Crees Ramblings!!! 3/26/15


I have got to start with last nights HAHN… baby when I tell you Veronica is the woman that lives inside of me if I was a BAD PERSON… she is the one!

Out of all the movies and TV shows I’ve watched…. she has got to be the person I’m closes to if someone ever made me as mad as folks has made her. When she sat there with her wig off, in those braids… SO RAW AND UNCUT…..smoking which is surely something I don’t do, but probably would need to do after all my dirty deeds.  I fell over board when I watched that scene. That look in her eyes makes her the ICE QUEEN she is. She was at her end with everything when she decided to pour gasoline in the bedroom while her husband slept. Lets not forget what she did to Benny!!! OMG!I knew she completely lost it when she did that.

My favorite line *and she has many* was when she told the officer when Amanda died….”there’s more degrees in here than a thermometer”. LOL LOL ICE COLD!!! Then she says it with this look in her eyes and her Spirit lines up with everything that comes out of her mouth. She’s a great actress!! I would love to see her on the big screen. I know Tyler has got to be pushing this cast to do things totally out of their comfort zone.  I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear the words he uses to get them to submit. Because I know when they read the story line, they’re in shock as to what their Character is about to do next. Great Finale!

Sooooo…. after listening to Monique’s side of the story about Lee Daniels… *cause I was ready to throw her under the bus.*  I felt that she should have went to France* or where ever it was*  to promote Precious. I think it would have showed Character, and would have gave her more exposure. She claimed that she wanted to “stay home with her family” because she missed out on being with them as her older son grew up. But I think she thought about that lil ole funky $50,000 and said the Hell with them goons!!! LOL Chile please I would go through $50,000 in 3 hours….. 2 hours in thoughts of what I wanted, and the other hour online!!!! LOL Somebody, somewhere owe her some more bread!!! LOL

Anyway…She mentioned that Oprah called her and tried to get her to promote the film, then another time Tyler Perry pulled her to the side and tried too. I bet Lee “Drama King” Daniels called up Oprah like PLEASE TALK TO MONIQUE.. PLEASE CALL HER.. TELL TYLER PERRY TOO–SOMEBODY…. CALLING ALL CARS ((( I mean all stars)))!!!! LOL I would have changed my number! Not even because of Tyler and Oprah.. but cause of that LIL OLE $50,000!!! LOL LOL I’m still stuck on that!!

Fork outta here with that!!!

This year in concert I want to see KEM again. I promised myself that I was going to do more concerts this summer. I love those 90’s artist. There are so many that come through Detroit and I’ve been missing them, not this summer. I’m kicking off with Tyler Perry’s Madea On The Run next Friday night April 3, at the Fabulous Fox Theatre!! Yeaaaaaaaa.. hope to see you there!!!

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 I AM La’Crease

A Cup-Bearer?/BLOG

I love doing Quizzes on line. Most times they’re dead on. Well, I guess they would be from the questions they ask. THIS TEST IS ME!!!!!  Here’s what I got today based off the question: What is your Biblical Profession? 

In biblical times, you would be a Cup-bearer! 

A cup-bearer is a high ranking royal official who is in charge of serving wine to the king. Due the the nature of the profession, the cup-bearer was one of the king’s most loyal followers. The cup-bearer had a close connection with the king, a connection that earned him the king’s highest lever of trust.
As the title describes, you are a very trustworthy person. You only surround yourself with the closest friends and family members, and you try to stay as far you can from trouble and mischief. People know they can trust you with anything, and that you will do your best to help them. Now beware of that poisonous wine in the king’s cup! 

Whats yours?


You are a true optimist at heart! You always see the bright side of life, always thinking positive thoughts and seeing butterflies and sunshine and unicorns everywhere! How awesome is that?? Deep down you know that no matter what happens to you, your attitude will always keep you happy and content. That’s the best way to live life, isn’t it?
It’s true, sometimes you get burned by trusting too many people and believing that everything will turn up fine, but it sure is better than thinking about every little thing that can go wrong with your life. Keep up with the sunshine and the unicorns and that smile on your face, will you?

You are such an endearing person with the best intentions always. Things don’t always go your way, but you make the best of any situation. You are a loyal friend.

YES.. I can stand to fall back! lol Im told this all the time. Very aggresive and can give advice a little too much. But as soon as I shut up… people want to know “whats wrong with you”. LOL 

Uh oh, someone needs to calm down a bit. And by that, I mean to not take everything so seriously. The world wasn’t made to be fixed by one person! You’re brutally analytical, a bit too harsh, and way, way too judgemental. Not everyone is perfect, and yes, this includes you! Resist the urge to glare at the girl who talks too loudly on her phone or the guy who chewed with his mouth open that one time. Take a deep breath, take a chill pill, and humble yourself a bit (or a lot).


Labor Day Pizza Day/May 6, 2010….. (((((BLOG)))))

MAY 6, 2010
MAY 6, 2010

Today was another GREAT DAY. I had planned to stay home, but Nesha called and wanted to order pizza and go to my mom and dad’s building to eat. WE usually barbecue and make side dishes but today we just chilled and talked. My Birthday is Wednesday and so we plan to meet again and have ice cream and cake. Everybody knows I LOVE cake. I’m not a sweet eater at all, but CAKE… I CAN TAKE DOWN. LOL

Tonight I was sitting here thinking about a night back in 2010 Thursday May 6, to be exact when God spoke to me…and I’m not going to lie.. when he said it.. I couldn’t see it happening…. but these last few days has shown me THAT GOD is GOD… and what he says will happen….. IS happening. I never in a million years thought that I would (((((??????????)))))… never thought it would come to this in MY HEART. I talking about MY HEART. If I could come to this in my HEART… in MY HEART.. (((((LACREASE WALKER)))))… then what GOD TOLD ME THAT NIGHT….. HAS TO COME TO PASS. It has too. I’m in the middle of what he told me…. on that day… I could never see THIS DAY back then… that’s why I had a hard time understanding. Well.. understand no more La’Crease… you see for yourself that what God says…. is the TRUTH.

I follow my Raisingurls closely and I am so proud of how they have all turned out. A few of them have children, one is engaged, another is finishing her last year in college. I have one who started her FIRST JOB yesterday. I have one who has 3 boys, but they are all by the same man. One is a manager of KFC. I can go on and on… but I’ll let you see my babies for yourself in my next post!!


Be Blessed!