Being a Christian is hard!!! Crees Blog Entry

Growing up my parents were split when it came to voicing our opinion. My dad allowed it, but my mom didn’t. As long as we kept our voice in check, not hollering or talking loud, he would listen. With my mom, whatever she said WENT… that’s how it was. LOL Thinking about it now, this is why me and my siblings are very opinionated because for one, we weren’t allowed to fight, and for two, we could express how we felt. So now that we’re all grown….. we ALL have a hard time learning to control what comes out of our mouths. None of us will curse you out…. but we’d keep going until WE feel our point has been made.
Which brings me to this. Being a Christian is hard work. You have to always be in position to represent Christ. And yes its hard. You can’t say what you want to say. And if you do, as a Christian, you have to learn NOT to OFFEND… but to make sure you get the point across, so that they’ll get the message. No matter how much you smile, speak to people with a friendly tone, people will still try you. Thing is, you have to really work on keeping yourself together. Its one of the hardest things I’ve had to learn. Its very hard. Right now in my life, I don’t know if I’m just going through something and I feel a little more sensitive, or is it that I’ve ignore things that really should be put to an end. Side talking, smart mouth people, who have always been this way have really gotten it from me lately. I’m just not dealing with it anymore. It’s a SHAME how much I let get pass me, for the sake of “trying to stay friends/cool”. Makes me feel that friendships ended long time ago, and that I was the one holding it together by “salt coating” and changing the subject for the sake of arguing or having a debate. #donewiththat
With me coming to that conclusion….. I wonder sometimes if I’m a good person? Am I pleasing God? I wonder if I’m going to far, or if I over reacting. I’ve also notice how humble I can be. I have a habit of explaining something till there is nothing left. LOL I’ve been catching myself to say little as possible. People don’t need to know everything I KNOW. Most people don’t even care. Wow… the less I say.. the more people want to know. That’s funny.
Okay I’m rambling. I think too much. 
Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Im done!

Thank you Lord for waking me this morning. It feels good to wake up and feel good. and I Thank you for listening to me rant and rave, and then come to my senses.


Today at work we had a 2 hour meeting and things went well. What I love most about my coworkers is the fact that we all can laugh, and talk in between customers, and even off work they are very good people. When it comes to business they all can “boss up” and be about business. I love that about us. Even the managers know that about us, and I say that because you can tell that a few of them can get “off the hook” with their power. But the way we come at them * with respect* I can honestly say they know we are people who can get it done. In our meeting today, they were basically telling us that “the customers always win”. She gave many examples and one of them was this…..if a customer come through my line with a price tag that says $30.00 and it’s really $300.00 give it to them, because they feel that the person who tagged it left off an 0 and that’s “our fault” ( Walmart). They have no idea how often this happens. Nooooo idea. And so we were like are you serious? Do you know what this set us up for? Customers will purposely come through the lines with wrong tags just because they know they can get it for that price. We use stickers….meaning you can easily peel off a price tag off another item and put it on something expensive. Thats a WOW for us, but you know like I said in the meeting ( Lord help me to not be funny about it, or sarcastic when I speak) this is “their stuff” and if you want me to give it to them…… YOUR WORD IS MY COMMAND! My only issue is that when one customer sees this, then they all want to reshop come back through your line and “demand you give them the same treatment” you gave the other person. But hey….. like I said in the meeting today, this stuff  does not belong to “LaCrease”and whatever my bosses want, they will get .


And we are moving right along.


You know how you come home from work, you sit down and you start thinking about your day,week, or something that happened, something was said, a situation, a story,  OR ANYTHING, and you start thinking about it. Then you go through all these emotions and you say Lord, am I over reacting, am I going to far in my thinking, am I over analyzing? Then you say to yourself, okay…… maybe I tired, maybe I’m sleepy, maybe I just need to lay down my day was long, maybe  ITS ME! Okay, you take off your clothes and you go lay down, feeling good, sleepy, close your eyes ….boom youre sleep. Wake up about 3 hours later and then……….. the whole thing comes to mind again.Your thoughts go even deeper!!!! Now you need prayer, because you’re really feed up.  Its not even you to feel this way about a situation, but you’re feeling this way. Thats when you know, it wasnt just you tripping. Normally when I start feeling a certain way about something, I will say well let me go lay down, I’m sleepy anyway, then maybe when I wake up I’ll feel better. And I will.


But not this time.


 Right now, this is real. And I’m tired. Thats it I’m done. God, you know my limit, you know me, and you know my heart. But this right here. I’m done. And you know I hate to get to this point, it’s a bad head space for me. I hate the way I’m feeling right now, I hate it. I havent had this feeling for a long time, and you know that’s it me. I cant do it any longer. I know what I said, and you know what I want. But I done. Im just gone sit back………. I don’t have NOTHING TO SAY. I’M DONE! I’m done. I’m so done. That’s it for me. I refuse to feel like this any longer, I dont have too. Thats it!!!