He got me sooooooooooo messed up!

Today I was at work standing by the poduim when this nice looking guy walked passed and stared me , he also had a  beautiful smile. I smiled back, watched him as he walked on pass. Then all of a sudden he said, hi, I know you from when I come in here, Im always looking at you. I knew he looked familiar but I don\’t remember him like that.
Time passed, I stood at my register facing a co worker because there was no one in line. All of a sudden this same guy walks up to me and says: Can I use your discount? Im saying to myself ……………………no he didn\’t! So I looked at him and said for what? He says I want to save a few dollars on buying this lawnmower. Im looking him dead in the eyes now, all that cuteness just turned me off!!!!!!!
 I told him for one. we are not allowed to let anyone use our discount cards, they have to be living in the same house. He says\” well they wont know. I said let me ask you this? What is it about me, that made you feel that you can walk up to me and ask me that?
He was like cause I come in all the time. I said NO! What is it about my face, that made you feel that you can walk up to me ask me this, I said you don\’t even know me. I looked at his hand and there was a wedding ring! I said AND YOU ARE MARRIED! You know what this clown said? Well, IM not trying to get with you, I just want to use your card to save some money. I said boo, why would I save you and your wife some money? Huh? Why would I do that? And further more, why would I let you use my discount card, get fired, while you and your wife go to yalls job in the morning?
I wanted to say get yo @@@@ outta my face. He was so shock that I was saying  all this to him. What;s his problem? Back in my early 20\’s yeah I probably would have done it, back when I was 18 yeah………………….but 38……..39 40ish? BOY IF YOU DONT GET OUTTA MY FACE……………………. YOU BETTA!
I can tell he felt bold, he wasn\’t expecting that kind of response.
See Ladies that how we get into certain situations. Its something about us that makes men say what they want to us, do what they want to do to us. Maybe he was \”hoping\” I would give him my card. I dunno. But he got me messed all the way up.
That\’s why you have to know who you are. You cannot go for anything. You have to ask questions, you have to find out the motivation behind certain things, especially when it concerns you. God loves me, I love me. You CANNOT SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO LACREASE IM SORRY.Im not going to argue with you, debate with you, Im going to stand there and ask you question in a nice tone of voice, that will scare you.
Always search for truth. Leaders ask questions.Im always asking questions. But I still need to know what was it about me that made him feel that he can walk up to me and ask me can he use my discount card? What is his name????? I don\’t even know. Anddddddddd he\’s married? Oh hecke naw!
\”Need a Mirror\”
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

6 Replies to “He got me sooooooooooo messed up!”

  1. NO HE DIDN’T!!!!!! I feel you on that I would have wanted to ***** slap him! I think that some guys just think women are weak because of women allow themselves to be portrayed now a days just from watching tv alone… we do need to step up to the plate and let them know who we are in Christ because that speaks alot on its own.


  2. Girl I know what ur talkin about .. You just sit back and think .. ” What the hell made him think I would go for that shh” It makes you wonder about yourself, but its really just that person. Some people dont think about what they say, or who they say it too… Some call it boldness, but its stupidity… You have to know who to ask what and how .. no matter what it is. You could have went smooth off on his ass .. well you did ..LOL but it could have gotten outta hand. I was at a catering truck and this guy was like buy me a soda…. I looked back like he called me out my name ..LOL I was like I don’t like to buy people stuff.. with a str8 face.. and he just stood there lookin stupid. And for a while I thought why he ask me that… like do I look like sum sucka … But I just figured he was stupid and asked a stupid question….


  3. >>>>And further more, why would I let you use my discount card, get fired, while you and your wife go to yalls job in the morning?<<<<

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLL Girl… I know that’s right! I’ve worked in customer service for a long time and I’ve heard a few silly things like that myself so, I feel you. It doesn’t matter if it’s merchandise from a store you work at, food from a restaurant, credit on their utility bill or if it’s us & our bodies. People say and do the whatever it takes if they feel “they” can benefit from it.

    It’s not… what is it about “us”… it’s “them.” They do it all of the time; to anyone and everyone. It’s just folks out there that try to get over at any given moment. “It doesn’t hurt to ask. How will you find out, if you don’t ask.” They live by this old phrase and take it to another level each time it doesn’t work…

    Men and Women of any race will say it and try and laugh it off… Men have so many lines I’ll probably run out of space typing that… Women will ask you did you go to such n such school, were you friends with one of their cousins, did you used to go with so n so or tell you some quick sorry baby daddy musta’ taken some money out of my purse story. Just to say those quick words… Can I use your discount I prolly’ will have enough if I could.

    I have a lot of stories I could post about this… I have two that come to mind and I may never forget for the rest of my life. I just might do a copy-cat and post a subject like this on my blog one day. (LOL)


    ~ T


  4. ^

    Oh and the pic… “Sunscreen” that’s funny!

    We’re going to see a lot of people “Peeling” soon. It seems as though, After so many years in that your own skin one would remember to keep sunscreen with them or keep re-applying as advised.



  5. lol

    i woulda probably given it to him
    @ a later date, of course

    its just in my nature….i dunno, call me a fool


    laytah baybee!


  6. Back in the day,you could come through my line when I was working at a famous drug store with $20.00 and leave out with $400.00 worth of stuff. But when lost prevention called me into the office, and interrogated me so bad, fired me for hundred’s of a”hook ups”. I promise God that if he got me out of this, I will never do that again. And its been 9 years and gurlllllllllllllll God aint had to tell me twice. So you see Im coming off another street. No more hookups for me. lolllll Gurl I dont even know this guys name? AGe? Nickname? Where he stay? nothinggg. He was wayyyyyyyyyy out of order. lolll


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