Behind the Scenes~ Your Kids at School * A Parents MUST READ* Crees blog entry

KENNYBehind the Scenes~ Your Kids at SchoolMy first weeks working at my High School, I truly got the shock of my LIFE. When I say to you all, that it was the SHOCK of my LIFE believe me!!!

I work in the lunchroom, deans office, security team, and when ever the teachers need me. One of my first days working, I went up to a table where about 7 or 8 students were sitting….. and asked them a question…… THE LEADER of the GROUP OF GURLS said to them… DON’T SAY ANYTHING TO HER, DON’T SPEAK TO HER, DON’T TALK TO HER, DON’T LOOK AT HER……IGNORE HER!!!! And here’s the kicker….. THEY DIDN’T SAY ONE WORD!!!! I was SO outdone… I just walked away. #numb

Out done and out numbered… I went into the corners of MY MIND and did some negotiating with myself. First, I had to negotiate with the “TEENAGER SIDE” of ME ….because for a MOMENT… the ADULT in me “LEFT THE BUILDING”. LOL LOL But the MOTHERLY side of me kicked in, and had to come up with a solution AS TO HOW I WAS GOING TO HANDLE THIS!!!

I remembered something the DEAN of STUDENTS told me on DAY ONE. He said these kids will DOUBLE TEAM you, HE SAID but…..once you get the LEADER…………. you got the WHOLE CREW * on your side*!!!

EVERYDAY I studied each table and found out who was the LEADER, male and female. Your child can/will sit between 2-3 tables with different friends, but the LEADER of any table….. always sit in their place. Between classes in a weeks time, I found each LEADER ALONE in the hallways and pulled them to the side.

I said… “Hey” can you come here for a minute boo * boo, sweety, honey are words of endearment, kids/teens always respond to these words*, I want to talk to you. I smiled and said what’s your name? I introduced myself and said this. I know YOU are the LEADER of your table. I said…. all I ask is that you and your friends clean up your mess in the lunchroom, stay on your side, and go to class before the second bell rings. I said to them… by you clearly being the LEADER ……… understand that you have the POWER to steer YOUR GURLS, and YOUR BOYS to do bad things OR good things. I said I see this in YOU… and I get that. I said USE YOUR INFLUENCE to do GOOD. I said to the one LEADER,* who told the others not to talk to me* ANY TIME YOU CAN GET 7 OR 8 GURLS TO NOT TALK TO AN ADULT….. YOU DA BADDEST GURL/CHICK * we laughed.. I had to go to her level on that part* !!! I said IM GOING TO BE WATCHING YALL EVERYDAY. I said I want you to use that POWER for GOOD!!! I said God gives INFLUENCE to some…. its a gift. You are chosen to LEAD. Be a GOOD LEADER. I said encourage your “team” to go to class, clean up after themselves, graduate, stop cursing… I SAID YOU HAVE THE POWER, THESE GURLS LISTEN TO YOU!!! They all got it, and walked away with smiles, feeling good about themselves.

Here I am 3 MONTHS into MY JOB and I can’t get those same GURLS AND THEIR LEADERS to call me MS. WALKER…. its auntie this, auntie that, auntie, auntie, auntie AUNTIE. LOL LOL Auntie can you buy me this, auntie do you have this, auntie take our photo, auntie buy me some chips, AUNTIE COME HERE, AUNTIE LISTEN TO THIS…. AUNTIE I NEED YOUR ADVICE, AUNTIE WHY THIS, WHY THAT.. BUT I LOVE IT. LOL

Training up Leaders
Proverbs 22:6
New King James Version (NKJV)

6 Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

HOMEWORK for TONIGHT WITH YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN IS THIS…. For a FUN and positive way to get to know your child EVEN BETTER… ask them these questions.

1. Ask your child how many people do you sit with at lunch. *NOTE* the same people sit together at the same TABLE … EVERYDAY.

2. Ask them… If I asked you who* NAME ONLY ONE PERSON* at YOUR table can get the others to do ANYTHING… who would that person be? And then ask…. why did YOU chose them?

