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I need answers… FLAT!

Tonight I saw a news conference with someone name Andrew Holmes did the mom OKAY his news Conference?

Did the mom view the video footage on Thursday? If so, what are her thoughts?

How many friends realized that something was left in the hotel room and went back to get it? Why didn’t someone stay with Kenneka if they knew she was really drunk?

Did Andrew Holmes really see the videos himself, or was he TOLD what happened based off them?

Why did Andrew Holmes see the footage before the mom?

What mood was Kenneka in when the friends went BACK to the room to retrieve those items left behind?

Did Kenneka take any PILLS anytime during the night or day of the party?

Who made or passed her drinks during  A N Y time at this party?

Was there anyone at this party mad at her for ANY REASON?

Were there PILLS in the room , were they sold or given away to anyone?

Did anyone tell her to meet them in the BASEMENT before the friends went up to the room to get the items they left behind?

Was Kenneka in a silly or playful mood when she was left in the lobby while the friends went upstairs to the room to get the left behind items?

What type of mood was Kenneka in when the friends went up to the room to get the left behind things?

Was she known as a prankster?

Who was planning to drive her car back to her home, since she was drunk?

Were there others still upstairs at the party when the friends went to the lobby to go home?

When the friends came back to the place where they left Kenneka, did anyone talk to hotel workers to find out if they’ve seen their friend? Did they help them look for her? Did anyone of them see her in the lobby?

How was her personality described by her friends, mom,  and sister on a regular day?

I won’t be able to REST until I know the TRUTH.. whatever IT MAY BE!

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Kenneka Jenkins/BLOG

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When I say I’m addicted to the Kenneka Jenkins case…. I’m gone! I stayed up all through the night reading messages and watching video footage. It just doesn’t make sense to me. If you’re not familiar with the case, please google her name. She’s a 19 year old from Chicago, she went to a hotel party with some friends, they were  all drinking and somehow she ended up in the hotel freezer-DEAD. Its one of those mysteries that no one can shake. Its like we need answers because we all fear that one day it could happen to our children… kids or adult. I’m not letting up on this case. I want to hear the results of the autopsy. That will tell a lot of what happened to her. Its so deep. A lot of people think the friends are behind it, but I don’t know just by watching the video. What others see, I don’t. I wish I could talk to the police in this case, to ask my own questions about it. For most people the video seals the deal as far as her being raped and set up by her own friends. But for me… that video didn’t answer any of the questions I want to ask these kids. I’m just not convinced about what happened just by looking at the video. Please google her name and share your thoughts.