Cree’s rants! :) haha

SO………. I had my eval a few days ago, and my boss says well…… we wanted to give you EXCEEDINGLY WELL in friendliness BUT… no one gets that. ( blank stare). Okay….. see that’s why I take compliments and keep it moving. All that people praising never excited me. NEVER!!! God’s judgement on me is the only thing that matters.

Today for dinner we had Collard greens, Corn bread and Fried chicken. My chicken and greens are nothing to play with!!! Whew chile….. I need to lose some weight for real!!! LOL

I’m so sick of these punk parents!!! Yes, punk! Yesterday this little gurl ( white) was running from her momma, sending that lady ( young too) on a 1 mile practice race (lol). Couldnt be me, I would have thought about whose the “manager” between me and her, stood in one spot, gave her this eye that I give when I mean business, and told that lil heffa ( my momma called us that ) in my lowest and spooky facial expression…..”bring yo azz ova here “. The gurl ran from here to there, just a laughing. I ( well, we all did) looked at the mother’s face, poe thang, cause I wanted to say SOOOOOOOO BAD…. “Maam do you want me to get her?” But I was working. OOO weeee baby, her momma look so embarrassed. When Neisha use to cut up on me in public, I would turn that place out. “Aint no kid finna nut up on me in no sto” God put me in charge, I’m the manager!!!

My time has run out the VMA’s are about to come on. I had to get on for a minute!!



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