Sisters Only/ Weight Loss Update/ Detroit is Home for Me

Hey,  Every time I think about being back home in Detroit from Atlanta…. I’m reminded of all the things that I’ve helped out with concerning my family, that I wonder how things would have turned out, had I not been here. I must say, since God said so first…”I am exactly where I’m suppose to be”. I loveContinue reading “Sisters Only/ Weight Loss Update/ Detroit is Home for Me”

My Style – My Taste………. Kitchens *3*……. (((((Blog)))))

I love a BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN. When I see a kitchen on a photo or a walk through, instantly I can connect to it and see myself cooking. A woman loves a pretty, clean, bright kitchen with lots of space to move around in. A beautiful kitchen can be a deal breaker in a home thatContinue reading “My Style – My Taste………. Kitchens *3*……. (((((Blog)))))”

Atlanta I am proud of YOU! … Crees Blog Entry

I am so DEEPLY touched by the LOVE shown for each other concerning the Snow and Black Ice in Atlanta. Yall know that’s my second home. I am addicted to the Message Board SnowedOutAtlanta on Facebook. I have been reading for hours. I know this post my be boring and long for some… but ifContinue reading “Atlanta I am proud of YOU! … Crees Blog Entry”