#VIRGO #VIRGOS VIRGOS!!!!! Cree’s Blog Entry!!!

blurrymeI use to be deep into signs in my 20’s, these days every now and then I’ll find myself reading something on line about Virgos. I find the things that people say about us to be so true….some folks need to #tryagain.

I found some interesting post on line *Virgo Woman by GaneshaSpeaks.com , I want to share them and respond. My comments are about me, but you can learn a lot about yourself or someone you know or date.

The Virgo women’s greatest assets are their intelligence, analytical minds and excellent memory. They are logical thinkers who would take any into account every detail before arriving at a decision. Therefore, they are good at settling disputes and make good business partners, analysts and strategists. I do remember a lot, but I take in so much from myself and others, that I don’t believe I remember a lot. But maybe its true for things I WANT TO REMEMBER. LOL Yes, I think about everything!!! That’s why I’m a great planner. I can plan something, and think of the smallest detail in making it happen. When I do my Feeding the Homeless projects, Sistergurls, Raisingurls, out of town trips, its planned so well, that when its over, it feels to ME…… that it NEVER HAPPENED. I love that about myself. I do lots of research, calling folks over the phone, talking in person, coming to a CLEAR UNDERSTANDING, making sure folks understand what I want, and when I want it. I write down everything and don’t miss a beat. LOL This is funny.

They do have a softer side to their personalities. Although they may appear as strong-minded individuals, there are emotional and need to be well taken care of. They have a habit over becoming overcritical but don’t hold that against them because they have the same attitude towards themselves. I agree!!!! My personality is VERY STRONG. I know it comes from my dad, because all of us *3 siblings* are too. We weren’t  allowed to fight at all … period growing up, so our only defense was to argue and debate it out. We are SOME POWERHOUSES!!! One day I’m going to record one of our debates, its so funny. We GO AT IT. We never get personal, we always stay on the subject at hand. LOL That’s a site to see!!!! Yes, I’m very emotional. When it comes to people being mistreated, homeless, hungry, bullied, children, abused….. I am THE PERSON WHO STANDS UP FOR THESE FOLKS!!! I’m a very popular person everywhere I go, BUT …. don’t expect for me to sit a the table with the RICH AND POWERFUL…. Ill be the one making phone calls to get people shelter, food, and assistance. THENNNNN I’ll go mingle. LOL

These women don’t get influenced easily as they wary of exposing their emotional vulnerability and possibility of getting hurt. Besides, one has to match their high standards to impress the perfection-seeking Virgo women. Hence, patience is the key if you want make a lasting impression on a Virgo woman’s mind. Yep, all day long!!!! I’m not geeked on how much money you have or make, your car, your home, your position at work…. I’m geeked on how you treat your parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, COWORKERS, and how well you communicate and greet others as soon as you make contact. Cause see God has treasures stored up for LaCrease in HEAVEN, ….that’s waiting for me. So, in order to impress me…. ON EARTH…… you have to care about PEOPLE. I cant stand or deal with ANY DRAMA…… he has to know what HE can do……. AND KEEP IT MOVING… my train * mind* is always moving!!!

Fun Tips

Virgos will forgive more than once if they love you. But don’t think they won’t get fed up and leave you high and dry. Virgos has a DISS BUTTON… .that’s outta this world!!!! It may take a moment to push it… but TRUST AND BELIEVE… its there!!!

Virgos won’t like people with controlling personalities, and like Scorpio, they NEVER change to suit anyone! I know when to fall back, and when to speak up. I cant deal with people who control with their POWER. #notimpressed

Virgos love the smell of freshness aromas,candles,fresh laundry,perfume,and cologne. YESSS. I LOVE TO SMELL A MAN’S NECK 🙂

Virgo ladies do not date based on looks or money. So it is essential that you have a great sense of humor and a decent outlook on life. I’M silly and love to laugh. I love it.

I am very shy when I meet a guy. VERY… I like to listen and pay attention to everything. People always come to WRONG conclusions about me/us when they think they know us, but have NO IDEA.

For example. I live downtown, and in my apartment complex we have 24 hour security… one of the guys ask me to come here so that he can say something to me. He said… “I know you like me”… and since me and him are cool. It kinda shocked me. So instead of me making all of these facial expressions that would clearly SHUT HIM DOWN VIRGO STYLE… I asked him…. tell me… how did you come to that conclusion? He said the way you look at me when you come in the building, the way you talk to me, the way you smile at me, you have to always say something to me. He said the other day you licked your tongue out at me…. he said I noticed that too. I let him talk for about 10 minutes.

Then it was MY turn….

I said first of all boo * with a smile as always*….. I speak to EVERYONE who makes eye contact with me. I said noticed… when I talk to you as I enter the building….. I’m WALKING to the elevator and talking.

#2 I’m 15 years older than you

#3 I’m friendly to everyone.

#4 I call birds, dogs, cats, men, women………. BOO. Its not a personal word I use for people who I LIKE.

#5 When I licked my tongue out at you that day * God is my witness*, I was praying at the same time saying “God… I cant stand him”!!

We both laughed on that last one. It was truly what I was thinking and praying about. Because by him thinking I “liked” him, I was praying to God how much I cant stand him!!! HE always wants to know what I’m cooking, what I’m doing for the day when I leave the building, what’s in MY BAG…. what do I have on as far as perfume, when I’m coming back. UGH!!! Every time I leave the building he has to ask me a personal question and we HATE for people to be in our business too much. I guess he was calling himself “showing interest” in me. LOL LOL

So, now that we had that talk, we’re good friends. I understand him more, and he knows.. BOO BOO * IN MY KEKE WYATT SILLY VOICE*.. IM JUST BEING FRIENDLY. And all we talk about is his fiance and his new baby on the way. See what talking can do and NOT ASSUMING NO ONE WANTS TO MARRY YOU AND BE YOUR WIFE? * SUB*

My name is La’Crease Walker, and this VIRGO approve this message.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy