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Hey Family!

I’m sitting here on this lovely day, I really need to be at a park this morning, we have some rainy days coming and I wanted to be near water on Belle Isle. But Summer is just around the corner and I promise myself I will be there more often than last year.

As many of you know I am deeply into the growth of  women, when it comes to Life Lessons and Experiences. Seems like there is not a day that goes by when someone needs to talk to me and ask for advice. I’m very, very, to the point and honest with my answers. That’s what people LOVE about me, but sometimes when I dish it out they have a problem with my truth and honesty. And guess what? I don’t even care.

I was speaking with someone recently and they began to tell me that whenever she hits her boyfriend and fight him, he wont hit her, but, he will push her and leave marks on her body. She justifies the fact that she fights him, but he will only push her. I told her, one day…. one day… ONE DAY, he will not stand for her putting her hands on him and he’s going to fight back. She doesn’t believe it. That’s where the LIFE LESSON will come in at. I can tell her all day, but she’ll NEVER believe me, because it HASN’T HAPPENED to her YET. This is the part of my job, where I can’t help. She has to learn the lesson herself, and I hope that it doesn’t land her in the hospital.

We.. MEN AND WOMEN have to pay attention to the signs of any and all things. People are so afraid of being alone. They cannot see themselves alone. They rather deal with fighting and arguing, instead of saying… look we cannot get alone, lets go our separate ways. This is why so many men and women have self esteem issues. They stay in relationships that they are not suppose to be in.

Why is it so hard to leave? Fear of being alone, and seeing that person with someone else. SO WHAT!!! Especially if you’re not getting alone. Who wants to wake up arguing everyday, holding grudges and CONSTANTLY talking about the same issues day after day after day? I just don’t have that kinda time. Many people don’t like the thing of meeting someone new, getting to know new families, dating, meeting the kids and those kinds of things associated with meeting someone new. But its better than being in a relationship that clearly isn’t going anywhere right? Some will say, they just don’t want to put the time into it, so they stay.

I have plenty of things to say about this topic. Stay tuned.

I am La’Crease… and I don’t have to do ANYTHING ELSE!

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I Don’t Have To Do Anything Else…. I Am La’Crease/BLOG



I knew this day would come for me. For so long I tried to “fight” it, because I knew that it would require me to be a different person. Not even in a bad way, nothing like that. But in a way that changes the way I communicate with people. I was having this deep conversation with my mother one day, about how strong I come on when I’m expressing myself. I feel that I have to be that way, because I feel that people see me as nice, always in a good mood, friendly, and a Christian who don’t get mad or cuss people out. And more than once, I had to show these people…. I will TEAR THAT AZZ. And I don’t like that.

So, I’ve decided to change the way I communicate. When your dad, mom, sisters, brother and friends tell you that you come on too strong, at some point you have to listen to them. I have learned to tone it down, and ITS SO FUN.. OMGGG. I don’t feel the need to comment on everything. I don’t feel the need to have an opinion about everything. I can just sit back, listen to a conversation and have little to NOTHING to say about it. I’M JUST LOVING IT.

I ALWAYS  – ALWAYS felt that I had to live up to what people expected from me. To be their free personal Therapist and give feed back. I’ve always had people sit on my couch and just let it all go. I enjoyed that because it helps me to understand people. To listen to them whenever they called, text, or see me in person. To tell me their story and have an opinion about it. I NOW realized that I don’t have to call my friends everyday and listen to whats going on in their lives. I realized that I don’t have to know whats going on with people, wondering how can I help them. I realized that I don’t have to text long messages to my friends to show them that I care about whats going on with them and their situations. I don’t have to ask 100 questions to show them I love them and interested in their stories. When I showed people that I cared by asking them questions about what we were talking about, they felt that I was being “all in”.  HOW THE HELL DID I EVEN THINK THAT I HAD TO “BE THIS PERSON” TO FOLKS IN THE FIRST PLACE? I don’t know. People who know me, knows that I love them and I will always be here to listen…. but its not top priority in my life anymore. I’m done with that.

I realize that I Am LaCrease, I don’t have to do anything else. When I walk into a room people notice and feel my presence. When I speak everyone listens. When I give advice, people Thank me. When people see my face one time, they never forget me. Strangers pray for me on the spot, people adore me. God LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES ME.. I don’t have to do anything else. My job is to show Love to people. I no longer feel that I have to devote hours and conversations to people just so that they know I care, love and feel apart of their world. If you know me, you know how I feel ANYWAY. I am a people person. You know my Character. You know my Personality. I am in search of me.. its my time.

I Am LaCrease, and I don’t have to do anything else.

Be Blessed!

Finding My * your* Purpose in Life 2 ~~ La’Crease’s Blog

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Listener, Advice, Planner

Finding my purpose in life.
What is my calling? What are my gifts?

Listener & Advice- When I was growing up, my mother use to always want to talk to me. She would share stories of her growing up and taking care of my aunt. She was the oldest just like me, and I really enjoyed her stories. She told me that she loved talking to me because I was a good listener. She always felt that her stories weren’t that interesting, and by me listening to them, she felt happy to be able to share them. She even shared personal childhood things that happened to her, things I never told anyone to this day.

When I moved into my first apartment, my friends would come over and sit all day telling me their issues or things that they were going through. I cared, and I would offer feed back after listening. The days I didn’t have company over, I would be on the phone listening and offering my Godly wisdom to them. Back then I could never understand why people would share their deepest darkest stories with me.Even though I was good and keeping secrets and I never gossiped or shared anyone’s business. I was always reading my bible, and I realized that people loved talking to me because of it. I became a good listener because of listening to my mother as a young gurl. I enjoyed it and it became natural for me. Today in my life, I receive many messages in my inbox, email and phone about advice and prayer. I really enjoy it. I know for a fact, being a great listener and offering Godly wisdom * advice* is apart of my calling.

Planner- I love to plan. Its funny to go back in my mind and remember gatherings I had that caused me to know that planning is apart of my calling. I use to plan backyard parties at least once a month. People would see me on the streets and say, “when are you having another one of those bomb parties you throw?” I use to laugh because people called me all the time and really wanted to know how did I plan such nice parties.

I remember planning Sistergurl gatherings at my apartment where we would sit around and “male bash”. It was like therapy for anyone who was going through something with their boyfriends. Women loved to come to those, especially being in our 20’s and trying to understand men. When my brother got married, I volunteered to be his wedding planner. I didn’t have any experience, but I offered to do it because I loved to plan. I learned a lot, and it was fun. In my 30’s as I got more into my bible and my relationship with God was even stronger, I planned many Women’s Gathering at my home. I planned so many I can’t even count them. Then I formed my own Teen Group – Raisingurls to Women for 5 years which consist of planning trips, dinner and movie dates, work assignments, and daily activities. I started Crees Feeding the Homeless for Thanksgiving, Valentines Day, Lunch, and Dinners. We passed out food on the streets of Detroit. Little did I know that when I was planning all of those gatherings, that this skill will come in handy for fulfilling God’s purpose and plan for my life. Planning is definitely a part of my calling.

Tomorrow~ Gift of Communication, Gift of Personality, Gift of Keeping it Moving

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Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy