Grown Folks Talk Thursday!

Ok family, I need to talk for a minute.

Lets say you meet this guy/gurl and they are cool, attractive , have good personality a job. You like this person, but its something about them, but you just cant place your finger on it yet. So you keep talking to them over the phone, seeing them in person.

Then……………you find out what it is about them.

You see that they are a person who go out of their way to do things for people. They will offer to take you home, they will offer to give you money, they will offer to buy you lunch, they will offer information to you, they will run to the store for you wayyyyyyy cross town. They will help you out on a bill, they will cook for you. They are willing to do all these things at the drop of a hat.

But then…………………………..

One day they ask you, can you go the to store and pick up some bread for them, you cant right now because you are sitting with your grandma until a family member comes to relieve you. They ask you for $29.00 but you are short $4.00 to buy the groceries you HAVE to pick up in a few hours, and you can\’t give it to them. They ask you to bring them some greens to work , but you don\’t have any left. Then their back ache and they need you to rub them down. They run of out cigarettes and they need you to bring them some, they have a headache, with no Advil, they want you to go get that too.

Have anyone ever been trying to get to know somebody like this? A person who will out the blue volunteer their services, so that when they need you to do something for them, they would have all this extra credit built up? How could someone spend their whole life purposely doing for others, just so when hard times fall on them, they can throw up in your face, all they\’ve done for you? How can someone date, someone like this? You will find yourself spending your whole life owing them trying to playing catch up from all the things they did for you. And Lord forbids if they see that they are slipping and haven\’t been doing much for you. That\’s when the catch up game begins. They feel that they have to start doing more for you!! Then when you don\’t break your neck getting to this person so that you could \”do\” for them, they start whining who they can and can\’t depend on. Blaming you for not being there. Questioning your sincerity in the relationship/friendship. Throwing up in your face, how much they have done for you.

So my question to you? Have you ever dated a person like this? Or are you this person? If you are this person, please explain the motivation behind your behavior. What would you do if you met a person like this, who you have been trying to get to know and love?

10 Replies to “Grown Folks Talk Thursday!”

  1. No comment… LOL. Well okay..e and my CLOSEST friends are like this. But I don’t think that I know anyone outside “the Circle” who would just purposely try to build a reserve like that. It actually sounds kinda fatal attraction/single white female. Proceed w/ caution.


  2. i dont know anyone like that but if i did they would be dropped. i dont the tic for tac thing. i give when my heart wants to


  3. When you do things for others it should be out of kindness and honesty, not because you are expecting something back.

    I have never dated anyone like this, but I have dated someone who always wanted something but never gave in return. lol (but thats a whole nother blog)

    But being with a person like that will leave you frustrated and stressed because you will always feel like you “have” to do what they ask because you are in their debt.



  4. Hi Cre. I don’t know anyone like that. I’ve always been a giver, esp. of myself but never expect anything in return, though I do know of a few that are takers.


  5. This is kinda similar…I have a co-worker at my part time job who I’m always covering for. She wants to do this or that and I’ll cover her shift, but if I need her to do something for me, she’s never available.

    Almost all of them do me like that, so I won’t cover for anyone now unless I really need the money. Does that make me like that?


  6. Nope gurl that makes you smart. Work it to yourrrrrrrrr benefit. And if you dont want to work it and you dont need the extra money…………DONT. LOL Especially if they dont want to cover for you.



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