Lacrease and the Customers 1

Ok, I\’m going to get right to this one. Yall know I am a cashier for Walmart right? And before I leave my house, or while I\’m driving I have to ask the Lord to please let me have a good day. I\’m not a person who have an attitude off rip, that\’s just  not who I am. People can sometimes tell what kinda mood Im in, but I do good at smiling everyday.
 This pass Saturday evening this blk guy about 41, walks up to my register. I ring him up and his order comes up to $4.68. He hands me a $5.00 bill and .68 in Canadian money. Now everybody and their 4 year old knows that  (we and/not too many stores in the US take Canadian money. So I looked at him and said \”sir we don\’t take Canadian coins\”. He gon say WHY? Where the sign at that says yall don\’t?? So I looked at him, and said \”aint no sign, we just don\’t take Canadian money. So I said\” out of 5 and finished off the transaction ( I probaly was wrong for completing the transaction knowing he was trying to start something with me). He looked at me and said well I want my money back? I said why? He says because I want to know where is the sign that says no Canadian money. This thang clearly wanted to argue with me. So I said well in order to get your money back I will have to call a CSM. He was like call em then. So Demetria comes over and say Lacrease what\’s the problem. I tell her to give him a refund, cause we don\’t take canadian coins, and he feels we should, so since we dont he wants a refund. Demetria tried to talk to him but he gon say. I don\’t want to speak to YOU, I WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE HIGHER!!!! So she page for Asst Manager Mike. He comes over and let me tell yall what that thang told my boss.
He gon say. My order came up to $4.68 and I gave her $5.68 the change was in Canadian money. Mike said ok what\’s the problem? The man said the way she said it was not professional. I\’m standing there looking at this dummy like what other way it is to say \”we don\’t take Canadian money????????????????? Then he tells my boss I use to work for Walmart. And we looked at him like………….then you should know we don\’t take canadian money!!! He said that he felt that I wasn\’t professional about telling him we don\’t take canadian coins.
My thang is this. Why when people tell you NO, you cant do this, or NO we don\’t take that, do people get offended?  They take it personal as if this rule was just made for them on the spot . He made it seem like I had it out for him because of some old elementary lunch money he took from me back in the day. Then when it was time for him to sign the refund slip, he gon say. I AINT SIGNING NOTHING? I said you have to sign it. So he gonna reach for his money that was in my hand. I was like you gotta sign this slip first. Then he started whining again, so my boss signed it.
But check this out. When I handed him his money……………he wanted to snatch it from me sooooo badddddddddddddddd. OOOOOOO I can feel it (lol) But he knew that if he did, everything he told my boss about me would be null and void, and he would walk away looking like the fool. lolllllll So politely he took the money and left. ( I WAS CRACKING UP IN MY MIND)
So my question for you~ Do you feel that YOU are always right concerning anyyyyyyyyyyyyy matter you have at a department store, grocery store, restaurant or any public place? Please share, because I want to hear from you.
Ms. Walker

4 Replies to “Lacrease and the Customers 1”


    bakk to the blog..heehee…he was WRONG and plain ole crazy… theres no question about that…spend Canadian money in CANADA…simple. and u handled him PROFESSIONALLY….!!!!

    4 ur question @ the end…..Yes…i feel that i am always right….of course, i am not az unreasonable az the customer above. im actually one of those cheerful customers that walks up to the register with a smile…always A hello, how are you…including my dramatic pause for a response….u know something sis…out of 10 times…i get about 3 responses….i always seem to encounter the meanies….G0D makes it work out that way…for SOME DIVINE PURPOSE…i…..i seem to meet the gyrls that ring me up…then stand there….i lean in to read the LCD, i guess im not worthy of HEARING the total..CDFUUU…..when im feelin bitchy and NOT IN THE MOOD…i stand there until im TOLD what my debt is…lol, so childish, I KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWW…UGH!! i HATE placing money on the counter…theres just something UNNECESSARY aboutt making someone, reach for something, i could so easily HAND THEM…ugh…..y d i still get the chikks that LITERALLY dodge my open hand to place my change on the counter, like theres some victory for an imaginary WAR. lol..i tell ya gyrl..that used to BURN the hell outta moi…i used to say shyt to them….make open statements….givin them a reaction..then i said fugetit…i laugh to myself….and shake my head…….ill never get it. i hope. so yes…i think im right…bcuz im a great customer…i come to purchase my items……im friendly, cheerful, gregarious by nature, i have my money, i dont need to negotiate….i pay, thank u and leave.


    not that u’d know……ur one of THOSE RAREEEEEEEE women i meet at the most unexpected times…bcuz of our openness…we’d clikk from hello, how r u…..change the convo from whats planned for the weekend to whats for dinner!! hahahahahahahahahahaha……id leave that line laughing and whe i return….id stand in the long azz line just to have a REAL exchange WITH U sans the EGO and FRUSTRATIONS of THIS WORLD!! ummm lemme shut up i need 3 hrs sleeep…lol

    luv u Cre
    miss u lady
    gr8 blog!



  2. I used to work at a retail store and OMG, prayer is definitely a necessity before going in to work with the public.

    People love to take a shot at the cashier, mainly because they feel that they are always right because so many businesses have the policy that the customer is always right. WRONG! I got reprimanded about this more than once, and till this day, I don’t regret it because if the customer is wrong, then they are just wrong. People should not be allowed to walk around thinking that in any given situation they are going to be right just because they are the customer, this will lead them to a lot of confusion and many disagreements in their lifetime, because they are NOT always right.



  3. Cre I know you wanted to let him have it but sounds like you handled it well. The customer is not always right. Esp. when a customer does things just to provoke an argument or belittle a person. The only time I’ve had any confrontations with a cashier is when the price clearly says one thing and when you get it to the counter it says another (Rite-Aid is good for this) and I will dispute my point until I get it solved. After the first couple of times this has happened I just ended up leaving the items and the store. I go to CVS now instead. This guy knew full well that he couldn’t pay for items in the U.S with Canadian money. He was trying to play you. Oh…I sometimes get agitated in the cafeteria here at work when the girls want to chit chat with their friends while we’re waiting to be checked out. Nobody has time to waste waiting on thier lunch hour to pay for their food while someone carries on a personal conversation. I guess I just have this look on my face though because I’ve never had to outright say anything. Great Post!


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