Sisters Only/ Weight Loss Update/ Detroit is Home for Me



 Every time I think about being back home in Detroit from Atlanta…. I’m reminded of all the things that I’ve helped out with concerning my family, that I wonder how things would have turned out, had I not been here. I must say, since God said so first…”I am exactly where I’m suppose to be”. I love Atlanta, and I wouldn’t mind having my own apartment there, but for now…. Downtown Detroit is home for me… and after 2 years…. I’m finally okay with that.

 I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds!!! Yes! Walking Mon-Fri has really helped me to come down. The part that makes me happy is that whenever I hang with family and over eat, I know how to get back in the ring and get it off. I know how to eat, and I pay attention to my body. Its a challenge to me to reach a goal. I still have a long ways to go, but its challenging getting there…which is not so bad.

I’ve been hanging with my Sisters this past week. I love them so much. I want to put together a gathering for Sisters Only. But if you’re an only child and have a good friend who you call a Sister, that would be just fine to attend. I found out that when you get along well with the Siblings you grew up in the home with everyday , that you’re likely to get along with other women easily. For me…. I will never ever engage into a disagreement or anything physically with another woman… my thought is this…. if I don’t fight or fall out with THE SISTERS I LIVED IN THE HOUSE WITH EVERYDAY AS KIDS… why would I give negative energy and time into women outside of them? To me…. that’s equivalent to SUICIDE. Now that’s my thought on it. I’m so happy that it doesn’t have to be that way, because I have great friendships, and I LOVE all of my friends dearly.

In putting together “Sisters Only”… I want to teach women that its okay to have debates and arguments with your sisters because of difference of opinion. I’ve learned that my sisters and I have debates a lot because we ARE DIFFERENT.  But our LOVE  for each other is so strong, that debates and opinions HAS NEVER OUTWEIGHED that day and time of being together. Its not important to carry the difference of opinion into the next day, or month. For us, its not about being “right”.. its only about being able to express how we each feel. Lets be real…. we all feel like we’re right. After we debated it out and it dies down… we laugh, talk about who was the loudest, who had the best point and then its over. I think Sisters Only will help sisters to understand each other better. That is okay… that you’re not on the same page all the time.

I just had to post the above photo. I remember my momma giving us that eye. LOL We use to be scared… we knew if we didn’t stop what we were doing bad, it was on and poppin. Hehehehe

Be Blessed

My Style – My Taste………. Kitchens *3*……. (((((Blog)))))

I love a BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN. When I see a kitchen on a photo or a walk through, instantly I can connect to it and see myself cooking. A woman loves a pretty, clean, bright kitchen with lots of space to move around in. A beautiful kitchen can be a deal breaker in a home that has everything else.  I feel at home. My Style My Taste…..

Atlanta I am proud of YOU! … Crees Blog Entry

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I am so DEEPLY touched by the LOVE shown for each other concerning the Snow and Black Ice in Atlanta. Yall know that’s my second home. I am addicted to the Message Board SnowedOutAtlanta on Facebook. I have been reading for hours. I know this post my be boring and long for some… but if you have a few minutes to read it…. I PROMISE YOU WILL SEE GOD. I PROMISE.. I’m in tears reading so many of these messages. I just LOVE THE LORD SO MUCH. Every day we get closer and closer. He amazes me, he excites my heart, he makes me smile. I just LOVE HIM. Okay here it is..


I have a friend that has been stranded at work for the past 36 hrs. She is a security officer at the GA tech building on 14th street by IKEA. she is need of food. I have tried calling several restaurants in the area and no one is answering. She can’t leave her building unsecured and she probably won’t get relief until maybe tomorrow but she is not sure. She has Bergen without food for quite some time now. Is there anyone that can help?
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Thank you guys so much for your help…I’m sure my friend is in food heaven right now!!! @chris davy @kat-y….someone else went out but I don’t know who. Thank you also!!!
Thank you guys so much for your help...I'm sure my friend is in food heaven right now!!! @chris davy @kat-y....someone else went out but I don't know who. Thank you also!!!
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