I miss my gurls !!

Today was a good day for me at work this evening. Thank you Jesus!!! I am doing so well and Im very proud of my self. I realized that I may have been apart of my own problem I have had with the customers. When I’m not feeling them, they can sense it, so maybe that’s why I wasn’t doing well with them at one time. Lately, I have been patient, caring, sincere, and very friendly. I pray before I go to work, my drive there is always so good, and walking in the building isn’t so bad anymore. I changed my whole way of thinking when it comes to people, no matter what they do, or say to me, my last words are always “have a nice day.”

I miss my gurls group. I talk with some of the gurls all the time. I miss them so much. They keep asking me, when are you getting the group back together, and the answer is soon. Right now, its taking time, because I want things to be right, I don’t want things to end like it did before. Things were happening so fast, the group was growing, and I wasn’t ready for all that! LOL I say that in a funny/good way because when I say it took off, it took off. This time things will be different, less gurls , because I want to have more one on one time with them. They need me, and when it is a lot of gurls in the group, the ones that don’t talk much, or participate less are the ones I need to reach. It got to be very expensive, and as I look back on that, I had way enough money to care for 25-27 gurls. You know it was God because it sure wasn’t me!!! We never lacked for anything, God always made sure that we were taken care of. They miss me so much. I ask myself how did I let this happen? Why did things have to end, what happen to my passion for this. Things did happen to turn me off, but this was my vision, something I saw years and years ago, and I let it get away from me…….over night. But you know what? My chance is coming back, and this time……… I will be here to stay. God is going to give me a second chance. I feel it, this thing is back in my spirit. My heartbeat is coming back, my drive and so is my motivation. I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!

Im closing for now, I got to get up in the morning, plus me and my coworkers are going out to dinner this afternoon @ 5pm to get our chew on!!! Oh did I tell yall, that I had bought me some cute Khaki pants to wear as part of our uniform at work. Well, I couldn’t get my hips in them, but they were too cute to pass up, even though they cost a bit more, I had to have them. Got them home and tried them on, they were a hot mess on me. They couldn’t button, nowhere near half way. So I put them back into the bag. Here it is 3 months later, and I hear God say out of the blue, try on those pants. So, I’m like oh ok, cool. I tried them on and BAM!!! I was in them babies!! Whatchasay? I was so happy and prancing in the mirror. Then I heard this “hater” voice say, you didn’t lose weight, you could fit them all the time. I said oh noooooooooooooooooo, don’t even try it. Old trickster tried to tell me, I was already fitting into them. Like saying those excercises didnt work……he lied!!! Naw, Im going to get all the credit due me, on losing that weight. OOOO I’ll tell ya.

Well, Im going to close now, got a nice day ahead of me, and Im so sleepy. I love you all and I will write tomorrow.



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