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First question? Why are we so nice? What is it about us that makes us care free, friendly and sweet? And I ask this question because people can see it on our faces. Most of us don’t have attitudes… we have to be pushed to that limit. Now, don’t get me wrong or mixed up. I don’t read horoscopes daily * haven’t in years as a matter of fact* and I can’t remember the last time I did. But I’m writing this because I see a pattern of good women being thrown shade and all kinds of debree. That’s when I find out their sign and YUP…. they always come back as a VIRGO.

Sunday night I was watching RHOA…..but a few weeks ago they introduced Demetria McKinney. She played in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. The gurl is beautiful,  and has such a sweet and loving Spirit about her. So nice.  I cant stand when women don’t want to get to know you… they start asking offensive questions, instead of listening to her share stories and speak. Its  so sad because as Demetria answered their IGNORANT QUESTIONS she was trying desperately to read the faces of these cut throat goons. I felt so bad for her in the beginning, because she came in PEACE. She really * well maybe not frfr* thought that she could meet some ladies that were on the same level as herself and be cool. It killed me to see Demetria’s smiling face and nice attitude knowing they were talking about her behind her back and being FAKE….. while trying to please them with a trip and personal rooms. Many of them complained about how small it was. * blank stare* She was so sincere.

Then I thought about me. How sweet I can be and mean well with what ever I’m doing for someone, but always in the back of their mind…. its not enough. I cant stand ungratefulness. As they sat at the dinner table and chatted.. Phaedra and her had a conversation about throwing shade and asking….. were she ever on drugs… not to mention her relationship with Roger Bobb. I could see the heat on Demetria’s face, and I can see that she knew for the first time… how she’s gotta handle these goons.

A Virgo woman is nice, sweet, and sorta naive. Yeah…. we may act dumb… but we don’t miss a beat.. and if we do.. trust me we’ll go into our heads and PULL THAT FILE… And once we read it.. and remember how shady, slick, funky acting, you were…. its on and poppin. See, you can catch us off guard the first time, but once we realize what’s going on….we cut all games short. I was so heated.. I could see myself flipping the table over on those heffas. Just being disrespectful and mean. All in the name of “somebody has to leave next season and it aint me…cause I bring the drama”. That’s all… come on now.

So… I’m sitting there waiting for the Virgo to come out in Demetria.. and it peaked… but she didn’t get a chance to really get out everything she wanted to say because other women got into it. But as the weeks go on….. these goons are going to see the real her… and she’s going to have to give them that Virgo stare… eye to eye… and rip them apart LYRICALLY SPEAKING. That’s the only way those goons will stop coming for her.

See.. these group of reality stars don’t fight. You have to use your mouth and do plenty of homework on them. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… I can’t do all that talking…. Um um… nope can’t do it. I been done turned over ALL the tables, smack one so hard.. 5 will feel it. This is the very reason why I don’t have many female friends.. I HATE DRAMA.. I can’t stand women getting into it. If I can get alone with the 2 Sisters I grew up with in the same home for 22 years….. then I WISH THE HELL I WOULD… fall out with some “fighting for a season heffas”. Never that. Eva that!

Demetria boo, you aint gotta lay hands on these non fighting goons… but you gotta go there and let them know…. they got you messed up. And you know we Virgos.. we let stuff build up, THEN we nut up.SOMETIMES… not all the time. We do carry “on the spot checks”…..but don’t let it get to that point. I can already see your smile is going to change real quick as the episodes play….All I say is… stay classy… no fighting…. and check em on the spot. Don’t let a conversation go till the next meet up… tell them how you feel on site. Like my gurl Lisa Wu said….. “where you give it, is where you get it”.

Be Blessed!


#darkgirls Dark girls a true story…..Crees Blog Entry

cresterI was talking to one of my co-workers yesterday, when she asked me have I seen the previews of “Dark girls” premiering on OWN Sunday night at 10pm.


I told her yes, as a matter of fact, I tweeted about it and got a retweet from OWN. She went on to tell me that when she was growing up her grandmother use to tell her how dark she was, and that it made her self-esteem low. I was really shocked by this, because she’s 44, have a live personality, and is very pretty. She told me horror stories about having dark skin and growing up. I was like WOW… and all my life I grew up being asked ” how does it feel to be light-skin”? I didn’t like that!!!


What I found out is, many parents are responsible for building a child up or tearing them down. Me and my sister who is under me are light skin, but my brother and baby sister are dark skin. WE didn’t grow up comparing skin color with each other. We weren’t even allowed to fight, only debate. So when we all left home and went out on our own, we were like “strangers” when it came this topic. This was foreign to us. I HATED when people always wanted to talk about skin color, in my mind we are all people. Then to make matters worse for me, I had a beautiful shape and very popular because of my friendly and outgoing personality.


This Sunday its going to “kill” me to watch this show. I hate to see people, friends, and family divided over their skin color. My coworker told me that no matter how pretty people tell her she is, she still feels that her being dark skin has a lot to do with her self esteem issues. That just does something to me. I kept asking her… “who told you, that dark skin is not pretty”? Its the parents telling their children this mess, then its bad enough that they go to school and are being teased by other kids.


Some people are so quick to blame “white” people, but its not them, its our own people pumping this “dark skin, light skin”, into our children. Stop that MESS!!! Looking back at my first weeks at my job at the school, I think the reason why we didn’t hit if off right away, is because of this issue. By me not being a person who “just go with the flow” all the time, by me being standoffish and trying to learn my job, it probably to “her” made it seems as if I’m funny acting. Wow, talking to people and getting to know them for THEM and not for “who they seem to be” is the best thing 2 people can do. I hope that by watching “Dark girls” this Sunday can really shed some light on things.

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