3. Ask them… when lunch period comes, what is the thing you LOVE most about it.


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

  • Anderson Woodard Jr. miss social worker
  • MzLela P Tucker Cree girl you are an inspiration , a Gem those girls are lucky to have you by their side, you were right this is your calling you are going to change alot of kids lives for the better just watch and see we need more positive role models like you in our community I wish there was one of you in each school. / High school, middle school, even elementary schools cause this is where the real nitty gritty starts love you Cree keep doing what your doing and may god continue to bless you and bless the kids threw you this has certainly made my day.
  • Tonya Mitchell Wow that’s crazy
  • S Atiya Simm Wil Good good stuff! I am reposting! I talk to my daughter about this all the time! She is a leader by nature and I tell her what a huge responsibilty that is. It is hard being a leader especially as a child because most adults don’t know how to handle kids with these qualities. I cannot tell you how many teachers I see getting offended because their students who are leaders take charge! You have to be careful with these type of kids because people are always trying to break them down. That is why kids who are leaders usually wind up using their influence in the wrong way because they struggle to try to fit in. It takes a strong person to lead in the right way. Good for you for identifying these kids and helping them lead in the correct way!
  • Charlene Hayes Very deep ..and your the woman for the job keep shining your lite the kids need it ..
  • MzLela P Tucker Hey Anderson I think that’s a good career path for her was just thinking the same thing Cree you should look into that for your future I can see you opening up your own youth center too that would be so good for the kids and you…..
  • Lacrease Walker MzLela P Tucker gurlllll yes thats my dreammmmmm. Thanks sooo much for the encouragement
  • MzLela P Tucker Your welcome sweetie anytime….
  • Betty Williams God is qualifying you to do this job and you are doing it well.
  • Rose Hicks @Lacrease, I love the way you were able to change that groupthink from negative to positive. Group think is something that can destroy, kill, and take over the minds of those when they look up to cetain individuals.
  • Lacrease Walker Yes it can take over their minds. Once I was able to talk to the “leaders” of the group I was able to know the other gurls and I TALK THEM TO them and encourage them to use their own minds.. and do their own thing.
    Kimberly Cook Amen!!!! Lecrease Thanks!!!! FOR THE advice. I Have a 14yrs old SON going to H.S. THIS school year talking about peer pressure its ON got heads up NOW. Then I have a soon to be 13yrs.Old Son in middle school. I PRAY MY BOY’S UP EVERY DAY BECAUSE THE DEVIL IS A LIAR
    THE Choices THEY MAKE WILL DETERMINE THERE outcome Positive OR Negative AS a MOTHER I’M was praying Blessing & favor.

    Students above 2013 Graduates

Boys to Men * MY Life Lesson* (blog entry)

lady 2.5 secondsSo, here I am 45 living alone for the first time in my life. Meeting new people, and really getting to know myself in ways I never thought to be. I have a daughter, who is my only child, and for the first time in my life working with boys and gurls * teens* I’m getting a glimpse of what its like to deal with boys.


I know this sounds “crazy”…. but this is my journey and my personal LIFE LESSON that I’m learning.


I remember so clearly telling my sister as she raised my nephews Greg and Gary, that she needs to say NO and stick to it! But she would always tell me… gurls are different than boys. I can’t explain it, And I would say…. that may be, but don’t let them talk you into doing something, when you told them NO!!! She couldn’t get me to understand, and that’s because I didn’t have a SON of my own.


Working at a High School has really taught me something’s about myself. I am really a softee. LOL Dealing with gurls is SO much different than dealing with boys. I can tell a gurl, come on lets keep it moving, get to class. She will turn to me and have something smart to say, roll her eyes, and laugh with her gurls, all in one minute. I can tell a boy the same thing, he will smile, try to explain why he’s in the hall way and say… Okay Ms. Walker I’m going to class. He’ll see me later, and talk to me like he’s my SON. But when I see that gurl, she will hold a grudge for dear life!!! LOL This really shocks me, because I raised a gurl and I didn’t have this kind of reaction at all. Even when I started my gurls group Raisingurls to Women. Thing is…. I DONT CARE!!!


But here is the big picture of this story. Since being on my own, I have met several men. Maybe 2, I liked, one better than the other. A few days ago, I was downstairs in the business area, which the door is closed to make it private. One of the guys who work here in the building * we’re good friends, he’s one of the 2* came in to talk with me. We chatted for a good while, he kept looking at my lips, but I didn’t really pay it any attention. As he got up to leave *with his TALL THICK SELF*… he reached down *caught me totally off guard* and kissed my lips. I was so shocked! He knew I didn’t like that, and I wondered where did that come from, but at the same time, I can tell that he was happy. It was a ride or die moment for him, and he didn’t care what I thought about it, who was looking, and also for the fact that he was WORKING… he did what he always wanted to do.


So yesterday when I saw him, I asked him why did he do that? He said that he couldn’t help it. While I was asking him, it hit me. I have never raised a boy, but I now understand that MEN/BOYS will try us women. They want to see just how far they can go. They test us all the time to see what they can get away with. That’s their nature. They were raised by women, and with that said….that is how they FIRST learned what they can and can’t get away with. WOW WOW WOW!!! And when I bought this up to him, he said YES!!!! That’s how we do, we want to see just how far we can go with you. Everything is a TEST to them.


Gosh, what he say that for!!! LOL Looking back at the boys in school, I see that since I never raised a son, they probably can sense that I have a soft spot for them. I even let them have their way, when I shouldn’t. Wow, I learned a lot this past weekend. I can tell a gurl No, she will go on by her business with an attitude, but if I tell a boy No, he will sit there and beg me until I say yes!! Wow. And that’s the same way my nephews now 20 and 22 are. They did my sister the same way. I didn’t get it then. Come to think of it, my nephews did me that way too!!! LOL LOL I love them so much, they can still get anything from me.


Okay… so now I know how boys/men think when it comes to getting their way on ANSWERS, QUESTIONS, AND OTHER THINGS…. I’m going to have to “MOTHER-UP” on them and be TOUGH. *smile* TRUST me… I know how!!!


Be Blessed