Enjoying Peace in Your Life/ BLOG ENTRY

I’m at the age where I am enjoying being alone. I just absolutely love it. Sometimes, I feel selfish because I enjoy going to the park, going to have ice cream alone, taking rides Downtown Detroit, going out to eat . I’m just enjoying MY life right now.

My Best Friend of 4 is an empty nester for a year now, and sometimes she feels guilty for enjoying her Peace. She doesn’t have to think about what’s for dinner for the family or sneaking her favorite candy bar in her purse. She calls me happy only having the task of looking out for herself. Her adult children are doing well, and she just laugh at the Peace that was waiting for her all the time.

As we sit and think about where we are today versus 33 years ago when we met, we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together. We deserve this, Peace! What’s our problem in thinking that we don’t? I’m laughing as I type this. Just today she called me feeling somewhat guilty for ordering herself a Tropical Smoothie meal, and I’m like gurl, you don’t have to worry about anyone else. GET THE SMOOTHIE MEAL!!!! LOL

I’m always reminding someone that I’m halfway through life, who has time to argue and debate about things that doesn’t matter? I don’t want to fall out with anyone. I don’t want to be mean to people, I don’t want to gossip and start trouble. Those days are over, I just CAN’T do it. I don’t have the energy. I want to smile with my eyes. I want to look people in the eye and speak as I walk pass. I want to encourage someone I don’t know. I want to always be mindful of others. Sometimes when I’m out, I’m so into what I’m doing, I’m mindful of others around me who may need me to pick up a baby shoe when the mother has too much in her hands. When a cane falls from an elderly person’s arm and need my assistance.

I’ve raised my daughter; she’s doing very well and that helps me to be happy and excited about living the rest of my life out in PEACE.


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The Days of Noah #Coronavirus/BLOG

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I never knew in a million years that I would see days like this. A virus so out cold and deadly that it has the whole world on lock down. There is so much to do during this time with all of the technology these days. I was on Messenger today with my brother, mom, and sister, where we can see each other. You can’t beat that! My mother has a iPad, so I can see her on my iPhone and iPads for our one on ones.

These days remind me of the days of Noah. As he was building an ark, people laughed at him, didn’t take it serious that who all wasn’t aboard when it took off, was going to DIE. They were too busy doing their own thing. They didn’t care. They were too busy loving themselves. I wish I had a giant bullhorn to say to the people of these days….. “Were all in this together, daddy said stay in the house until we are safe, and if we don’t listen to the rules, we could die.”

Still there will be those who won’t listen and continue to do what they want. Its some type of freedom for those people when the world is idle. They feel its there time to shine, or be heard. They want attention and to feel important doing the opposite of what their suppose to do. I find some people hate being alone for fear of hearing themselves saying how they need to change, and be a better person. Some of these people refuse to stay home. They disregard rules.

This is the perfect time in life to regroup ourselves, to learn more about who we are. To read our bibles and to build a close/closer relationship with God. Time to be creative, time to change jobs, a time to spend it with our kids and spouses. A time to reflect. There is so much to do.

Take advantage of this time, because soon enough things will go back to business as usual.

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Higher Is Waiting Question 3/BLOG

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How do you “hear” God?

I hear God by KNOWING that the words spoken in my mind/soul/heart are NOT words I would say myself.

The best way for me to explain this is by stories of my Life Lessons.

One day I was at the red light, on the over pass, on my way to work, when I heard God say.. LaCrease pray RIGHT NOW as if today was your last day living. He said PRAY NOW. At first I thought I was tripping, because it was with urgency and he said before the light turn green. I remember saying.. God right now? He said pray NOW. I remember saying Lord Thank you for my life, my family that you hand picked for me. Forgive me for all my Sins, known and unknown. I told him that I wanted to LIVE with him forever. Then….. the light turned green and I was about to enter I-94. As I was driving, I’m thinking okay what is God up too, what is going on? He knows I ask a lot of questions and think a lot. I’m wondering if I was about to die, I didn’t know what was happening, but I PRAYED just as he told me.

I’m driving and JUST LIKE THAT… I started thinking about something else, and forgot all about the prayer I just prayed.

Just as I turned the radio on, and continued to drive to work.. all I saw was BRIGHT RED LIGHTS in front of me. People were breaking hard in front of me. I didn’t know what was going on to cause this all of a sudden STOP. The truck in front of me was blocking my view so I had to rely on him when to stop breaking. All of a sudden, he swerved over to the left, and that’s when I was able to see what he was seeing. When he swerved over I was RIGHT THERE about to run in the back of another TRUCK/SUV HARD!!!! When I say HARD… There was NO WAY in this world I would have survived that accident.  NO WAY!!!! I WAS DEAD!!! The truck that swerved over to the left  allowed me to see that HE was about to run into the back of another SUV truck. Once I saw what he saw, not only was I BREAKING REALLY HARD.. but I didn’t have enough time to stop, so I to had to swerve to the left.. THANK GOD NO OTHER CAR WAS THERE.

I would have DIED.. The impact would have crushed the front end of my car so badly, that it would have blew my chest out. It gave me a headache so badly. It never went away that day. My breaks took a beating too. LOL I went to work feeling so Thankful, I couldn’t stop thinking about God and HOW I HEARD HIS VOICE. This is one of the many stories I share with people all the time. You have to tune into that still voice.

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