Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic lost tonight. 😦             Not to happy about about that!  That dongone Kobe Bryant makes me hair itch!! Those facial expressions make me want to wire his lips up to his face with clothes hangers………. ahhh thats not right is it? Im mad at his game, but love him as a person, let me make that clear. But I just hate it when he makes those faces…………..ughhh they say a million words. Like yeaaaaa take that………. how bout I don’t wanna take that!!! Then they disrespect Dwight by playing the Nike commerical with Labron James, and Kobe tonight. Labron is long gone. Man, I tell ya. lol

God tells me things, and its funny cause when it happens now, I just laugh. I use to get mad, now I just appreciate that I have the heads up. Maybe he gave me this gift because he knows how I take to things. And if I know them upfront, it softens my blow. He even tells me things about Tyler Perry. I know if I met Tyler face to face, we would be the best of friends. I use to want to hurry that along, but its all in God’s timing. I just really love and admire this man. I can see his thoughts all through his movies and especially sitcomes. Can’t wait till his next movie comes out, and I bout know what direction that goes in just by his thoughts in his messages and sitcome.

Today I had a feeling about something, and when I found out about it, all I could do is laugh. And Im like danggg, whats the big deal in lying? I always find out stuff Im not looking for. I think people trust me, and they have no idea I already had a feeling about it. God gives me insight on stuff, and people stand in my face and talk their lies, and come to their conclusions and Im like…….why are you saying this non truth stuff. Don’t you know I already know the truth? The bad part about it is, its about NOTHING!!! And when I don’t have a comment, its like silent……..and Im cool with that too. Just get outta my face with conclusions and * special thoughts* thats just not true. I cant stand people who gossip. If your gonna tell a story…..Tell it. If youre gonna tell a story and then come to your own conclusion, state that fact, not make it apart of what you think you know. That burns me up, now I don’t want to hear the rest of the story, because its tainted with OPINIONS AND CONCLUSIONS! I have my own mind, let me hear the story and then come to my own thoughts and concluisons about it. Don’t help me! Geesh!

Neisha is going to Ohio this weekend for 5 days. She’s in summer school so that she can complete her BS. She’s going to miss 1 day by being out of school. Im not happy about it but she’s grown and get A’s and B’s so I told her she can’t miss another day because she will fail. When your kids get grown all you can do is find out what they are about to do and question them on that. AFter you question them, they have to come to their own conclusion and also go with the consequences. So, she’s good to go after the drill I gave her. lol In a *nice respectful because she’s an adult way*. lol I have to work long hours all week, so this weekend I gotta do something nice. Im going to see Denzel Washingtons new movie……….whew that man is FIONE! He was on Jimmy Kimmel today, and dayum he is all that and then some. That man right there, can make me do cart wheels and bungie jumps all across my house. No disrespect to his wife, butahhhhh she got a hellava man. And he’s a fast talker, I bet he be talking junk at home. lol I love a man who does that, not get mad and have fun doing it. Never crossing the line.

Unsung with Minnie Riperton came on tonight, oh it was so good. I cried like a baby. I cried. She seemed like one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. My mom loved her and so did my dad. Im cant wait to see the one with Florence Ballard. I know her kids gonna have a lot to say about this one. I was young when Diana Ross and The Supremes were singing. I heard many and plenty of stories, and lots of people hated Diana, but I will have to see the show for myself. Diana lived here in Detroit so a lot of people knew her. I just need to see for myself.

Im going to bed, whew Im so sleepy, gotta work tomorrow. Take care



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