think they know Cree, but they have no idea. LOL I am my own person, one look into my eyes and they knew………. I was different from the rest.Still trying to talk to me, still trying to be “my friend”. Shaking my head, God has told me it all. I guess being a snake is easy these days.When I say something its “MAGNIFIED” to the 100th power, but if someone say the same thing, it has no VALUE. Lord, Thank you for showing me that.  La”Crease has to always watch what she says. Always. My silence will speak for me….. I LOVE me that way. I love me. I love me quiet.  Destruction is on its way……all I can do is watch it go down.

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