Have you ever?

When I first started working for Walmart there was this CSM (Customer Service Manager) name LaShandra. I hated her. Yes, hated her. In my eyes she was loud, and had favorites. I felt that she her number one gurls who she liked, and the rest she would ignore or just not talk to you that much. It was something about her that could make the atmosphere where you could easily feel left out when you are around her. Many times I felt like that.
 Maybe it was my past haunting me of how I use to be. Me and my best friend would be bossy at work, we had favorites and if you wasn\’t feeling us, then we wasn\’t feeling you. We could be talking with a few people, and if someone walked up or happen to be around, it was something about us that can make the atmosphere messed up. We could make you feel so uncomfortable that it didn\’t make sense. We didn\’t even have to be talking about you, but our conversations was so bold, so \”out there\” and so intimidating that you can\’t help but feel funny. And we knew it. People told us all the time you and Gloria are out cold! Yall don\’t like nobody , yall funny acting. We didn\’t care.  See yaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was Our Motto.
Lashondra was just like meeeeeee back in the day. I knew it too. But since I wasnt like that any more, I wasn\’t gonna dare be treated like that. She had me messed up…………….for real doe. Ever time I thought about it I would tell God that I hated her. Yes, that is my testimony. I hated her and I told God. I would call Gloria every day and tell her how much I hated Lashandra. She would laugh cause she knew I liked everybody. She told me though and I will never forget. She said once you get to know her she is so cool. I didn\’t want to hear that, I felt that  she should have been cool right off rip, if she was so cool   But instead she annoyed and irrated me.
One day I came to work and instead of me acting funky right off rip with her, I decided to just listen to some of the things she say. I didn\’t have a comment about nothing, I just wanted to listen to how she talks to people, how she communicates to us (cashiers), how she handles authority. For a few days I watched her closely. And I begin to ask myself what is it about her that you dont like? After laughing at some of the things she says, and some of the facial expression she makes. I thought maybe it was me who had the problem!!!! Just maybe I don\’t understand her.
Time went on and Lashonda became my gurl! I realized that she is a great Leader, she listens to authority, she dont take side, she dont care if you are her friend or not, wrong is wrong. She comes to work everyday, she gets things started. She wont debate or argu with you, she\’ll say her peace and then its a wrap. She is a motivator, a person who wants to win.

I had to go to God and ask for forgiveness. I told him that I hated his child. Thats how much I didn\’t like her.  I know…….that\’s terrible. Me and her laugh about it all the time, and it just shows me that when I was being honest about my feelings, God let me see A. how much I really disliked her. B. that he could begin to work on this situation. And he did.
Today I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee me some Lashondra. She is my gurl! How can I say something so mean about someone I didn\’t know? Did my past catch up with me? I wasn\’t always this way you know? We went to see Madea Goes To Jail last year together, we went to birthday parties, and baby showers, go to dinner. And you know the fun part? All of us coworkers go places together. We dont fight, argue, we get along so well.
So my question to you is: Have there ever been someone who you didn\’t like, and now you are good friends ? Share your story.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

7 Replies to “Have you ever?”

  1. Yes, I can feel you on this toipc
    When I was 12 my brother had this girl friend that I could not stand any time she came to our house I would find a reason to leave because I could not stand her, just looking at her mad me sick…..
    My brother would always say just give her a chance she’s cool but ohhhhh no I did not want to hear it….
    Well to make a long story short I needed a ride home one day and she was the only one there who could take me home I stayed a hour away.. I told my bro NO I WILL WALK HOME IF I HAVE TO . but you big bro wasnot having that so I went and I must say me and that girl had fun we tripped alllllll the way to my house and we have been best friends since then she ended up marrying my bro having 2 kids now 12 and 11 she has divorced my bro about 7yrs ago but she is STILL MY GIRLLLLLLLL I LOVE HER TO DEATH.


  2. See thats what Im talking about!! I knew I wasnt by myself. Im so glad I posted this, because I really felt alone. God is something else. God is always behind something like this. Always.



  3. nottttttt lol if im not feeling u i stay away but i repected the person i worked on the same floor but we never got close like that ahhhhhh forgiveness is what i am working on now!


  4. I can understand where you’re coming from with this. And isn’t it amazing how God gives us a glimpse of who we really are or who we used to be just so he can then begin to do his work in us? I think that we first need to get a check of ourselves and understand what it is in us that we don’t like so we can change it. But anyway, I’ve noticed just the opposite with me. I remember really really liking a few people but at the same time wondering how I could like somebody so much that was just the opposite of my own character. While being friends, I found that I would try to emulate them, in a sense, but it never quite worked. I mean, no matter what I did to be like them it eventually didn’t work out and I always ended up doing my own thing. When I began to seek the Lord he showed me why this always happened to me. I was not happy with myself and the person he made me or plan for me to be. Instead I tried to be somebody else and he kept setting me apart even when I was in the midst! When I began to see this I finally understood why I always felt left out all the time. It was because I needed to just be me. But you know what, even in my separation, I find that I still have “some” of those friends in my life. They accept me as I am. Why I thought I had to be otherwise is beyond me. We live and we learn.


  5. For some strange reason… It seems to be easier for me to forgive strangers & not so close associates sooner than I have forgiven close friends, ex. boyfriends/husband & some family members. I feel that my trust & loyalty lines are very thick and when you betray me & put a break in those lines… It takes a lot for me to put those pieces back together again.

    Forgiveness is one area I’m working on. It has been easier for me to say it than do it.

    ~ T





  7. This is like my Beyonce story lol, i didn’t like me some Beyonceeeee Knowless when she came out….i liked her music b.u.t. thought she was DEFINITELY OVER-HYPPED!!!!! one night G0D made me have a dream about this chikk….lol, in the dream i remember needing a friend and she was there for me…i woke up, like…if her and i were friends im sure she would BE there for me…y am i hating? that was her PATH to walk in this lifetime….y b upset!?!?!! lol, now i luv me um Bee…i luv everithing now bcuz of it….G0D has different plans for all of us…its not for us to hate on someone, FOR ANYTHING…we all have the opportunity…to LIVE…enjoi it!

    thanks sis!
    stay blessed!
    have fun wit ur GYRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!L!!!


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